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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words!


A picture that appeared in the 'New Arab' is of what appears to be, two very happy and self congratulatory men. The fact that the men in question are respectively Israel's 'Prime Minister', Benjamin Netanyahu and 'Minister of Science, Technology and Space”, Ofir Akunis and that it was taken very soon after the Brussels bombing, could be significant. 

 We do not know what they were discussing – it might just have been a dirty joke – but given the timing and Akunis' comments, reported in the attached 'New Arab' article, there's more than even chance the subject of conversation was Brussels and cause of the mirth was another 'successful' 'terrorist attack'. It reminds me of the dancing Mossad employees in New York following the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and Netanyahu's predecessor, Prime Minister Sharon's comment, “That it would be good for Israel”. And so it was of course.

This photo appeared in the “New Arab” (here: on the 22nd March, 2016 with the text that follows below.

It is quite remarkable how there always appears to be multiple strange Israel links to virtually all the recent western outrages. Can there be anyone left in the world that doesn't know of them, yet the British Prime Minister says those that deny them should be prosecuted. By his own admission he is a “Staunch supporter of Israel”, under whose watch ties have been strengthened and Israeli war crimes ignored and defended, so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised by his stance.

But for those unfamiliar with the topic and perhaps living in a remote cave for the last two decades (at least) here is a brief summary of the coincidences.
  • 9/11 Attacks. Israeli Mossad agents are witnessed filming the collapse of the Twin Towers and celebrating. Israelis are stopped and arrested for driving a vehicle containing explosives. One floor of the WTC run by an Israeli 'Art Project' is photographed full of detonators. Security at all the airports affected is run by an Israeli owned security firm. The buildings are owned by Jewish individuals. Jewish employees and Hollywood notables were warned to stay clear of buildings and flights. All arrested Jewish suspects are allowed to fly back to Israel unquestioned and uncharged on orders from the top. The Israeli PM, Ehud Olmert (subsequently convicted of criminal offences) was in New York at the time. Ariel Sharon was quoted as saying the attacks were 'Good for Israel' and that 'Israel controlled America.'

  • 7/7 London Bombing. Benjamin Netanyahu was in London on the day and was warned in advance to stay indoors. Many consider for multiple reasons, 7/7 was a joint MI5/MI6/CIA/Mossad operation.
  • 13/11 Paris Attack. The Bataclan which had been owned by a Jewish family for a long period, changed hands immediately before the attack. The shooters by virtue of method and appearance fit a mercenary Mossad profile more closely than the alleged attackers. Netanyahu made a point of attending the public demonstration following earlier Charlie Hebdo 'attacks' though uninvited. Both in this and the later one, anti-semitism was alleged and Jewish assets targeted (or claimed to be) Evidence that Jewish people were forewarned.
  • Brussels 'Attacks'. Zionist supporting media (Sky) fortuitously on site at the right time (before flying to Tel Aviv) as had CNN at the Bataclan previously. Both have what appear to be very dubious 'crisis actor' elements. Footage of people running out of the airport from a multi-storey car-park taken by an Israeli agent obviously briefed and prepared for the incident. Security (or lack of it) provided by the same Israeli security firm as cited in the 9/11 attacks.
I hasten to add these are only the most superficial accounts of strange and incriminating connections between 'terrorist events' and Israel. It must also be viewed against a proven track record of such, and despite widespread realisation, a denial by western governments to admit it. It is in this context that statements from Israeli politicians as to the reason for the attacks has to be interpreted, and in particular this one by Ofir Akunis, pictured two pictures up laughing with Netanyahu, and reproduced from the same source.

From the New Arab article referred to above we have this: 

An Israeli minister has said that a recent European Union law regarding the labelling of goods produced in Israeli settlements illegally built in the occupied Palestinian West Bank was a factor behind Tuesday's bombing in the Belgian capital. Ofir Akunis, minister of science, technology and space, said that Europeans had lost sight of "terrorism of extremist Islam" by focusing on boycotting Israeli goods instead. This supposed letting down of Europe's guard had allowed an armed gang to strike at the heart of Europe with three bombings in Brussels, which killed at least 26 people, he inferred.

"Many in Europe have preferred to occupy themselves with the folly of condemning Israel, labelling products, and boycotts. In this time, underneath the nose of the continent's citizens, thousands of extremist Islamic terror cells have grown," Akunis wrote on Facebook. "There were those who repressed and mocked whoever tried to give warning. There were those who underestimated. To our sorrow, the reality has struck the lives of dozens of innocent people."

