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Why the accused 7/7 London 'bombers' could NOT have been! (Nothing new there!)

(From left) Shahzad Tanweer, Germaine Lindsay and Mohammed Sidique Khan enter Luton Train. Note not rushing! (See below)
Wikipedia: "The 7 July 2005 London bombings, often referred to as 7/7, were a series of coordinated terrorist suicide bomb attacks in London, United Kingdom, which targeted civilians travelling on the city's public transport system during the morning rush hour." 

Start dateJuly 7, 2005
Total number of deaths56 (including the 4 bombers)

"There have been various conspiracy theories proposed about the bombings, including the suggestion that the bombers were 'patsies', based on claims about timings of the trains and the train from Luton, supposed explosions underneath the carriages, and allegations of the faking of the one time-stamped and dated photograph of the bombers at Luton station. Claims made by one theorist in the Internet video 7/7 Ripple Effect were examined by the BBC documentary series The Conspiracy Files, in an episode titled "7/7" first broadcast on 30 June 2009, which debunked many of the video's claims." 

(Oh really?)

"At 8:49 am, three bombs were detonated on board London Underground trains within 50 seconds of each other."

The validity and reliability turns on one crucial fact. It was stated and repeated in police and Home Office reports, that three of the four alleged bombers caught the 8.40 train from London to connect at Kings Cross with the three tube trains on which they later exploded their bombs. Later when the crucial mistake was revealed, the story was changed to an earlier 7.25 train although even this did not allow a connection at the Kings Cross end because it arrived 23 minutes late.

This image purports to show the four bombers before leaving Luton Station. This would have allowed them to have caught the 7.24 that set off at 7.25. Note the train has not yet arrived. This allows only a minute for the train to arrive and leave again! Even if they had caught this train there is still insufficient time at the other end to catch the first exploding tube.

Trouble is, clever researchers discovered, they absolutely could not have done so, because that train was in fact CANCELLED on the day and did not run. This was subsequently admitted by Government as the following extract indicates.

Following quote from:

"On July 11th 2006, the Home Secretary John Reid announced in Parliament that the Official Report was wrong in giving the time of the train that the suspects took from Luton to London as 7.40am. This led to relatives of the bomb victims renewing calls for an inquiry into the July 7th bombings as it raised concerns about the accuracy of the rest of the report." 

The bombers began their journey to London from Luton

The official story was CHANGED when the missing train was discovered by very clever researchers. They were now said to have instead caught an earlier but delayed train - but which one?

Here is the official timetable for the Luton/Kings Cross service that morning.

Thameslink Trains
Luton to King's Cross, 7-8 am on July 7, 2005
Due in at
King’s X
Actual Arrival
King’s X

It is evident from this table, that this 07.48 train did not arrive in King’s Cross until after the two of the underground trains involved had already departed King's Cross underground station.

So there were three trains that theoretically they could have caught. These were:

  • the delayed 7.24 that left Luton at 7.25 - arrived KC 8.23
  • the delayed 7.30 that left Luton at 7.42 - arrived KC 8.39
  • the delayed 7.48 that left Luton at 8.20 - arrived KC 8.42

The east bound tube train that exploded departed Kings Cross at 8.25 am so that is the crucial time the bombers had to be there.

Image that appeared at 2010 inquest. It shows the four alleged bombers entering the tube system, and although blurred, the time stamp must show 8.26. Remember the east tube had already left its platform a minute before!

Note the 7.40 am train they reportedly caught from Luton to London, didn't run and the next one departed Luton 8 mins late. 

The next scheduled service is ruled out because it did not leave Luton until 7.56 nor get to Kings Cross (delayed) until 8.42 (it made up two minutes on the way) If in fact they caught this one as we might suppose, they could not have been the bombers as is claimed, as this was 17 minutes after the east-bound tube train had left the platform.

However there is the possibility that they may have caught an earlier scheduled but delayed departure. 

The scheduled 7.30 service is delayed by 12 minutes and does not leave until 7.42 so they could have caught that one. But if they had they are still ruled out as the bombers as it arrives at Kings Cross 35 minutes late at 8.39. This is also clearly 14 minutes after the east tube had set off.

So the only Luton train that theoretically could have got them to Kings Cross in time to connect with the exploding tube train(s) was the 7.24 that left Luton Station at 7.25 and got into Kings Cross 23 minutes late at 8.23. However in practical terms this is also ruled out because of insufficient time at the Kings Cross end of the journey, to connect. Perhaps it should be emphasised that neither of these train times were referred to in the original Home Office account.

Apart from the fact this was not the official account for so long, it is unrealistic on two accounts: it allowed less than two minutes for them to get from outside to the Luton platform but more importantly only two minutes at the London end. The above still indicates they did not even enter the underground until 8.26 after the tube train had left.

They are seen on the official video/photographs (itself suspect for several reasons) at 07.21:54, a few seconds shy of 7.22 am. not to be rushing, clearly thinking they had plenty of time until 7.40. The next appears to show them on the platform at 7.23.44. 

Even had they caught THIS particular 7.25 train, it would leave only TWO minutes at the Kings Cross end to get from train to tube platform and on to the east bound train. 

I doubt you could do it even if you ran let alone in the rush hour carrying bulky back packs but it is also definitively ruled out as the state produced evidence that they were all recorded together apparently hugging before separating, which would have used up the available two minutes on its own. In addition the image produced five years later shows they are only entering the tube system at 8.26.27 (see above)

So one must conclude that the first train they could have physically caught, even if not the one the police stated they did catch, would have arrived too late for them to situate themselves on the tube(s) as described.

Of course if they didn't do it, someone else did: criminals who have never been pursued or prosecuted. 

Many have said that 7/7 was Britain's 9/11. It certainly demonstrates many of the same elements of deceit and fabrication.

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Now this ( later 2009 story has some new and confusing timings, probably in an effort to cover the above embarrassing vindication.

The seven pieces of footage are:
• 0454 Tanweer at Woodall Services on the M1, buying snacks, arguing over his change with the cashier and looking straight at the camera
• 0507 Lindsay arriving at Luton railway station and waiting for 90 minutes
• 0649 The four bombers putting on "large and full" rucksacks outside Luton station
• 0826 All four bombers at King's Cross, hugging on the concourse close to the Thameslink platform before heading towards the Underground
• 0855 Hussain walking out of King's Cross on to Euston Road, trying to make a call on mobile phone
• 0900 Hussain back in King's Cross, walking through Boots into WH Smith on station concourse, and buying a nine-volt battery
• 0906 Hussain entering McDonald's on Euston Road, leaving 10 minutes later

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