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Madeleine McCann and the Podesta connection

"The True Story of Madeleine McCann | Full Documentary by Richard D Hall"


"Are Clinton Insiders Involved in Child Abduction? A Factual Analysis."

"A conspiracy theory has been promulgated according to which John and Tony Podesta were involved in the abduction of Madeleine McCann."

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Simon Massey I'm sorry. No chance. Madeleine died in the Apt 5A from which her parents claimed she was abducted. The McCanns lied about jemmied shutters, & deleted their call & text records. The Police realised almost immediately that the scene had been faked. Political pressure from British authorities prevented them from arresting the ghoulish couple.
When dogs trained to smell cadaver odour smell cadaver, that means a human being died & left a smell. Dogs found the smell of cadaver AND blood in the Apt 5A. They found cadaver on Kates clothing & in the car they hired weeks after reporting their daughter missing.
I guess it's possible the Podesta's killed Madeleine in Apt 5A, perhaps deliberately & on camera, but not without the McCanns knowing exactly what was going on. It's possible they were there & it's possible they knew Clement Freud. But I have seen only speculation about this, no evidence.
It seems pretty clear the e-fits resembling the Podesta's is a coincidence. No-one abducted any child from Apt 5A. The abduction scenario is to cover the death that the evidence says must have occured. The e-fit in fact looks like Gerry McCann, who probably carried someone elses blonde child around the resort that night to create witnesses to the abduction scenario.
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Simon Massey I fear that Michael Shrimpton is a shill for the feds. I do not trust him one little bit. He claimed that the British secret services would never kill anyone, that we're the "good guys". He can't say that & then expect anything else he says to be accepted as fact. He reckons it's the Germans, it's always the Germans with Shrimpton. I don't trust him.
No offence, but any theory that involves an abduction is rubbish. If the Podesta's were involved, they must have been in with the paedo-ring that was clearly at work at the Mark Warner resort that week... Maybe they killed Madeleine on camera but there's no way anyone abducted her.
Again, I have heard claims about the Podesta's being in Portugal that week. I have seen no evidence. I have heard it claimed that they knew Clement Freud but again, I have seen no evidence. If someone can prove that the Podesta's were there & that they knew Clement Freud I'd give the theory more credence. But there's no way they were involved in a kidnapping when the evidence say that Madeleine died in Apt 5A. I guess it's possible that the attempt to sterilise Apt 5A was an attempt to remove Podesta DNA, but I'm unlikely to consider that possibility while I have seen zero evidence of their connections to the case.
If you have seen anything that PROVES the Podesta's presence & their relationship with Clement Freud I'd be happy to revise my postion. But theory without backing is not enough. It might be sound, but it needs supporting evidence. If nothing can be shown that proves the Podesta connection, I'm still fingering the McCanns.

Angela Power-Disney I agree with is awful the controlled release of SOME truth peppered with many jokers in the pack which seems to be the case with SHRIMPTON as in defending the likes of Lord Bramhall HarveyProctor etc so yes I am with you on that....although sometimes it is worth extracting the TRUTH they spill as long as one knows when the red herrings are flying ....I also do not buy the abduction thing and believe it was either a planned party ending in a snuff movie or a planned party that resulted in a death not intended but nonetheless filmed and released...I got that intel a while ago and not via Shrimpton and work on one premise of a matter is confirmed at the hands of two or three witnesses....the evidence for the connection with Freud and the Podestas is definitely extant...research was being documented originally on REDDIT until that forum got shut down interestingly the CEO of Reddit found to have been in a cannibalism forum himself for quite a while. The evidence collating has switched to two other forums the names of which escape me but will come back with them or you can google ....I hear you on truth without documentation is insufficient to move forward on....research documenting and collating in detail is hugely important ...if I don´t get back with the two arenas where the docs are being centralised poke me or inbox me for reminder please

