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Israel's Assassins at it again in Tunisia

On Monday 19th December 2016 - a day short of the shortest day - TWO events hit the 
headlines that squeezed out most the rest of the news - in the western press at least. 

They were of course the much exaggerated lorry crash in Berlin, in which it was claimed 
12 were killed and 48 injured, although the evidence for this has been disputed.

Tho second event was the very public assassination of Ambassador Karlov in Ankara 
whilst opening a photographic exhibition. Both are covered in greater detail elsewhere on 
this blog.

Both of these events were clearly designed to blame Muslim extremists in general and 
ISIS in  particular and were directed at Germany and Russia respectively. In both cases 
the alleged assailant was shot dead by state forces.

Whether this reflects the real perpetrators, the organisation behind them or their true 
purpose is quite another matter. In addition to any claimed justification or explanation 
there is one that is seldom mentioned, namely distraction from other events happening 
in the world to deflect attention and possible criticism directed to those behind it.

So we may ask, did anything notable happen immediately before or after that might 
have received far more adverse publicity were it not for these two. Well not surprisingly 
the answer is yes. Perhaps you might like to ask yourself whether you have heard 
of them? It almost goes without saying that despite their importance, they have 
generated a minuscule proportion of attention on the news, if any.

The OTHER events are as follows:


Mohammed Al-Zoari, a Tunisian scientist with ties to Hamas killed near his homeThursday,
December 15, 2016 in the Tunisian city of Sfax.  It is widely agreed he was assassinated 
by an Israeli 'kidon' team working illegally on foreign sovereign territory. Rather conveniently,
the individual blamed for the Berlin outrage, just happened to be Tunisian. The Israelis used
a female posing as a journalist to lure him to his death. All participants in the murder were 
spirited out of the country before they could be arrested although some have suggested the
operation might have had tacit support from the Tunisian authorities.



Everyone must by now know that not only has Saudi Arabia with Israeli support been 
carrying out a brutal campaign against Yemeni population, but that when ever we read of 
an 'ISIS' attack we know Israel and Saudi Arabia, besides others, is very likely the hidden 
hand and the controlling mind. When we hear that there have been devastating cruel 
attacks "by ISIS in Yemen" we have twice the reason it was executed by these two pariah 
states, both of which Britain is unilaterally bribed or cajoled to support.

So we learn, virtually unpublicised, on the 18th December - note a day before the Berlin 
and Ankara events - at least 48 Yemeni soldiers were killed and many more injured when 
an IS suicide bomber exploded his device in the midst ofa group of soldiers, waiting to be 
paid. It is the second such in just over a week. The attack comes eight days after a similar
bombing at Al-Sawlaban claimed by IS killed 48 soldiers and wounded 29 others.

Note this was not directed against 'rebels', as has been the norm, but members of the 
government's forces so you decide what the purpose might be because I can't. That 
Saudia Arabia and/or Israel were probably implicated can hardly be doubted.

3.  KARAK JORDAN 18th December, 2016. 

Jordanian security forces are seen patroling on Monday in Karak, a tourist destination, around 120 kilometres south of the capital Amman, following an attack a day earlier. Daesh has claimed responsibility for the deadly shooting that killed 10 people, including a Canadian tourist. Another 34 people were wounded in Sunday's shooting spree, including a second Canadian.

Gunmen in two locations open fire and take hostages. Daesh later claimed responsibility 
for the deadly shooting that killed 10 people, including a Canadian tourist Linda Vatcher, a 
62-year-old from Newfoundland.  Another 34 people were wounded in Sunday's 
shooting spree, including a second Canadian. Jordan refused to give details of the gunmen. 
Was this intended to stoke division and unrest in relatively peaceful Jordan or to disrupt 
tourism as has been achieved in all the north African states bordering the Mediterranean? 
Perhaps we should direct the question at Israel yet again?

4.  MOSCOW  19.12.2016  Senior Russian diplomat shot dead in flat in Moscow hours 
before assassination of ambassador in Turkey. 

The apartment where the alleged shooting took place in Moscow Ren TV

Foreign Affairs ministry confirmed the chief adviser 
to their Latin American affairs department, Petr Polshikov, died at his home. It denied it 
was anything to do with his work. He was apparently shot in the head. No explanation 
has been provided. No one arrested. Although ruling out a cause must mean someone 
must know something.

5.  25.12.2016  BLACK SEA. Russian plane flying to Syria crashes soon after take-off.


Tupolev Tu-154 plunged into the sea shortly after takeoff from Sochi on Christmas 
Day. Terrorism has been ruled out in advance of the investigation or the recovery
of the two 'black boxes'. Those on board included 64 musicians from the army's 
official choir, the Alexandrov Ensemble; nine reporters; the head of the 
Spravedlivaya Pomoshch charity, Elizaveta Glinka; two federal civil servants; and 
eight crew members. The BBC reports The main flight recorder from the Russian jet 
that crashed into the Black Sea on Sunday has revealed that faulty flaps were to blame, 
Russian media say.The flaps, panels on the wings that help lift an aircraft, were not moving
together, a source close to the probe told the private Interfax news agency.The pro-Kremlin
Life news website says this led the pilots to lose control as the plane was at a "critical 
angle". It also quoted the crew's last words, including: "The flaps, hell... !"

