Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Littering the Past, Littering the Future?

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The attitude that is OK to drop throwaway food packaging wherever the car is parked or out of the window as it moves along, seems to be a general one of those under thirty. MacDonald's eaters seem to be disproportionately represented and it doesn't seem to matter if a rubbish bin is within range or not.

The fact that this seems to be a national phenomenon, points to a real and general ATTITUDINAL problem, for which some cultural factor must be responsible. Do we blame societal influences - TV, films, Internet? - parenting or schooling? Probably some of them all.

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Dropping litter and fly-tipping are not only unsightly and costly to clear up, they demonstrate a fundamental carelessness, even contempt, to the environment and to others, that may be endemic in a certain cohort. It is essentially a moral and behavioural issue, which with the decline of traditional Christian teaching has undoubtedly left a void, of which littering is merely indicative.

At a much more serious end we have a slew of social and crime statistics such as the shocking number murdered - 56 - in London already this year, largely of young people.

Post Second World War 'baby boomers' have had the best of all possible worlds: largely free of war; benefiting from full employment, free education and low property prices, so that it now sits pretty. But its affluence may have resulted in the trends we now see in the first and second subsequent generations that can be traced to the heady and liberating days of the sixties.

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The generation born in the late forties may look with dismay on those born in the last twenty years but seldom take responsibility for the social mores that have been created.

The young have gone through a period of disillusionment and disfranchisement, and who can blame them? This Government has rewarded the older generation because it relies on its vote but things might be changing. Corbyn has offered the young the possibility of improvement and it is they that have propelled his success. The case for some economic rebalancing between the generations appears irresistible.

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Less spoken of is the need, in the absence of traditional Christianity, for the embedding of a system of moral and ethical values in young people which will guide their behaviour through life. Yes littering may be just the tip of a very big societal and psychological issue that has yet to be properly addressed.

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