Monday, 14 August 2017

Corbyn phenomenom after two years. Anything changed?

From August 14 August, 2015

Neither Philip Collins in the Times, Tony Blair or a gaggle of his clones, appear to be able to stop the momentum Jeremy Corbyn has achieved. To prove how desperate they are to frustrate his leadership bid, and as a token of darker influences, we now have the ultimate propaganda weapon of 'anti-semitism' being wheeled out by the Jewish Chronicle. They do say that there is nothing as powerful as an idea that finds its moment. This surely is Jeremy's moment. He has obviously come from somewhere, but politically and metaphorically it was from nowhere and no doubt the party planners wish they were 'party poopers'. So what makes him so obviously attractive to the 'grass roots'? I venture to suggest it is his very 'ordinariness'. People are sick of slick products of the advertisers art and are wise to the old chestnuts of 'old' and 'new', 'forwards' and 'backwards', 'up' and 'down'. His words do not require 'spin'; they have a substance of their own, and they are what a lot of people want to hear. As with the famous product, 'you get what it says on the tin'. It is a true and much sought after genuine alternative to the indistinguishable policies of the lib/lab/con pack and yes the toadying subservience to an essentially US Zionist agenda that has caused and is still causing mayhem in the Middle East and elsewhere. As a phenomenon, it also shares much with the rise of the Nationalist Party in Scotland and may be an English version of it. Paradoxically although taking a similar line to Alex Salmond on many things, Corbyn might be the only way to save the Union, as it could usher a resurgence of the Labour vote in Scotland, when the voters become predictably disenchanted with the current bossy and tainted regime. It's a long time since English voters queued to listen to hear a modest politician speak and this alone is worth celebrating. It might even have woken a few old men dozing in their clubs too. “Revolution? Revolution? What! Revolution?”

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