Simon Massey "I also do not buy the abduction thing and believe it was either a planned party ending in a snuff movie or a planned party that resulted in a death not intended but nonetheless filmed and released...I got that intel a while ago and not via Shrimpton and work on one premise of a matter is confirmed at the hands of two or three witnesses..."
When I first got to the Madeleine McCann Abduction or Scam page from which I was recently evicted for Pizzgateing the place up a bit (lot) this theory was poo-pooed & often that sort of speculation was discouraged or simply prevented. I & others have offered insurmountable evidence that this sort of thing doesn't just go on, it goes on A LOT & for anyone who has looked into it a little deeper, the upper echelons of our so-called rulers appear riddled with an interest in the most vile of crimes! This possibility is now being given a fair shake while the Pizzagaters are being closed down.
Back on Pizzagate proper. I've seen the claims in many places & they go like this. "Our anonymous source in the FBI tells us Podestas were in Portugal...". There's no way this is good enough. We need something in the public domain, something published in media to show this as fact. If the Podesta's have been photgraphed in Portugal, or with Clement Freud or with any of the McCanns & their Tapas cohorts, fine.
I could come up with an anonymous source saying, "this dude who used to work for Sky news told me that he over-heard Cliff Richard talking about... but he told me never to reveal his name". & Voila, rumours started.
We don't want rumours, because when the media starts rabbiting about us idiots buying into unsubstantiated theories we do not want that to be true. We need to stick with claims that we can back with evidence or risk credibility.
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Simon Massey Simon Massey This guy Ramsey's fb page is excellent. I already pulled this Jimmy Comet/Instagram that I hadn't seen before. The 49th most powerful person in Washington DC sees himself as Pan. Great.
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Tim Veater The suspect images were put out by the Met Police in 2012 apparently. One problem is that there is no background to explain where they come from especially as only one man was seen carrying a child (allegedly) and the distance and darkness could not possibly produced a facial likeness. So who provided the description based on what circumstances? There is no doubt the likeness is there and the fact that two brothers are replicated makes this so unlikely by chance alone as to be virtually impossible. The fact that it now appears that both have actively engaged in preferences that suggest at least an interest in sado masochist tendancies involving children, concrete links to Clement Freud property and person, wiped E-mail history prior to the disappearance date, photographs with uncanny likeness to Madelaine herself in Podesta presence or premises, suggestions they were in Portugal at the time of her disappearance, all hugely increase the weight of circumstantial evidence that they WERE involved in some way. The cadaver evidence in flat and car is not of course necessarily evidence that it was Madelaines dead body that was there - it could have been another body. That the trained dogs did not 'lie' cannot I think be doubted. Who knows what went on in that flat before or after Madelaine was reported missing. The DNA evidence is harder to explain away but we should be aware that DNA can come from any number of sources and to find it only confirms that persons bodily fluid were in the places located. So if the facial impressions could not have come from the crime scene itself how could they come to be? That is something only the Metropolitan Police can tell us. But is it possible they were actually based upon the Podesta brothers themselves because other information became available to the investigators that implicated them? In the absence of other explanations, that seems to be the only that stands up to scrutiny. As for the ostensibly plausible Shrimpton, his obsession with only the Germans being the bad guys, whilst the Americans, Israelis and British are nothing but gentlemen, fatally undermines whatever else he says. Further the fact that no one has been arrested or charged on the back of his 'reliable' information, speaks volumes. The possibility therefore exists that his well crafted theories are designed to deflect attention away from the true causes and perpatrators.
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Angela Power-Disney Were the Podestas deliberately put out in e fit photos to warn them to stay silent and pimping ?
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Tim Veater I don't remember those pictures being circulated at the time but they may have been. Alternatively they may have been prepared and only kept internally or circulated to chosen enforcement agencies. Perhaps it was a fit-up to keep the Podestas or other influential persons, silent. Who knows in this murky business? What we do know for sure is that right from the outset, this was seen as requiring government intervention and therefore of national interest. You can forget the sympathy/humanitarian angle, or EVERY missing person would get the same treatment. From the beginning the response to this one was unique.
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Simon Massey The e-fits were produced by the McCanns own investigators based on Martin Smiths eye-witness account. Smith later claimed he had seen Gerry McCann carrying a blonde girl around that night -
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Simon Massey The reason this picture is so confused is because the McCanns and their establishment supporters are deliberately spreading confusion & misinformation. The McCanns have spent the last ten years trying to adjust their story to explain the evience, & with all due respect, you are trying to do the same thing. What proper investigators do is, they use the evidence to build the story, they don't build a story & then fit the evidence to it. The McCanns are trying to convince the world that their daughter was abducted to cover up her death. The evidence says Madeleine is dead & if it weren't for the media & government suppressing this information, they'd be in prison. The facts suggest these two are lying through their teeth & it's only why they have not been arrested & why they have so much official support that remains unexplained. It could be that the Podesta brothers killed Madeleine & it was THEIR DNA that the apartment clean was meant to remove. But I'd need evidence that they were present before even considering this possibility. Cliff Richard lived 40 minutes away, he could easily have done it, but for the lack of evidence that he was there!
Concrete evidence connecting Freud & Podesta is something I am extremely eager to see! If you know what it is or where it can be found I'm eager to see it. As far as I am aware the e-fit coincidence is the only "evidence" we've got.
Now, about those e-fits.
The e-fits were kept hidden by the McCanns five years. They were produced by their own Private investigators based on sightings by Irish holiday maker Martin Smith on the night of May 3rd. Smith also claimed that once he saw Gerry McCann stepping back onto British soil after being made official suspect/Arguido, he was convinced that the man he saw carrying a child around PDL that night was in fact Gerry McCann! The McCanns HID these e-fits for five years but have never explained why. Experts suspect that the McCanns hid the e-fits because they implicate Gerry! The theory goes that Gerry McCann carried a little blonde girl about in PDL that night to produce witnesses for an abduction. Madeleine had already been dead at least a day or two (Wayback Machine data says so). That's why he fits the e-fit, as you can see! There were at least 8 other, pretty little blonde girls whom it was difficult to tell apart staying at the Mark Warner Resort that week.

