Friday, 3 February 2017

Israel, the "only true democracy in the region" - from the "comfort of my recliner".

Robert Fitzgerald It's not like they have any nearby hostile neighbors... more like every country in the region wanting genocide! So what if they are the only true democracy with the highest standard of living of average Muslim citizens in the region. But how about those Jets? Enough diplomacy to have a pact with Saudi Arabia to jointly blow Irans nukes off the map if the US elected another Persian carpet like Obama. All without using these last resort nukes they alledgedly have. Can you have the delusion that any of their irrational neighbors could possess nukes without using them just for practice, like falconing? I hope you are able to make such comments from your recliner in the comfort of your living room!

In reply to Robert:

It has a high standard of living because it has been paid for in large measure by the American tax payer. From the beginning, and particularly the late 70's it has been led by dyed in the wool terrorists. Its Ministers have publicly stated they want genocide of the Palestinian - no wait for it , all Arab/Muslim. In fact they aren't much keen on Christians either. They run an apartheid state, where even the roads are segregated. Their respect for equality before the law runs only as far as Israelis, and even then god help you if you are not Jewish. Military law applies to the invaded lands and by their Judges' own admission, torture has been standard practice. They have no compunction in raiding houses in the middle of the night to arrest children, holding them in inhumane conditions for minor indications of resistance, whilst ensuring that the murdering activities of police and army pass without censure and gain supportive remarks from the Prime Minister. Treating Gaza like the Warsaw Ghetto. Shooting fishermen as if the sea and its contents was theirs to own. Mercilessly bombing civilian areas and actually targeting schools and hospitals. Using internationally banned chemical weapons. Supporting and working with elements of ISIS. Deeply implicated through agents and accomplices in the events of 9/11, making sure of course it was all blamed on Arab Muslims. Continuing its involvement in virtually all the European acts of sabotage and terror, again blamed on its surrogate 'ISIS' to further its international and regional agenda. With Stuxnet proving it is not the Russians but the Israelis we have to worry about in cyber warfare. Clandestinely and contrary to all international protocols, developing a nuclear capability of perhaps 500 warheads and constantly threatening to use them. Stoking chaos and violent disorder in its neighbouring countries, probably directly involved through agents, of suicide bombs and even chemical attack, to blame on its opponents. Maintaining and carrying out a policy of assassination against whoever it chooses, most recently in Tunisia, carefully timed to correspond with an alleged Tunisian's attack in Berlin. (Well I never - fancy that!) By common consent, involved in massive sex trafficking and organ stealing, for which Palestinians come in very handy. Demonstrating daily an inhumane treatment of Palestinians at checkpoints on their own territory even, including beatings, arbitrary arrest, use of tear gas even on children, some of whom unaccompanied on their way to school they have pleasure in undressing in public. Not to mention of course the illegal ruination of crops and olive groves hundreds of years in Palestinian ownership, the demolition of Palestinian homes with no alternative provided, stealing Palestinian land to build houses exclusively for Jewish settlers. And so ad nauseam. And you praise the "only true democracy in the Middle East"? Rather like the Indians in North America, the natives of Africa, the Aboriginals of Australia, the slaves of the colonies, you also might take a rather more jaundiced view of "democracy" if you were a Palestinian wallowing in all its benefits.

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