Sunday, 11 March 2018

Police And Fire Crew Save Life Of A Choking 9-Week-Old Puppy | Viral Mojo

Police save the life of a puppy but how reliable is the video seen by millions?

The video has so far had 61,617,950 Views

A few little questions appear in my head on close examination. 

1. There are two CCTV positions, one down the corridor and the other at right angles to it, but how do they get the close-up shots at the end? The midst of all that mayhem there would have been no one to change the settings even were it possible. 

2. In the first shot the distraught woman without dog enters from the right. The only way this can be explained is if she follows the temporary barrier. I suppose this is possible but it is strange if she came through the double doors, they do not show her doing it. 

3. The same logic applies to the second shot where again we see the man arriving from the left carrying puppy. Why is his entrance through the main doors not shown and why doesn't he take in his desperation the more direct route to the desk? But notice his direction of travel. Even if it had followed the temporary barrier he doesn't approach from there but left of it. 

4. The outside doors are certainly closed. Although carrying the pup he has obviously closed them or they have completely self closed behind him. The doors themselves give no evidence of them being opened or closed by the two people entering through them within seconds of each other. This is obviously very strange. 

5. There is no evidence the pup is not breathing and therefore unconscious. It is clearly moving and alive at 0.07. 

6. Notice how at 0.16 the camera ANGLE moves UP slightly. This points to direction rather than static CCTV I would suggest. 

7. At 0.49 the focus changes on camera 1 to a closer shot. Who and why? There must have been someone changing it. Highly unlikely in genuine emergency some one would change it. Maybe it could be done later in an editing suite. 

8. At 0.54 focus reverts to long shot. Same comments apply. Dog does now appear unconscious on floor. The possibility of the application of an anaesthetic cannot be ruled out of course. 

9. At 0.57 the film is obviously speeded up. Three officers are now in attendance. At 1.03 this increases to four. At 1.09 this appears to increase to five! Resuscitation bag is now in shot. The owners are shown distraught in the lobby. "Time is running out" it says. At 1.16 there appears to be six officers on scene! 

10. At 1.24 officer has close up of holding the groggy but recovering puppy. Very touching. But immediately after 1.30 CCTV angle changes to the right. This needed intervention. They try to impose an oxygen (mask) but the puppy resists. (Not that groggy then?) At 1.36 a wider angle again for the final shots of relief and happiness on part of woman. The video and incident may be genuine but the above at least proves interference with the footage not to mention the other questions. (I really should get out more!)


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"Newsner" appears to be listed as a 'click-bait' fake news channel Its Facebook page is here which suggests it is based in Sweden. The question obviously arises as to how the above footage was (exclusively?) obtained and created from only official police sources?

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