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Al Hilli/Mollier Chevaline Killings

Zaid al-Hilli and Saad al-Hilli's car


The brutal killings in 2012, and in particular the trauma and tragedy of two little girls made orphans by it, drew the attention of the whole world. 

I was one of many thousands who were touched and intrigued by the circumstances and sought within the constraints imposed by government agencies and media reports, to study and comment on them. 

What I discovered, and reported, was disconcerting. 

It began with an obvious conflict of evidence that suggested either the French or British authorities - or both! - were engaged in manipulating the truth, or even lying! It was but the first of numerous inconsistencies, contradictions and irregularities that appeared to discredit the reported circumstances and investigation.

Specifically, this first anomaly, related to the French claim, as soon as the event became public, which was within an hour of it taking place, that the initial report came from an English cyclist. This person, it was reported, came upon the scene almost immediately after it had happened and used his mobile phone to raise the alarm. Within days this had been categorically denied by the person concerned - with the apparent approval of the British authorities.

This raised a profound question that could not be explained, even by French incompetence. It was a conflict of evidence of such importance that it raised questions about the reliability of all the other reported facts and indeed this proved to be true. It was only the first of many such!

The French emergency authorities, in common with all other advanced nations,  for obvious reasons, records all telephone calls to the emergency services. Yet that initial call, claimed to be by the Englishman, has never been released. It is highly unlikely that his call could have been confused with the Frenchman who later claimed to be responsible, so it remains a highly suspicious mystery that implicates the French authorities and questions their credibility. Many more followed.

Questions still surround the circumstances of the attack and how it was handled, not least when two days later the crime scene was allowed to be trampled over by an army of press and public before again becoming restricted for further forensic examination! This remember when it was a high-profile international case, headed up by France's top criminal investigation teams!

I do not intend to rehearse the incredible twists and turns, the multiple leads that led nowhere; the theories that had to be false; how evidence was withheld; how certain victims appeared to be protected; how police reports kept changing; how released photographs proved lies were told; how witnesses reports were never explained; how forensic reports were mishandled and countermanded; how the British and French authorities appeared to be following conflicting agendas whilst claiming to be "co-operating". 

How could it be possible with so many witness statements and details of vehicles no one was apprehended? Incredibly it took a year to learn that a leading suspect on a motor bike was actually interviewed at the time by French Government employees who also drove past the scene within minutes of the murders, yet this had to be revealed by a British BBC 'Panorama' team! Nothing much came of it with a totally unconvincing explanation.

This was an event that was almost unprecedented in the way it was handled with not one but two - French and British - large police teams of upwards of a hundred officers. Yet after nearly five years, virtually no progress and the teams virtually disbanded! Is it any wonder that Saad al Hilli's brother, Zaid is demanding a Judicial Review?

In my humble opinion, only one explanation can account for this failure and for the mountain of anomalies: State involvement by secret agencies, involved in the events themselves and what appears to be a subsequent cover-up. Nothing that has happened in France, or indeed many other European locations, since that 2012 event, has done other than confirm some very dark and coordinated 'terrorrist' activity centred on the continuing conflict in the Middle East and long-term CIA/Mossad goals, of which I believe this was just another example.

Even were Zaid al Hilli to succeed in getting his Judge-led inquiry, that no doubt would take years and cost millions, recent experience of such does not bode well for resolution, other than proving that when State interests are involved, regular criminal investigations prove inadequate.

In fact, I rather take the view that the killings had a far wider and deeper significance than what has been admitted officially and something of a water-shed in both the West's (particularly France and Britain's) involvement in Syria and the phenomenon of supposedly "ISIS" terror attacks in European centres of population, beginning in France. 

Whether the al Hilli/Mollier killings were directly connected must remain speculative unless or until one or other of the secret agencies 'spills the beans', so to speak. What we can say with a degree of certainty is that the al Hilli family had deep and long-standing connections to British and American Intelligence, whilst operating at the highest levels of the Iraqi government, up until Sadaam Hussein gained power, largely at the behest of the Americans. 

