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The Berlin Lorry Attack on 19.12.2016

Another Nice? Another with Israeli/American SS involvement?


The Berlin lorry attack has now been declared "a terrorist attack". It's official. 

The statement apparently comes from Mrs Merkel herself, so it is presumably reliable. After the clarity of the initial statements, as per usual, the story - and 'waters' - get much murkier. Already the accused driver has denied he was involved.

It is perhaps notable that Christmas time has been chosen to maximise the emotional impact, the process of mourning and remembrance thus extending over the Christmas period. This is exhibits typically Judeao/Christian thinking I believe, even if it is perverted thinking.

Image result for berlin attack dead driver images

It also coincided with the assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey, which itself displayed some very strange aspects including apparently an absence of security. Have you noticed how very strangely, security systems, despite their enormous cost and extent, always seem to fail when they are most desperately required? Conversely they most seem to be active and on display when there is nothing to get excited about or when it is out of all proportion to the risk posed? If no-one has bagged this observation already, I claim it for my own! I shall call it the inverse rule of national security.


Indicators of who might be behind it

The first principle is not to look primarily at those who appear to be the perpetrators or the accused, but to search for the indicators of those who may be behind it.

Of course the 'usual suspects' are being blamed - i.e. ISIS or their affiliates. The motivation however is very strange given that it has been primarily Russia and Syria that have been largely responsible for opposing the Jihadist fighters in Aleppo and that Western powers have been largely supportive. You would hardly expect Germany to be a target anyway, a country that has taken a fairly low profile, pro-Israel stance. (Few people realise that Germany is the primary source of submarines and associated technology to Israel for decades.) 

Nor is it in the general Muslim population's interest to stir up disaffection or hatred and particularly so in the segment currently seeking shelter, sustenance or asylum. No far more likely that forces wishing to stoke racial hatred and division particularly as it relates to Muslims. This fits a longstanding ethos that can be traced back to 9/11 and beyond and essentially emanates from the Neo-Conservative and Zionist quarter, readily and ironically supported by a number of Gulf States, primarily Sunni, who see their main threat coming from Shia Iran.

In other words, in cases of 'terrorism' such as this latest one in Berlin, we should always regard the finger pointing to these prime movers behind the whole charade that is ISIS. Even if ISIS is conveniently blamed, you can be sure it is never without the knowledge and connivance of an assortment of covert bodies embedded within government itself.


Parallels withe Nice Attack

The incident mirrors so closely the method adopted in the French, Nice attack, that it is impossible not to draw parallels or apply the lessons learnt in that one, to this. Clearly it involves the use of a heavy lorry, actually directed towards unsuspecting pedestrians. As such it is as cowardly, as it is callous.

Unless one is a believer in incredibly remote coincidence, the French Nice attack pointed directly to Israeli (Mossad?) involvement. Predictably the Main Stream Media (MSM) has never adopted this or presented the evidence for it in its pages or output, despite the factual circumstantial evidence being available.

The reason we can we come to such an astounding conclusion, is because the person who 'just happened to be in position' to capture the initial events on video – the only video apparently - which then conveniently went viral and became the one iconic image of the event around the world – was a German freelance journalist, married to a right-wing Israeli politician, with links to its covert organisation. His name is Richard Gutjahr (or Richard Goodyear). Her's is Einat Wilf, Politician, Zionist and Ex Israeli Defense Intelligence Officer. Their biographies are in the public domain and can be viewed with a simple Google search.

But the “coincidences” do not stop there. This same Richard Gutjahr with the clear Israel/Mossad links, also 'just happened' to be on scene in Munich when another alleged terrorist event took place on the 22nd July, 2016. 


To stretch credulity even further, his daughter Thamina Stoll, then a student at American Duke University, variously pictured with Hillary Clinton, was widely interviewed after the Munich attack, which she also witnessed and captured on video showing people fleeing the event! She just happened to be in the city on a study tour.

You have to ask, what are the chances of husband and daughter of an Israeli ex-intelligence service politician with links to America, being at two quite separate 'terrorist events', hundreds of miles apart, just at the right time, in the right position, to record events, and then become the main witness for all the international news outlets? Infinitesimally small I would say, unless they were placed there by contacts, who knew what was going to happen. No one I think would suggest their informants were ISIS, unless of course ISIS and CIA/Mossad are one and the same?

