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"Strong and Stable" May or "Intellectually Incoherent" Abbott? (1)

Theresa May
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In reply to a question about Diane Abbott:

I've never been very impressed by her - even nearly thirty years ago, when I used to see her rolling her eyes on the Parliamentary back benches! Trouble is Corbyn has been deserted by most of the PLP so he has even less talent to choose from. She clearly has little grasp of financial matters or even basic maths and that does not bode well for high office. (2)

It also gives traction to one of the strongest Conservative attacks: that Labour can't be trusted financially, whilst conveniently air-brushing the fact that the former have actually doubled the national debt to an historic high, in less than ten years!

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Despite the concerted media attack on him, the poor showing of Labour in the polls, is more the result of the disunity and disloyalty of MP's, than it is dislike of Corbyn. Indeed if his ability to attract a crowd is anything to go by, his popular appeal has not been equalled since the days of Lloyd George and Churchill. However, there is certainly a question mark over Labour's credibility and suitability to form a government when it cannot even form a shadow one.

Of course this is a gift to the unpopular May and the Conservatives and explains why, despite everything, they are ahead in the polls. As with all demagogues and potential autocrats seeking public support, she relies on generated anxiety to underpin her election mantra of "Strong and Stable".

 Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is joined by Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is joined by Shadow Home Secretary Diane AbbottCREDIT: JEFF J MITCHELL/2016 GETTY IMAGES.

We should never forget the well-known saying that "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel" or that fascist policies are often insinuated under its protective banner.

Where does this leave the voter?

As you say people will be put off voting in such a way that will prevent any effective opposition to a government effectively controlled by faceless people and interests with a very dangerous agenda.

Theresa May meeting the rock star Alice Cooper in 2010

Remember if she and her party get back in, it takes us to 2022 at the earliest, when the dark trend, using fraudulent 'terrorism' as an excuse, will be continued in such a way that there will be no going back and the Britain we thought we had, will be no more - and not for the better for the average citizen.


1. Her own description reported here:

2. See:

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  1. I quite agree the chances of a theatrical event before the General Election are very strong. I have suggested, based on factual indicators, that some time at the end of May is a possibility. Of course the more this is thought likely and generally known, the more likely it will be postponed by those that organise these things, for which we may look no further than our own or other's 'deep state' institutions. But we can be sure they are desperate for May to win and Corbyn to lose. In addition to the fact that it is Conservatives/right wing that generally benefit from 'terror attacks' it is something along those lines we must expect. As always sadly there must be aspects that tug at the heart strings, or evoke disgust - preferably both. So we may expect some brutal and primal act, probably involving women and children, designed to outrage public opinion, and particulary that cohort referred to as 'floating'. Apart from the Westminster attack (can you imagine the craziness of so called security of a top target at a time when they tell us the nation is on high alert?) that I have flagged up in a number of articles, notice how the NHS (close to everyone's hearts???!!!) computer attack had equal billing with all those knives removed from kids in school (shock horror)? I am quite sure that is all part of the psychological build-up with the help of our reliable BBC. In addition we can also expect parallel targeting of Corbyn himself. Watch this space.


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