Sunday, 21 May 2017

Moves to make criticism of Israel "anti-Semitism".


The UK government’s new ‘anti-semitism’ definition conflates racism with valid criticism of Israel

We must be free to critisise evil acts by humans whoever they are, wherever they are. Nations, organisations and individuals must be subject to the same principle. Nor can religious groups be excluded. To do so makes all complicit in their evil acts. (1)

Now it is a given that Israel wishes to be considered a JEWISH state and most of its violent and immoral acts are carried out by Jews, therefore it is hard to distinguish between the two.

There have been notable Jews that have taken a brave and principled stand against the mistreatment of (mainly) Palestinians but by and large the Jewish hinterland has been silent. (2) Until it raises it voice against the villainy that is fascist Zionism and all it has entailed, how are we to distinguish between the two?

Jews are powerful and influential in world affairs, and sadly America has sold its soul to them. Britain may be less so, but being tied to America, has shamefully agreed to turn a blind eye to grievous breaches of human rights and basic natural law that still continues to this day.

Any attempt to prevent free speech that involves highlighting these things is as good as agreeing to them, and if so, it cannot be long before we see our own government employ the same methods. Sorry, but this is already apparent! (3)

Remember this famous saying by William Drummond: "He that will not reason is a bigot; he that cannot reason is a fool; and he that dares not reason is a slave."


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2. In this category perhaps we should mention:

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  1. Nicholas DeVincenzo commented on a video on YouTube.
    It took me over a decade of research to come to the realization that Zionism fits prominently into the puzzle of the NWO. I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs of what's truly going on. After all they call them secret societies for a reason.
    Of course it was 9/11 that woke me to much of this, but for me it was just the tip of the iceberg. I can relate to the so called sheeple, because I was truly one of them.
    The thing that I would like to stress here is that the rabbit hole is quite deep, and there are many dead ends, and false narratives. Being of average intelligence I have to see things for myself. The towers and building seven are examples, as is Geo-Engineering of things I can see.
    I can determine for myself what is true by viewing the towers collapsing, I can see without doubt a controlled demolition. I can see that planes are spraying our skies with God knows what! Naturally one begins to ask why?
    There was an obvious Israeli connection to 9/11, more so then Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, all of which needs to be looked into. If it leads to the Pope I am fine with that. I just can't start there, why, because I would rather start with the obvious.

    When dealing with the so called sheeple, (my brethren) we have to start with the obvious, or we will lose them to the NWO. As you know it is a secretive order that murdered JFK, Malcolm, Martin, and Bill Cooper.
    So as we explore the truth, we should recognize that dis-info agents are amongst us. Recognizing them is key, there is a difference between discourse and divisiveness, and therein lies the key.
    How divisive is someone, how persistent are they, how prolific are they? Going down the rabbit hole does nothing for the movement, if it confuses the people on the outside that may be looking in.

    This is why is so effective at bringing people to the truth of 9/11, it is a simple message that people can understand. Once in, they can draw their own conclusions as to the WHO DID IT...

  2. See:

    Excerpt: "We label these terrorist acts, committed by people who were raised and educated in Israel, “Jewish terror,” thus creating a buffer between us and them. In our internal cataloguing, we choose to view these as acts that stem from religious fanaticism, somewhere on the ISIS-Hamas spectrum, rather than as a part of normative Israeliness.

    "We must remember, however, that the identity of these terrorists is not only religious — it is also national. Jewish terror in the United States, France, or Israel contains unique characteristics, as every place has its own circumstances. In Israel, many of the terrorists were born, raised, and educated here. The terrorism we label “Jewish” is actually as Israeli as Bamba, Waze, and the IDF."

  3. The consequences:


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