Another very obvious case was in relation to the Brussels Airport bombing for which another prominent Israeli 'journalist', 'just happened' to be in precisely the right, rather obscure location (a multi-storey car park!) to catch people fleeing that particular 'terrorist attack'. Again it was one of the defining images of the event which went viral on the internet and in media outlets. (You can view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpTpfmm9gOc)

The source of this was Anna Ahronheim. This is her Twitter description:

Verified account

Military Correspondent @Jerusalem_Post, security consultant. Canuk having a love affair with/Middle East for as long as I can remember.…Anna Ahronheim

In addition Sky's Alex Rossi was in the Brussels airport  seconds after the bomb blast. His team was apparently trying to get back to their base in Israel, having been in Brussels covering the capture of Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam, whose very dubious case continues through the French justice system.

And these are not exceptions. As I have shown, at virtually all of the recent European 'terrorist' events, the people recording them are either professional journalists for major networks (which of course we know are dominated by Jewish interests) or are Jews themselves, often with direct connection to the Israeli State and its organs. 

Nor can the many other Jewish connections be ignored – too numerous to be enumerated here – but perhaps the most notorious was the “dancing Mossad operatives” at the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11. They later admitted who they were and why they were there - “to record the event” an activity that indesputably required prior knowledge.

The 37-year-old driver who was allegedly hijacked has been identified only as Lukasz so far. The picture is believed to have been taken just minutes before the vehicle was allegedly hijacked at a depot in Berlin.>?

Prior knowlege must suggest involvement

There can only be one conclusion from all of this. At the very least Israeli/Jewish organs MUST have been aware of these incidents ahead of time. In other words their intelligence must have been such to know what was planned, when and where, in order to capture the images of it that then went viral, and became the defining ones. It begs the question why if this was so they did not forewarn all the relevant security agencies, so that the attacks could be averted?

In any other criminal situation this would be proof of complicity on its own but of course the further and even more odious possibility is that agents of the Israeli State, probably in consort with elements of the domestic security set-up, actually planned and carried out the attacks, with or without, and to varying degrees, the involvement of proxies, on whom the events could be blamed, and who almost invariably are 'neutralised' to prevent them questioning or undermining the official narrative.

That Israel and other national agencies are capable of such despicable acts need not be argued. The multiple events of assassination and terror by those organisations prove capability and absence of any emotional restraints that may interfere with the human suffering that they have caused. Only two things are important, the pursuit of a policy objective that the event may produce, and the 'plausible deniability' of any involvement in it.

This is not fanciful as it is so often repeated and borne out by research that is seldom broadcast by MSM. It is a relatively modern and pernicious phenomenon that goes under the generic term of “false flag”. Any suggestion of it is derided by Government and its political spokes-people as ridiculous 'conspiracy theory', to such an extent that one can only conclude that such a conspiracy does in fact exist and that it is supported by our own organs of government and media.

If so, and I think from the events of 9/11 onwards the evidence for it is overwhelming, we can only conclude that western governments have sunk to a nadir of disreputable disinformation and evil acts, to support a domestic and foreign agenda, never before achieved.

Haulage firm owner Ariel Zurawski 

The Berlin lorry attack

So returning to the most recent Berlin attack, we first note it coincides with another, that of the assassination of Andrey Karlov the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, at an art exhibition in Ankara. It poses the question if or how they might be related? 

Certainly the issue of Turkish, and latterly Syrian, immigration to Germany has been a major divisive issue, and threatened the position of Chancellor Merkel. There are those that believe her opposition to greater opposition to Russia made her a target of American/Israeli policy that has wanted it.  

The Berlin attack is certainly likely, and was presumably intended, to inflame those issues. Significantly the alleged lorry driver is an Afghan or Pakistani asylum seeker. Strangely a polish man was dead in the cab. It is claimed the Afghan man ran off, was followed and assailed some distance away. This appears suspicious and open to falsification, later confirmed by police sources.

This comes from : http://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/anschlag-am-breitscheidplatz-was-man-bisher-ueber-den-verdaechtigen-weiss/19155010.html

"Naved example, is said to have controlled a truck on a Berlin Christmas Market, was born in Pakistan. The man arrested after the amokfahrt has apparently not known so far. The suspect said only a little, they said on Tuesday in security crises. On the contrary: Berlin's President of the Police Klaus Kandt indicated in the afternoon that the person arrested might not be the perpetrator. "We will do everything we can to prevent the suspicion of the crime. If this is not the case, the search will continue." "The investigations are still going on, it's uncertain whether it was the driver, the checks are not over yet." 

