Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Corbyn plus two years

Some things change; some things stay the same. But perhaps if Mrs May had taken notice of my post, she wouldn't have been in the mess she found herself in and the country would have saved the billion pound bribe she had to pay up. Mind you we must also thank her for a decision that at least burst her egotistical balloon and prevented many of the diabolical policies she had in the pipeline. Meanwhile as the ship of state loosens its tie-ropes to mainland Europe, presumably drifting ever closer towards America, the unpredictabilty as personified by the Trump Presidency, may be the defining feature of Britain's next decade as well. We shall just have to wait and see won't we?
Corbyn has obviously tapped into a public mood that goes far beyond a narrow Labour Party membership. He is rain to parched ground after long drought. As Tony Benn was wont to say, , "There are two things that beat in the human heart: anger at in injustice; hope for something better." I believe that there is now a prevailing public mood that is sick of defrauding the public to make the rich richer; that plays fast and loose with the environment (as it intends to do with fracking); that runs roughshod over locality; that is steeped in corruption and cover-up; it is sick of being the tail to a Jewish/banking/big business/US/EU dog. It wants to retrieve its country and foreign policy based on justice and hope not domination and warfare. As I said right at the beginning of this contest, only Corbyn, despite all the prophets of doom ranged against him, that have cynically combined so-called socialists like Blair and right-wing capitalists like Murdoch (by the way Rebekah Brooks is back!) has, paradoxically a chance of getting Labour into power in 2020 - far-sighted as that may seem! Why because it cannot achieve it without Scottish MP's and only Corbyn realistically offers that possibility. However, unlike the pessimists, I believe he could indeed attract 'the middle England and middle class vote' -and so do his detractors. That is why they have to argue the opposite and are running so scared.

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