"His reference to EU boycotts follows a decision by European MPs in Brussels for new guidelines regarding the labelling of products from Israeli settlements in the West Bank.
Israel has said that labelling the "origin of goods" from illegal settlements from occupied Palestinian territories was "unacceptable discrimination".

"The terrorism of extremist Islam strikes all those who do not accept its authority," Akunis added. He suggested Europe and refocused their attention on "Islamic extremism" to prevent further attacks. His comments have been met with scorn on social media."

If ever there were 'weasel words' these are they: "The terrorism of extremist Islam strikes all those who do not accept its authority."  The impression is clearly given that it was Israel that was actually behind the events as punishment and warning. This phenomenon of terrorist atrocity following on from policy decisions considered to be detrimental to Israel, is now so well documented, it cannot be ignored or denied. Whether real or counterfeit or combination of both must now be regarded as the most likely and dangerous threat to western democracies, rather than Muslim terrorism from ISIS which is also now widely recognised as a Zionist front organisation supported by Western interests. Either way it implicates Israel in terrorism with the objective of blaming and isolating Muslims.

Mystery French Survivor.

As regards the Zaventem attack, the following image was all over the media and emblematic of it.  A very similar one of a bloodied man in a survival blanket appeared following Bataclan you may remember. 

Keeping warm: A medic tends to a man after the attack near the Boulevard des Filles-du-Calvaire in Paris on Friday

It would appear that the images of the November 13th Paris attacks are becoming increasingly difficult to find on the internet also highly suggestive of a 'clean-up' as they have proved so suggestive of artifice and trickery.

This and the way it is handled as an integral part of a PR campaign is very suggestive of theatrics and media manipulation, both well recognised in 'False Flag' events. Also highly suspicious is the fact that in contrast, the image is now very difficult to find using Google search engine. The same man was interviewed on Sky news here:  Very conveniently the reporter stated they were at the airport at the time as they were booked into a flight to TEL AVIV! Rather akin to CNN film crew outside the Bataclan when the 'bombs' went off.

Here's another image that was emblematic of the Brussels attack. It was carried by virtually all media outlets and headed the "Pray for Brussels" PR campaign. Yet very strangely it now is almost impossible to find on a Google image search. This is always highly suspicious are are some of the circumstances surrounding him. For example the 'blood-stained' sweat shirt emblazoned with the word 'Chicago', an important link to the USA (for propaganda purposes?) Underneath the word "Authentic" - perhaps a not so subtle joke? Of course it just happens to be the place the band 'Eagles of Death Metal' are managed by the brother of the Mayor, who before he got elected was President Obama's right hand man!

The same man was interviewed by the Sky news team, that just happened to be at Brussels airport at the time of the explosions, booked on a plane due to fly to Tel Aviv. (See: 3.08 mins in, he tells a moving story about meeting a mother with a child who says she has lost a second child. He shrugs suggesting tragic ignorance of what might have happened to him or her.

A happy coincidence rather akin to the CNN camera team that 'just happened' to be outside the Stade de France' when those explosive devices went off, also interviewing a blood stained survivor. You may regard these events as just happy coincidences of 'being in the the right place at the right time', or indications of something far more orchestrated and sinister. Take a look and see what conclusion you come to.

Perhaps we shouldn't overlook the fact that despite the blood-stained trauma, he had his ear microphones in place and an unlit cigarette (alight in the interview) between his lips. I wonder if anyone knows who this important 'mystery' man is and why his central PR role appears to be scrubbed from the internet?

Brussels Tube Attack

At 4.17 here the Sky report shows what purports to be people evacuating the damaged tube train. Note the vehicle is in an otherwise dark section of the tunnel and not at a station. The interior lights have remained on which requires explanation. We must therefore assume this carriage is not where the explosions occurred or they would be out. 

Now compare this this with the official version of what purports to be the condition of the damaged carriage with suggestions of blurred bodies and other debris making it clear that the carriage had not been moved.

Here's another of the same shot without the blurring:

It can clearly be seen that the said carriage is no longer in a dark tunnel but in a well lit platform area as indicated by the floor level platform and advert on the far wall. 

It has clearly not been moved from one location to the other by virtue of the debris etc apart from the fact that it is a cardinal rule of investigation that nothing be disturbed until it has been completed. 

So you do not need much brain power to realise one or other or both the images and the story attached, must be fraudulent. 

I can see no alternative to this conclusion, unless part of the train was in the tunnel and part out which I suppose might be possible, if it was entering or leaving.  

Even if one of them is true and reliable, the other must fatally damage the credibility of the story for it would mean one or other or both were intentionally contrived to deceive. 

Just this one fact alone proves beyond doubt that the event was staged in the way described whether people were actually killed or not. END.

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