Thursday, 9 February 2017

Just one simple comparison proves Melbourne attack MUST be fraud

and if one part fraud, all must be CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY!

The car driven by Gargasoulas doing 'doughnuts' on Flinders, is clearly a different vehicle to the one from which a man was dragged and arrested in front of 555 Bourke Street. 

There can be no doubt about this. 

Apart from the very obvious damage to bonnet and roof, for which no explanation can be provided, there is feature on one, but not the other that proves these are two different cars. 

There can be no other explanation. 

Can you can spot it?

Two different cars proved:

Spot the difference:

I'll give you a clue: "towing hitch".

And if the push-chair is apparently still attached to the driver's door, what is it doing in the street? Two cars, two push chairs obviously. Presumably the three-month-old baby boy who died on 21 January was in one or other of them, but where was the child?


  1. Given the fact that this car, complete with known stabber (apparently) had been monitored since the early hours (with a helicopter even!) it becomes quite incredible that he wasn't stopped by the police. In fact quite the OPPOSITE is obvious. The doughnutting and progress is actively protected and escorted. But nor should the ambulance service be ignored. In any true event it would have been placed on standby, which would have allowed them to be on scene of any injuries IMMEDIATELY. What is clear from the alleged initial video, ambulances are actually noticeable by their absence, strongly reinforcing the suggestion that both 'injured' and 'responders' were all actors. It seems that the ambulance service was not 'in on' this exercise. If a "false flag", a less convincing one can hardly be imagined.


    1. Would you like to expand on your idea Baharuddin Shafie?


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