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Fifty years since RFK assassination.

Yet another CIA False Flag?

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RFK Assassination: The prosecution knew that the second gunman - not Sirhan - shot Robert Kennedy.
- CNN, May 27, 2018 - 19:00 (ET)
NOBLES: Next week will mark 50 years since the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. A traumatizing moment for a country gripped by the chaos of Vietnam and the killing of Martin Luther King Jr. just two months before. It's also a moment still unsettled in the minds of many, including RFK'S son Robert Kennedy Jr. Who told "the Washington Post" that he is not convinced that Sirhan Sirhan killed his father and believes a second gunman must have been involved.
That belief is shared by Paul Schrade. He is a survivor of that same shooting on the night of June 5th, 1968. Schrade was walking behind by the Kennedy at the Los Angeles hotel where he was murdered. Now Schrade believes while the shot that struck him in the head came from Sirhan's gun, he doesn't think he could have shot Kennedy.
And Paul Schrade joins us now to discuss this fascinating topic.
Thank you for being with us, sir. It has been 50 years but you still recall that night in great detail. Tell us what you remember.
PAUL SCHRADE, WOUNDED AT ATTACK THAT KILLED ROBERT F. KENNEDY: Well, it was a wonderful night because Bob Kennedy came back into contention for the presidency after he lost Oregon. And we were able to deliver the votes in California. So we were full of hope because we could deal with the chaos in this country among students, among blacks and among Latinos and among poor people who didn't have hope.
NOBLES: And you have said that you don't believe that Sirhan Sirhan acted alone. In fact, you told "the Washington Post" recently quote "yes, he did shoot me. Yes, he shot four other people and aimed at Kennedy. The important thing is he did not shoot Robert Kennedy. Why didn't they go after the second gunman? They knew about him right away. They knew they didn't want to know what it was. They wanted a quickie."
From your perspective why do you think no one saw a second shooter?

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SCHRADE: Well, because it was so crowded in that pantry area. We were dealing with an area about -- oh, about so -- about 10 x 12 feet. And there were 50, 75 people in that area. It was easy for somebody to slip up behind Bob and shoot hm. But Sirhan was not in position to shoot Robert Kennedy after his first two shots. He missed Kennedy. He shot me. He was captured, thrown up against a steam table by Carl Uecker, the ambassador guy who was touring Kennedy through the pantry.
He was out of control at that point. He was captured. He did get off six shots, but the shots were directed by Carl Uecker away from Kennedy. So he was out of bullets and out of position. So he couldn't have shot Robert Kennedy. The second gunman came up behind Kennedy where he was left and standing by Carl Uecker and he was shot in the back four times.
NOBLES: So do you think there was a cover-up here, sir? Do you think someone is hiding something?
SCHRADE: Absolutely there's a cover-up because they knew that right from the beginning, right from Carl Uecker's statement to the police, that he -- that he had captured Sirhan. He did this three hours after the shooting. They knew that Sirhan was a captive. They knew that Sirhan couldn't do it, and then they failed, deliberately failed to go after the second gunman and never held an investigation and still haven't held an investigation, and that's what we're demanding.
NOBLES: So why do you think -- why do you think, sir, then that Sirhan himself has not talked at all about this conspiracy? He talks -- he says he doesn't remember what happened that night. He doesn't think he shot Kennedy but he just doesn't talk about it. Wouldn't he know if there were a conspiracy?
SCHRADE: No, he might not. There could be two -- there were two separate gunmen in there that night. There's no evidence that Sirhan was collaborating with anybody. That he was acting alone, maybe under control. We don't know that. He doesn't remember and he said so when I went to his parole board hearing back a couple years ago. He -- that's his defense, but he doesn't really need a defense in terms of murdering Robert Kennedy. He didn't do it.
NOBLES: Right.
SCHRADE: And the prosecution knew and has the evidence that the second gunman did. We have that evidence. It's from their files. They knew that the second gunman shot Robert Kennedy.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. doesn’t believe Sirhan Sirhan killed his dad


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not convinced that Sirhan Sirhan fired the shot that killed his father — and wants a new investigation.

Kennedy Jr., 64, made the shocking disclosure in a Washington Post interview after reviewing an autopsy and police reports, speaking with witnesses and spending three hours visiting the convicted assassin in the California prison where he’s serving a life sentence.

“I got to a place where I had to see Sirhan,’’ Kennedy Jr. said, refusing to disclose the specific matters the two men spoke about.

“I went [to the prison] because I was curious and disturbed by what I had seen in the evidence.

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US News & World Report Robert F. Kennedy speaks at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles on June 5, 1968, following his victory in the previous day's California primary election. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=rfk+assassination+images&rlz=1C1ARAB_enGB463GB464&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjd_MeA6arbAhXMTMAKHXqUBUQQ7AkIRA&biw=1280&bih=893#imgrc=IP_B9Kc_tprxrM:

“I was disturbed that the wrong person might have been convicted of killing my father. My father was the chief law-enforcement officer in this country. I think it would have disturbed him if somebody was put in jail for a crime they didn’t commit.”

The assassin struck 50 years ago this June, as Robert Kennedy, then running for president, was leaving a campaign event at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

His son, who was 14 at the time, agrees with conspiracy theorists convinced there was a second gunman.

Sirhan admitted at his 1969 trial that he shot Kennedy, but claimed he had no recollection of it.

Kennedy was hit by four bullets fired into the back of his head — including the fatal shot.

But Sirhan had been standing in front of Kennedy. And over the years, there have been reports that as many as 13 shots had been fired.

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The courts have refused multiple times to order a new investigation, according to the Washington Post.

In a recent decision, a judge ruled even if another gunman’s bullet caused the death, it wouldn’t matter — because Sirhan could still be convicted of murder due to his role as an “aider and abettor.”

Kennedy Jr., a lawyer and environmental activist, would like to see a new probe led by his dad’s pal Paul Schrade, a former United Auto Workers official. Schrade was one of five others shot and wounded at the Ambassador Hotel.

Schrade, 93, has said he believes Sirhan’s bullets hit him and the others — but not Kennedy, and persuaded Kennedy Jr. to examine the evidence, the report said.

“Once Schrade showed me the autopsy report,” Kennedy Jr. said, “then I didn’t feel like it was something I could just dismiss. Which is what I wanted to do.”

Kennedy Jr. has been outspoken about other controversies involving his famous family.

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