6. BUTTERWORTH, Malaysia: A Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) plane crashed on 
Wednesday (Dec 21) at an airbase in Butterworth, Penang, killing the pilot and injuring 
three others.


A trail of blood leads directly back to Tel Aviv (with a little help from its friends) This is
not merely colourful polemic. It is factual and forensic. The proof is in the document 
that I was unable to reproduce here. Literally hundreds, if not thousands, of cold 
blooded killings carried out mainly on foreign territory, in a systematic and planned way, 
over decades, against those it arbitrarily decides to eliminate. 

And these only include recognised cases,not those where the circumstantial evidence 
of involvement is overwhelming, as with 9/11, 7/7 and most of the recent examples of 
European terrorism. 

The State of Israel was founded on terrorism such as at the King David Hotel, most of its 
leaders (particularly from the late 70's) have been unashamed terrorists, and unabashed 
organised terror, as the recent Tunisian case amply demonstrates, continues to this day. 
Is there another country in the world - with perhaps the exception of North Korea - where 
the term "rogue state" better applies? Its intimidation and mistreatment of the Palestinian 
people and its flagrant renunciation of international law, is daily proof of it.

There is little doubt that in concert with the United States, it has masterminded and 
fomented the chaos that has occurred in all its Arab neighbours and was prepared to
entertain acts of terror, up to and including 9/11, to facilitate it. Everyone now knows - 
and apparently the Wikileaks Podesta/Clinton emails confirm it - that from the Mujahideen
and Taliban, through Saddam Hussein, Al Qaeda, ISIS to Daesh, all have been creations
of US/Israeli policy, which the European countries have cravenly endorsed.

One of the biggest and most disreputable deceptions ever pulled on the world's 
population, was that Israel was the innocent victim of anti-semitism and discrimination 
and that Muslims posed the biggest threat. In fact quite the opposite is the case. Muslims
may have been accused of terrorism but a closer examination almost invariably proves 
they were unjustly accused, or that they have been run by non-Muslim handlers based in 
either Washington or Tel Aviv.

If the recent unanimous (apart from one abstention) UN resolution is a sign that the world 
is waking up to the mendacity demonstrated by this peculiar population, it is not before 
time. Israel needs to start acting in a civilised manner or accept being treated as a pariah
by what remains of a civilised international community.



  1. Obama always opposed the settlement enterprise, and generally did not distinguish between construction in Jerusalem and to the west of the security barrier, on the one hand, and building deeper inside the West Bank, in territory Israel would have to relinquish if it is to disentangle itself from the Palestinians, on the other.

    By maneuvering in recent weeks to try to salvage the Amona outpost built on private Palestinian land, by coming around to support legislation that would retroactively legalize dozens of other such outposts, and by declaring his government “more committed to settlements than any in Israel’s history,” Netanyahu, for his part, underlined that he too draws no distinction between more consensual construction over the pre-1967 lines and building in the most contentious areas of Judea and Samaria. He tried to stave off the Amona moment of truth for just another few weeks, until a more amenable president was installed in the White House, but the High Court would no longer indulge him. For the sake of the isolated outposts, he risked the wrath of the international community.

    On Saturday night, Netanyahu claimed that Resolution 2334 was the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” the act of diplomatic warfare that would prompt a “fundamental change” in the way the UN, and by extension, the international community treats Israel. Well, maybe. It must certainly be a comforting thought for him. Except that his intended agent of change, as he discovered to his horror on Friday, has not yet arrived.

    It took just six days of war in 1967 to change the parameters of everything we now delight in, recoil at, grapple with and argue over. On the diplomatic battlefield, he and Obama still have three and a half weeks.

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    This was a fine speech. The only trouble is I doubt it can be taken seriously. The settlements policy has been clear for decades yet America has done virtually nothing to stop it. In fact it has been Americans money that in large part has paid for it a policy continued just recently with another 38 billion. So just a few weeks before the end of Obama's Presidency, the Secretary of State make a policy speech that he knows he cannot implement but which in future years he can hide behind and say "I told you so." Clearly 78% of Palestine is insufficient for Israel. They want it ALL. And to subject two or three million Palestinians to permanent intimidation and mistreatment. Israel has never been serious about a settlement, it has only used agreements to forestall and advance its policy of annexation, whilst creating terrorism and promoting anarchy in neighbouring nations. America has never been an honest broker although this speech purports that it is. You only have to consider 9/11 and the creation of Al Qaeda and Isis to prove that. In other words America has replicated the Israeli position rather than challenging it, and that is to talk peace whilst knowingly to promote the plan for a 'Greater Israel' and to hell with the Palestinian. I'm afraid that his words are consequently deeply disingenuous and will be no more influential on either American or Israeli policy than all those that have gone before.

  4. A humourous take (not FAKE) on reality:

  5. "The Last Doctor in Aleppo" mates with child head-chopping terrorists?


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