"The evening was registered in Germany under two similar names and two closely related birth dates, but should in any case be born in 1993. Naved. For example, the police had been known with several alias names, which, however, were due to transcription problems, according to Berlin officials. In addition, the man was known as a possible sexual offender - against him was determined for sexual harassment. Whether this took place in Berlin or about Cologne, was not yet clear on Tuesday morning. He stated different nationalities. He was said to have been an Afghan once, and another time he spoke of a Pakistani nationality."

Already the incident has been used for political capital. Note the speed with which this has occurred. Almost one might think as if it was pre-planned - surely not? The BBC quote is as follows:

A senior member of Germany's anti-immigration AfD party, Marcus Pretzell, blamed Mrs Merkel for the attack, linking it to her open-door migration policy which saw the arrival of more than one million people last year.” 

There are so many pot-holes in this reasoning one can only assume it is political opportunism. Was it pre-ordained as part of the plan?

Even USA President elect, Donald Trump has 'got in on the act' as quoted by BBC:

President-elect Donald Trump blamed "Islamist terrorists" for a "slaughter" of Christians in the German capital. "Today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany - and it is only getting worse. The civilized world must change thinking!" he tweeted.

There can be little doubt that Trump is an unsophisticated thinker, which presumably is a big part of the explanation of why he has been elected to be the next President. Over-sophistication when corrupted, has its obvious dangers, but so too has inexperience and naïvety. It has the potential to allow others to pursue their dangerous policies unrestrained. The political vacuum has to be filled.

There is more than a hint of 'National Socialism' in his approach, redolent of earlier times centred on the great capital of Berlin as it happens. It has the same appeal to a large body of the working class and same pitfalls. The irony is that in some ways the Muslims are the new Jews and the risks no less great.

The man is cited by 'security sources', as a 23-year-old Pakistani named 'Naved B' who entered the country in either late 2015 or early 2016. The BBC reports as follows:

Reports said special forces had stormed a hangar at Berlin's Tempelhof airport where they believed the suspect had been living in a shelter before the attack. Police spokesman Winfried Wenzel said he was seized after leaving the lorry and fleeing on foot for more than a mile (2km) towards the Tiergarten, a large public park. A witness who followed him called the police, who quickly detained the suspect near the Victory Column monument. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-38375555)

The empty Christmas market where a truck ploughed through a crowd on Breitscheidplatz square
Investigations continue at the scene this morning 

Questions relating to main suspect

Despite its basic nature, this description begs many questions. If a terrorist intent on maximum damage why was he not armed or make any attempt to impose further carnage? Who was he working for and who told him to do it? What possible advantage was it to him? Who followed him? Who arrested him apparently with little or no resistance? Who was the dead man and what was their relationship? How did the dead man die and was it before or after the act?

It is important to point out that the man captured and blamed has asserted his innocence. As is the familiar pattern in such cases, he was apparently known to police but not in relation to terrorism. It is claimed he was staying in a refugee shelter at the defunct Berlin Tempelhof airport. So what was he doing either driving or as a passenger in a Polish owned lorry loaded with steel beams on its way from Italy to Germany. Note it appears the dead Polish driver was found in the passenger seat, suggesting perhaps the lorry had been hi-jacked for the intended purpose? If so, was the driver killed by the hi-jacker?

Apparently the Polish owner of the lorry, a Ariel Zurawski, stated his driver had been uncontactable since 16:00 hrs (15:00 GMT) local time. The collision happened four hours later at 20:14. (19:14 GMT) May we assume from his name that the owner of the lorry is of Jewish extraction – though I draw no inference from that whatsoever? The dead driver's name is not revealed at the time of writing but Mr Zurawski is quoted as saying he has known him for a lifetime and can 'vouch for him' completely.


Who are the initial observers?

Now bearing in mind the lessons and indicators drawn from earlier European events, I am always interested in those who's video of the event reaches and is disseminated by the main media outlets. Without any suggestion of involvement it is worthwhile identifying who these are.

So in the Berlin event we have an “Eyewitness Jan Hollitzer filmed the scene moments after the suspected attack.”

It would seem likely this is the same person who appears to be a professional journalist of some repute: Jan Hollitzer (@JanHollitzer) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Jan Hollitzer (@JanHollitzer). Deputy Editor-in-Chief • Berliner Morgenpost • @morgenpost • @stateIVLP 2015 - Berlin ...

Image result for Jan Hollitzer



The BBC also uses images it says: “Eyewitness Wickey Costello captured the view from above the Breitscheidplatz market place .”

