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Grenfell: Disconnected Jottings

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Melbourne Link
Melbourne Australia's Con Capital. For some time now, Melbourne appears to have been the loci of deep state/espionage activity centred around Monash University and the Jewish community there, ever since the Ben Zygier incident. (1) (2) 

Notice how yet again western states copy cat, even down to the size and shape of concrete blocks, supposedly for pedestrian safety after Melbourne had its own ridiculous 'drive-by'. 

Nor should we overlook the rather strange coincidence that prior to the Grenfell Tower fire, a very similar event occurred in Melbourne? 

In November 2014 the Melbourne docklands 'Lacrosse' building caught fire. It was supposedly started with just "a cigarrette' and raced up 13 floors. Fortunately no one was killed. 

Two years later the same material was used for Grenfell Tower with the disastrous consequences we have witnessed. Not a dry run surely? (3)

"Non-compliant" cladding used at Grenfell and at least 120 other identified locations

Not only was the cladding at Grenfell (and another 120 blocks apparently) 'non-compliant', it was also (according to the Times) unpaid for! The company that purchased it went bust and the over £400 000 bill was never paid. Thing is, a re-named company was immediately set up run by the same man, using the very same panels. So not only fire and deaths require investigation!

Much attention has focused on the absence of sprinklers in blocks of flats. Of course this is only one element in the fire safety regime of a building. Portable extinguishers, hydrants, non-flammable materials, fire doors, ventilation systems, fire protected routes, alarms, appropriate instructions and training, safe equipment and practices all play a part in an integrated system.

That 100% of so many flats have failed flammability tests and Building Regulation requirements, proves Grenfell was not an isolated incidence, although the fire thankfully was - well almost.

This is obviously a major breakdown in the application and enforcement of safety laws on the back of a trend to improve appearance and energy consumption, the responsibility for which rests with manufacturers, specifiers, installers and enforcers in addition to building owners and managers.

Why was the fire not extinguished immediately?

One of the issues in the Grenfell case is why it was not possible to extinguish, what was described as a "small fire" before it took hold of the flat and subsequently the exterior cladding?

If suitable fire extinguishers had been provided in the flat or in the common areas, this might have been quite feasible. Reference has been made to extinguishers "being out of date" so we must assume there were some in the building, whilst others say there were none.

This is a critical question that requires an answer. Was it an absence of equipment or an inability on the part of the occupant that resulted in the fire not being extinguished early on?

Personal Experience

In a former life in a safety role, I have investigated numerous accidents and incidents including a number of fatalities from fire and other causes. In one particular instance I had to fight a plan to remove extinguishers from blocks of flats owned by a Housing Association. Their removal was seen by management as an easy cost-saving measure.

Unfortunately even technically qualified professionals sometimes fail to see the importance of basic safety measures, which by definition may never be employed, but if needed may prevent a huge disaster both in terms of cost and human life.

A Sky Investigative Programme

A very thorough Sky investigation published on You Tube on the 22nd June, 2017. (Note date!) (4) The programme must have been completed within seven days of the event. It should be noted that the Sun, also part of the Murdoch empire, by strange coincidence, had what appears to have had a pre-prepared article on the 22.5.2017 - the very day of the Manchester attack - specifically linking Corbyn to IRA terrorism, and this before the up-coming election. (5) It was described as "disgraceful" and caused a major political storm. (6)

'Exploding' Fridge/Freezer

Very little attention has been paid to the initial fire. It has been reported this was caused by an "exploding" fridge/freezer in flat 16 on the fourth floor.

Details have been given of the make and model but no explanation given as to what may have caused the explosion or how it took hold.

Wherever an "explosion" has been referred to, should not this require special attention?

Two types of cladding

There were of course TWO different materials attached to the exterior. We seem to hear only of the aluminium panels.

"Flat 16 on the fourth floor" and the significance of 64

Are these numbers significant or purely random? 4 x 16 = 64. 4 x 4 = 16 x 4 = 64?

