Friday, 2 June 2017

Attempted Hijack! Melbourne! Kuala Lumpur! Malaysian Airlines!

Two heavily armed police officers walk down the aisle of a Malaysia Airlines plane.


MH128 passenger confronts man 'threatening to blow plane up'

Updated yesterday at 2:58pm

A Melbourne man has described the harrowing moment he confronted a passenger on board a Malaysia Airlines flight who threatened to "blow the f***ing plane up".
Former AFL player Andrew Leoncelli told the ABC he was sitting four rows from the front of the plane when a man ran up and tried to enter the cockpit shortly after take-off.
"He started saying, 'I need to see the pilot. I need to see the pilot'," Mr Leoncelli said.
"The staff were saying, 'Sit down. Go back to your seat. Go back to your seat.'
"Then he started going louder: 'No I need to see the pilot.' And got louder and louder and eventually they screamed for help.
"So that's when I jumped up."

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Police Response Time on MH128

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