Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Israeli airstrike hits boat at Gaza port preparing to meet aid flotilla 


  1. America, Canada, Australia and Britain (at least) are in the iron grip of a zionist conspiracy, that stifles any criticism of that illegal dangerous entity and its murderous actions. A failure to condemn the Gaza massacres reveals the true state of our western democracies. They care not how many or how Israel kills, whilst feigning outrage at any alleged Russian misdemeanour. In a process of which we are not even aware, our governments have been usurped, to follow not Christian principles but an internationally colluded, morally bankrupt zionist one. How are we to get our countries back to reflect what the majority feel about condemning the mass murder of unarmed people demonstrating against the injustice and the theft of their land?

  2. US long term policy to go to war with Iran?


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