In this you observe the tensions that have existed between America and Britain over Iraq and what effectively has been a transfer of influence from an old empire to a newer one. Saad's uncle initially blocked Sadaams rise to power and was subsequently tortured by him, from which he never recovered. Saad's father fared only slightly better. Both sought refuge in Britain (not America notice) and were thereby indebted.

It is highly likely that Foreign Office contacts were maintained over the two or three decades that intervened between their flight and the first and second Iraqi wars, when no doubt their intelligence and contacts within the Arab world would have been highly prized. There are also clear indications that at the time of the second war, Saad might have benefited from his assistance in the area of citizenship. The al Hilli family was never an 'ordinary' one, and the fact that it was presented as one by the British Government, lends credence to the suspicion that Saad's fateful trip to France was anything but normal either.

In fact nothing about the French 'holiday' was normal. Saad told no one where he was going. His children were kept out of school on a new term without notice. He took extensive security precautions with his house. His detailed movements en route have never been revealed. He move camp site at least once when he arrived. He was noticed leaving the site frequently and witnessed having an argument with an unidentified male only the night before his death. He took an inexplicable and bizarre route for an inexplicable purpose and there is clear evidence, both forensic and circumstantial, that a meeting took place between him and Mollier in this remote spot.

Yet both British and French sources both wish us to believe that this was an ordinary holiday trip, that Mollier had lost his way and was an accidental victim, and that there was no connection between the two. The treatment of Mollier by the French authorities, with-holding any images interminably and then only issuing old ones and consistently claiming he was not a target, contrary to all the evidence, speaks volumes. Indeed as was subsequently revealed, not only were lies told by the French authorities in respect to where he fell and died, but the seven bullets in him suggest quite the opposite to what was stated. This it might be noted was the sort of treatment commonly meted out to a traitor in fact!

It should be noted the current wave of 'Isis' attacks in France happened in March 2012 when a man on a motor bike (note!) shot dead a religious instructor and three children, following an earlier attack when he shot dead three Arab/black paratroopers. The Chevaline murders took place six months later (1) A little over two years later in January 2015, the Charlie Hebdo attack occurred in Paris followed by many more, all of which appear to include fabricated elements. (2)

But perhaps more significant even in terms of timing were the co-ordinated actions of France and Britain in Libya and Syria. In March 2011 bombing was carried out by these two countries that lasted a further five months. Lord Owen's optimistic but flawed assessment is here. (3) It would be a brave person who held to it today with the country reduced chaos. 

Then just two years after the Libyan fiasco, and one year after Chevaline, Prime Minister Cameron had his plans to bomb Syria thwarted by the House of Commons (4) with Iran also in Western sights. Remember the notorious American/Israeli 'Stuxnet' attack directed at primarily Iran and ruining 1000 centrifuges but later causing widespread computer problems, happened in and around 2010. (5) Saad of course was a computer expert and Mollier was a metallurgist in nuclear related materials, in a firm that had had questionable dealings with Iran. 'Areva' has inherited a long collaborative history in developing Iran's nuclear industry and amazingly Iran has a 10% stake in the State owned company. (6)

So all of this - and much more - makes for a heady and explosive mix. Was Saad al Hilli working, maybe reluctantly, by British Intelligence? Was Mollier a British agent with important information to impart. Were both set up and attacked by a combined American/Israeli/French operation as a clear warning to the British? Or was it, in the immortal words of Monty Python, something completely different? We can only speculate pending Zaid's "Judge-led Inquiry" - if he gets it.

"Time tells" they say. But only if those in the know decide to reveal the truth. That it must be said, looks increasingly unlikely.

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Reposted from Daily Express article here:

"French Alps murders: Find monsters who butchered my brother and his family"

"THE brother of a businessman gunned down with his wife and

 mother-in-law in the French Alps is demanding a British

 judicial review of the long-running case.

