Friday, 20 October 2017

BREXIT: Take it or leave it?

"The European Commission is trying to extract money from Britain with menaces by insisting on a large exit payment." Jacob Rees-Mogg

Aren't you just SICK of Brexit and the bully-boy tactics of the soviet - oops I mean European - union?

High principles as usual reduced to MONEY. What the British people need to know, and what should have been worked out YEARS ago in preparation, is what are the PRECISE consequences for trade, of a no-deal exit. The issue is cross border tariffs and what would be the situation under world trade terms.

I have no problem the UK paying what it is contracted to pay but everything turns on how much for how long.

The negotiating position of the 27 'remainers', that it is impossible to discuss trade terms until they have wrung every penny they can out of the British Taxpayer is nothing short of extortion, and only confirms what some commentators have said for a long time, that the EU is essentially a criminal enterprise whose accounts no accountant is prepared to sign off.

Basically fraud is rife and much of its expenditure is either on vanity projects, supporting unsustainable industry or is untraceable.

The negotiating stance it has taken should now convince those who were undecided, that the sooner out the better - whatever the terms!

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  1. Somehow over the last fifty years, our educational/cultural system appears to have produced a breed of narrow minded fascists. We seem to have created a country between the rock of government deceit and the hard place of human intolerance and barbarity. God help this country if the Brexit vote represents not a clamour for the former to be addressed, but a demonstration of the latter primitive prejudices.


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