The DNA found in the car & associated with cadaverine was shown to have had enough markers to prove that it was from Madeleine. It was only AFTER the McCanns started bleeting about leaving stale meat in the car that this DNA was discounted, as you can see by this piece -

Cadaver odour is notoriously hard to dissipate. A witness claimed she had seen the McCanns hire car with it's doors & boot left open 24 hours a day while it was parked at the villa the McCanns rented after they left the Mark Warner resort. That they moved Madeleines body in the car is beyond doubt.
I completely dispute that it likely that some other persons cadaverine odour was found in Apt 5A from which Madeleine is said to have been abducted. You only suggest this because you are trying to fit the evidence to the theory. If you fit the theory to the evidence it shows us that Madeleine died in the Apt. Occams Razor. Simplest explanation is the most likely.
If the Podestas, Freud & Portugal can be proven to be connected, it's still possible these freakish brothers were part of whatever was going on at Mark Warner that week. But while that evidence has not been produced, I still see nothing but e-fit coincidence.
Also, I bet the McCanns are rubbing their palms together gleefuly watching as the world shoots off down on another useless tangent while they still walk about free as birds. Madeleine is dead. The McCanns cleaned their apartment top-to-bottom, lied about break-ins & deleted their text/call records. They are guilty as sin.
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Tim Veater I think you might have missed my point: if the facial likenesses are too close to be regarded as coincidental, it is quite possible they were created precisely to implicate them, whether they were connected or not. It is claimed Freud invited the McCanns over for lunch after the disappearance of their daughter. If as is claimed there is a link between Freud and the Podestas, this may have suggested itself as a possible distraction ruse that has now been belatedly activated. There is no doubt that intelligence agencies - primarily MI6 - have been deeply involved in this case for some reason and that the McCanns have been protected at Government level. Precisely why, is still not altogether clear. As to the McCann's 'private investigators', they have been thoroughly discredited by Richard D Halls meticulous investigations here:



  2. The danger of concentrating on just one or two cases is that the generality and extent of the problem is overlooked. That I think is part of the purpose. The latest appears to be a six year old Oxfam case that now fills the headlines. Meanwhile the rampant street violence, crime figures and all the rest are pushed to the inside pages. Much better we concentrate on old events and 'historic' cases, rather than face up to the very real issues and dangers of the here and now. As regard child abduction and disappearance, the sitiuation is very much worse than is generally realised and government has done very little to acknowledge or record it. Just occasional cases get publicised whilst literally hundreds of cases get virtually no notice at all. And this excludes a rampant market in lost asylum seeking children, many of whom apparently end up under the control of predators because they are a valuable commodity for those who want to abuse them. Given the Met Police's utter failure to investigate other notable cases, it is a continuing mystery why they have devoted such energies and resources to the McCann, without it must be noted, any real sign of success. The McCann case is unique for sure but not for the reasons generally assumed.


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