Zaid al-Hilli, 58, says that no progress has been made in the five years since the killings, and a High Court judge should be given access to all of the case files in a bid to find the assassin.
His younger brother Saad, 50, his dentist wife Iqbal, 47, and her mother Suhaila al-Allaf, 74, were shot in the head at close range, execution style, while on holiday.
They were murdered in their car, which had stopped in a lay-by off a remote forest road near the village of Chevaline, close to Lake Annecy on September 5, 2012.
Iraqi-born satellite engineer Saad and Iqbal’s young daughters, Zainab and Zeena, miraculously survived the shooting.
Speaking from his home in Surrey, widower Zaid said: “There has been no progress for years so it is time for a review.
“I do not trust the French police or the prosecutor, so I believe the review should be conducted by a High Court judge.
“I would be happy to give evidence to the review and answer any questions put to me.”
His lack of faith in the police came after he was held four years ago on suspicion of conspiracy to murder his brother and family by Surrey police, working with their French counterparts.
Zaid said: “They arrested me and took me to Guildford police station and interviewed me over two days. They were claiming all sorts of rubbish. I said to them, ‘Produce the evidence’.
“It didn’t worry me because I wasn’t hiding anything,” he added.
French cyclist Sylvain Mollier, 45, was also shot dead at the scene of horror and had more bullets in his body than the other victims, suggesting he was the real target of the attack.
“I think the authorities know who was behind it... it was to do with the French cyclist and his affairs,” said Zaid.
"My brother and his family were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
"They were tourists. They were not the targets.
“This is why a review is important because it would bring everything out. There is so much information that a judge needs to look and recommend what needs to be done.”
He claimed the murder scene was not properly protected for a long period of time, and that valuable forensic evidence was lost, making the investigation harder.
“They only kept the crime scene sealed off for a few days, when I have been told it should have been sealed off for three weeks,” said Zaid.
DNA traces are said to have been found inside the family’s BMW estate car and on a bumper after further forensic tests were ordered in 2015, three years after the killings.
The traces were run through police data bases across Europe but no matches were made.
One line of inquiry for French police was that the al-Hillis were unlucky enough to have crossed the path of a lone psychopath as he launched an unprovoked attack on the cyclist.
French police have also examined a theory that there was a dispute between the al-Hilli brothers over an inheritance, a theory Zaid claims has no basis in fact.
Although the brothers had rowed about Saad’s £1million property in Claygate, Surrey, the dispute was not a major issue, he insists."


  1. Tim Veater
    May 28, 2013 ·
    Help for Heroes sponsored cycle ride starts from Paris with the blessing of the Duchess of Cornwall and leading French Army Officer “united in their fight against barbarism”. A French soldier was stabbed by an Islamist following Woolwich apparently.
    France and Britain had a joint role over Libya. The EC Syrian arms plan is a Franco/British initiative. Plans for ever closer army and navy integration including the nuclear fleet. Britain’s energy generation and supply reliant on French firms and technology as with water and transport.
    Close ties on commercial aircraft manufacture and attempts to combine arms manufacture. Close co-operation on science and technology in relation to space and fundamental research. Yet these trends in policy are seldom discussed in Parliament or the media. Instead what we hear about in the media is “Euroscepticism” and the intention to pull out of the EC.
    Where is all this leading and who is in charge of it? Confusing it may be but it casts a strange light on the wider conflicting forces at play in the Chevaline investigation.
    Perhaps it is worth contrasting the response to Woolwich with that of Chevaline. In the former, less that a week later at least ten arrests. In the case of the latter after nearly NINE MONTHS no arrests, no descriptions of wanted persons, no convincing rationale or hypothesis, not even photographs of a majority of victims!
    Just ONE appeal for ONE vehicle that differed from earlier descriptions. This despite all the resources of at least two national governments (that are seen to be working so closely together to fight “barbarity”) their security and interception facilities, and a working team of up to eighty detectives? Who is fooling who?
    When will the British and French public, through their press, demand a truthful explanation for that particular example of “brutality”?

  2. The miraculous surviving terrorist identity document:


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