The video is here: https://www.periscope.tv/ltzgohawks/1rmGPrjqqYnxN It is stated its being filmed from the Waldorf Estoria (I guess about the fifth floor) The speaker is an American with what I guage is an educated East Coast accent. There are also hints of  two others in the room - a man and a woman. The name suggests Italian/American ancestry, so possibly from New York. Images from 9.17 soon after they returned to the room. Appear to be innocent observers/tourists.

The Police spokesman was a Winfried Wenzel.

From: https://www.berlin.de/polizei/dienststellen/behoerdenleitung-praesidium/polizeipraesidium-stab/pressearbeit/

Winfrid Wenzel
KOR Winfrid WenzelImage: Police Berlin

Winfrid Wenzel has been the head of the press department since May 2016 and at the same time the press officer of the Berlin police.

He represents the police against the media and is thus the first contact for interviews.
The press conference on the riots on May 1 was his last official session - starting today, Stefan Redlich is no longer the press officer of the Berlin police, but head of the mobile Einsatzkommando of the Landeskriminalamt. In his place, Winfrid Wenzel is the head of the press department and thus the communication of the police and their more than 23,500 employees with the press. The 48-year-old Kriminaloberrat has been with the Berlin police since 1989, when he began his training as a criminal commissioner, In the meantime, he studied at the German College of the Police in Münster, and was also a long time with the Senate's administration. Now he comes from the Landeskriminalamt, where he was responsible for the processing of fires, missions and offenses against the protection authorities. Previously, he was deputy head of the murder department.

Really, the rank of a criminal council clad, was since February 2012 Pressesprecher of Berlin police. On Twitter, he said goodbye, sharing the tweet of a self-explanatory "Maichaoten": "All the best Stefan Redlich, I hope we will not meet in the future in the future." http://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/polizei-justiz/nachfolger-fuer-stefan-redlich-ab-jetzt-spricht-winfrid-wenzel-fuer-berlins-polizei/13537924.html

Note: Others might like to fill in the gaps as my computer has mysteriously been pretty much disabled for search purposes!



Source: http://abc7chicago.com/news/12-dead-48-injured-after-truck-rams-into-berlin-christmas-market/1663789/
From same report: "Though there has been co clear claim of responsibility so far, University of Chicago terrorism expert Robert Pape said the attack in Berlin, along with the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey Monday, both have all the makings of an ISIS attack.
"ISIS has unleashed spectacular attacks against the west," Pape said."

Image result for berlin attack dead driver images
Berlin Attack Survivor Credits Text Message With Saving Her Life

Where have we seen similar news stories before? Paris was it?

Another aspect that always fascinates in such incidents and is largely buried in the understandable emotion of the events, is the strange and often symbolic coincidences that appear to present themselves, and which are largely absent in your average, 'run of the mill' violence and murder.

As always we ask, are they co-incidental, or typical of a certain mindset that loves to interweave cryptic clues and messages, almost as an insult to the general population and the unfortunate victims of their malevolent scheming?

I could not help noticing the announcement of “twelve dead and forty eight injured,” on the 6.30 am news. Whether amended with time or not, this of course adds up to a very round figure of 60. Then there is the stated GMT time of the event: 19:14 that just happens to add up to 33. You may like to research these numbers yourself.

The location is redolent with meaning: The market is at Breitscheidplatz, close to the Kurfuerstendamm, the main shopping street in Berlin's west. The attack happened in the shadow of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, which was damaged in a World War Two bombing raid and preserved as a symbol of peace.

From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breitscheidplatz
"In 1947 the square was given the new name 'Breitscheidplatz' after Rudolf Breitscheid, a German Social Democrat who was killed at the Buchenwald concentration camp in 1944."

From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurf%C3%BCrstendamm
"Especially during the "Golden Twenties" the Kurfürstendamm area of the "New West" was a centre of leisure and nightlife in Berlin, an era that ended with the Great Depression and the Nazi Machtergreifung in 1933. The shops and businesses owned by Jewish tradespeople became the target of several pogroms, culminating in the "Reichskristallnacht" of November 9, 1938. In World War II the boulevard suffered severe damage from air raids and the Battle of Berlin.[1]"

The suspect we are told was detained near the Victory Column monument in the large public park known as the Tiergarten. And we cannot overlook the fact that this was Berlin as it approaches the Christmas season with all its allusions and historical associations.

From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Victory_Column
"It served as the location for Barack Obama's speech in Berlin as a US presidential candidate during his visit to Germany on July 24, 2008. The choice of site was controversial as it symbolises German military victories of the past and is still seen by some as a Nazi symbol.[6]"

Whether or not any of this points to the evil hand behind this attack, one thing we can be sure of that if it does, it would certainly NOT be that of of a poor and desperate Pakistani immigrant anxious to obtain asylum and presumably German citizenship. 