  • We are told there were 64 of generations from Adam until Jesus according to the Gospel of Luke.

  • The mathematician W. R. Ball reports a Hindu legend of 64 discs of gold of different sizes piled one on top of the other to create the 'Tower of Brahma'. When the 64 discs are transferred from the tower of Braham to an other stem, the temple and the Universe will crumble. This will be the end of the world.
  • There are 64 squares of a game of chessboard.
  • Strangely 64 Free Masons have been awarded the VC for extreme bravery and a memorial to them was opened by the Duke of Kent in London on the 25th April, 2017. (10)
  • There are 64 best images of Masonic buildings here (7):  Here is one of them (8)
  • Washington Monument Commemorative Stone: Masons, Lafayette Lodge No. 64, New York City. 64 Key West 909 Fleming St KEY WEST FL 33041-1248

The United Grand Lodge of England is celebrating its 300th Anniversary on the 24 June, 2017. (Note three days following Summer Soltice)

The ‘Rough to Smooth: Art inspired by Freemasonry – past, present and future’ exhibition will open at Freemasons’ Hall on Saturday 24th June 2017 and will run until 1st July (7 days) Another exhibition entitled "Nature Morte" is also currently running. The purpose: "to interpret metaphor in contemporary art". The video of it is here (9) 

Of course numerical coincidences have no significance to the Grenfell disaster although in such incidents, no detail should be ignored.













  1. Strange! My comp went down and now i have to repeat (well in part any way) Have you seen the number of exercises involving flooded tube stations recently? Then I came across this. "Don't be a hero!" Waterloo University, Ontario. A hint?


    "The Dual Deception: 9/11 and the War on Terror"

    "Published on 3 Oct 2016
    Christopher Bollyn speaking on the topic, “Our Political Crisis: Ending the Twin Deceptions of 9/11 and the Fraudulent War on Terror.” He makes clear that 9/11 and the War on Terror are dual deceptions imposed on our nation by the Israeli/Zionist and Neo-Conservative cabal that controls our government and media. Our nation has suffered under this deception for 15 years. It’s time for us to raise our voices and stop the wars! Christopher Bollyn is an investigative journalist and author of "Solving 9/11: The Deception That Changed the World." The presentation originally scheduled to be held at the Greenfield, MA Coop, then the Greenfield Public Library, then a tavern and finally in a barn at a private residence in Charlotte, MA on July 21, 2016 Very provocative and controversial. The views expressed in this program do not represent the views of Brattleboro Community Television nor the Producer."

  3. Tim Veater3 days ago
    There were of course TWO different materials attached to the exterior. We seem to hear only of the aluminimum panels.

    Rachel Moran54 minutes ago (edited)Highlighted reply
    Tim Veater I'm concerned about this as well. All the focus is on the cladding, but I'm sure I read that the insulation behind the cladding was actually more flammable than the cladding. Are we missing something by not also checking the insulation on other buildings?

    In reply to Rachel Moran you tube: Certainly thats my point. I am unconvinced that just 3 mm of polythene sandwiched tightly between two layers of non-combustible aluminium could on their own (1) create the white hot heat or (2) the speed of fire spread demonstrated. It is there for all to see. If the govt. is serious at finding the cause, it needs to see if can be repeated to validate the conclusion drawn. Of course all materials damaged and undamaged need to be sampled to be tested to see how they perform and whether they complied with that specified. Apparently in neighbouring Camden, where same firms employed, they did not. Importantly the results of these tests should be made publically available at the earliest opportunity. I can see absolutely no reason why they should be kept secret for months or years. Nor have we as yet had any explanation, other than a bankruptsy con, why the cladding was never paid for, but effectively the same contractor was retained.

    Tim Veater3 days ago
    Very little attention has been paid to the initial fire. It has been reported this was caused by an "exploding" fridge/freezer in flat 16 on the fourth floor. Details have been given of the make and model but no explanation given what may have caused the explosion or how it took hold. Wherever an "explosion" has been referred to should not this require special attention?


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