Wednesday, 14 December 2016

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How fake does it get?

Hi Tim,
How does one describe a pathological liar who is so blatant that the idiocy of their claims has long since passed into the surreal?

Now that the "Russia hacked the US presidential election" story has "got legs" - the ignoranti have swallowed that one hook, line and sinker - what else can be laid at Russia's door? Oh yes, the UK's Brexit vote in the summer - that must have been Russia!

In some senses, these particular lies aren't going to do much other than reinforce the false convictions of the intellectually lazy but to claim that the Syrian army is murdering civilians, having liberated Aleppo, is outrageous and dangerous because it's lies like these that cause the deaths of millions in Rothschild fabricated wars.

MSM Create #Fakenews Storm As Rebel Aleppo Vanishes by Moon of Alabama
I have not ever experienced a #fakenews onslaught as today. Every mainstream media and agency seems to have lost all inhibitions and is reporting any rumor claim regarding the liberation of east-Aleppo as fact.

Of course real stories are being buried by these outrageous claims but the more alert are monitoring what's happening beyond what the corrupt BBC and globalised media are saying. Could it be that another potential whistleblower has been permanently silenced to keep the Podesta/Pizzagate paedophilia in Washington scandal below the radar of the public sphere?

Where Is Former Clinton Foundation CEO That Podesta Fingered As Leak? by Cassandra Fairbanks
A former Clinton Foundation CEO who was pushed out of his role over his anti-corruption stances appears to be missing from the public eye, after being fingered as a leaker in an email exchange between John Podesta and Neera Tanden.

In the absence of honesty from media, we need to talk to and be honest with each other to counter false or misleading narratives wherever we find them. Make the purveyors of lies impotent and irrelevant - don't watch, don't listen. Talk truth without restraint. 
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  1. Claude Baesens shared Jean Bricmont's post.
    4 hrs ·
    (Inspired by British politician Arthur Ponsonby's book Falsehood in Wartime, published in 1928). Prof Anne Morelli's book was published in 2001 but you will find these principles apply to Irak, Lybia, Syria,...

    Jean BricmontFollow
    7 hrs ·
    Small reminders on the principles of the propaganda of war:
    We don't want the war.
    The opposing camp is the only one responsible for the war.
    The leader of the opposing camp has the face of the devil (or "the ugly of service").
    It's a noble cause that we defend and no special interests.
    The enemy provokes knowingly atrocities, and if we are commiting burrs it is unintentionally.
    The enemy uses weapons not allowed.
    We have very few losses, losses of the enemy are enormous.
    The artists and intellectuals support our cause.
    Our cause has a sanctity.
    Those (and those) who question our propaganda are traitorsélémentaires_de_propagande_de_guerre


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