LATEST: It now appears the latest news is suggesting they have the wrong man and the actual driver escaped and is still at large. Well what a surprise!


So to conclude, here we see another 'terrorist event', the latest on European soil, displaying many of the attributes - and warning signs - of previous ones. The sensationalist and unquestioning approach of the media is self evident. The medias failures in the past, give no assurance that they will be any different with this one. They jump to conclusions and yet again fail to take an objective and cynical one demanded by all the evidence of the past.

I make it clear that there is no evidence available to me at this stage that links in any way the activities of either American or Israeli or any other nation state's covert organ's involvement, but I suggest it would be naive to rule it out, or to pursue all or any links that might lead to that conclusion. Equally it is facile and perverse to automatically jump to the conclusion that this was an event planned and executed by Muslim extremists. The multitudinous reasons that have been revealed in previous cases, would urge caution in jumping to that conclusion. 

Of course it will not prevent leading politicians, media moguls and the mass of the population that look to them for guidance, from doing so yet again. And being disastrously wrong yet again.


Of interest: 


Use 'search' box for earlier articles on French, Belgian and German incidents.

Ahhhh.  The old identity card trick! Now my worst fears are confirmed. Yet again the ever-considerate or forgetful terrorist!

From the Independent here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/berlin-attack-germany-police-tunisian-man-hunt-id-truck-driver-seat-christmas-market-a7488151.html

Berlin attack: German police 'launch manhunt for Tunisian man' after finding ID under truck driver's seat

A 'notice of temporary stay' document reportedly found following the attack that killed 12 people and injured dozens more

Der Spiegel reported that a “notice of temporary stay” document was found under the driver’s seat following the attack that killed 12 people and injured dozens more.
It is said to name a Tunisian citizen called Anis A, who was born in 1992, although the suspect is also believed to go under at least two aliases, giving differing dates of birth
The Allgemeine Zeitung reported that the Tunisian suspect was registered under the name Ahmed A, 21, in the district of Kleve, in North Rhine-Westphalia.
The document found is given to asylum seekers in Germany, allowing them to legally remain in the country while their claim is decided.
The Polish driver, Lukasz Urban, was found shot and stabbed to death inside while the attacker fled the scene on foot.

Isis claimed responsibility for the massacre on Tuesday evening, calling the perpetrator a “soldier of the Islamic State” who was obeying calls to attack supporters of the US-led coalition launching air strikes on its territories in Syria and Iraq.
The federal public prosecutor’s office, which is leading the terror investigation, could not immediately be reached for comment.
I wonder why?

There are a few more obvious questions that occur to me as they must do to you....and the police.

German government orders media to pixelate image of Berlin terror suspect. Don't they want to catch him? INSANE.

From Daily Mail tweet this image said to be Anis Amri "armed and dangerous". All set up for the next step - search/discovery/"neutralising"?:


  1. "Who benefits? Israel." Interview with Ray McGovern.


  2. Meanwhile in Zurich, hardly mentioned....Muslims get attacked, then shooter dies nearby. How is unclear.


  3. Ahhh. So we had the run-away loory and the runaway culprit. (Was he meant to have been neutralised?) When the conventional police couldn't sign up to the intention to frame him a new story had to be invented PDQ. So a new target identified belatedly by his papers under the driver's seat. (Another old chestnut) Now the obligatory "hero" story. Whilst meanwhile the usual public outpourings and evidence of political figures mourning and vowing to stand up to terrorism whilst using it to get the public ever more used to military takeover and the lie that Muslims are the great danger. The script may be an old but that doesn't stop it being re-run as often as necessary. Perhaps they got the idea from BBC programmers?

    "The heroic driver." http://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/berlin-attack-victims-heroic-lorry-driver-lukasz-urban-fought-with-killer-before-market-massacre-a3425346.html

  4. Tim Veater The lorry was parked up here where all Residency Permits appear to be processed/obtained. Tad strange? State Agency for Civil and Regulatory Affairs

    Ausländerbehörde Berlin, location Friedrich-Krause-Ufer

    Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24
    13353 Berlin
    Tel . (030) 90269-4000
    Fax : (030) 90269 4099
    contact form

    Access to the facility is suitable for wheelchairs. A designated disabled parking is available. There is a lift suitable for wheelchairs. There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

  5. Lack of hard evidence of death and injury:



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