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Four thoughts on Where Does Evil Come From? 

by JAH, first published on Veteran’s Today

Katharine Frisk has asked the question that many billions of people have asked over the millennia, and she says her article is only an attempt, writing: “This is a difficult article for me to write. But the question has come up time and time again on many platforms: Where does evil come from? I am going to attempt to answer this question. And please note it is an attempt, so bear with me, be patient and what is more, feel free to contribute in the comments section below.”

The answer to the question is extremely simple,
so simple that it hides in plain sight.

Good vs. EvilIf you put a letter D in front of the word evil – Devil – you will instantly see where evil comes from. If you put another O in the word God – good – you will see where good comes from.

Yes, it IS that simple. The Truth usually is.

London Red DragonLucifer now known here on Earth as Satan (the Opposer) and The Devil (Liar/Slanderer – John 8:35) has deceived and confused everyone using his organized religions, that he has deceived people into believing belong to God, when the opposite is the truth, that is that they belong to Lucifer (Revelation 12:9).
King of kings’ Bible – John 8:35Ye are of [YOUR] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the Truth, because there is no Truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father (inventor) of it.
King of kings’ Bible – Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out to the earth, and his angels (you – Luke 9:55) were cast out with him (Matthew 25:41).
Every normal Human+Being has two telepathic voices in their head – a good one and an evil one. They are God and the Devil/Lucifer respectively, speaking to you telepathically. Lucifer tempts you to do evil for temporary worldly rewards, and God tells you not to do what Lucifer says, because you KNOW it is wrong, because He tells you so. God is the voice you think is your conscience.
You are then allowed your free-will to decide whom to obey, and, sadly, most people obey Lucifer, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and that is why things are so bad, and getting rapidly worse, as more and more people become influenced by him and their music, screen and other idols, who have sold their souls to the Devil, for temporary, worldly fame and fortune, as some of them openly admit.
All of this is explained in detail, and so much more, in The Way home or face The Fire – the title of which is self-explanatory.
There are testimonials on the website, that you can read, from just some of the many people whose lives the Book has changed for the better. Hopefully you will become one of them. If you are truly a Truthseeker then this is what you are searching for – the unadulterated Truth.
“The Way home or face The Fire” is the most extraordinary Book on the face of this Planet (Earth). It shatters every lie since the beginning of the War in Heaven led by Lucifer and his Angels – a Testimonial.”
Peace be upon you,
  1. I tracked down the origins of this reblog. It’s a good question to ask but the explanation is long and drawn out as important subjects often are. But because I have been over this terrain many times, I feel I do have a good grasp of what was said by others and what can be said.
    I want to cut to the chase. Evil is a result of spirit forces acting upon simple foolish people who were not prepared to make a good decision based on knowledge. The spirits with Satan as their leader, preyed upon people who were not at a stage that could have prepared them for their temptation as well as it could have been had these selfish spirits allowed some time as God no doubt suggested might be wise. God warned them of their fat should their decision prove to be in error. Death.
    It is a lot in our “scientific” and godless society to suggest spirit forces but I assure you all that evil people know full well Satan is real. They worship him without hesitation.
    But now about people, humans. I propose that humans deliberately neglect things like conscience, empathy, satisfying curiosity, ever as we do hunger. Curiosity is an intellectual hunger. We neglect the importance of acting properly, not appreciating that sanity and safety and even sanctity of life depend upon proper conduct, even as our lives depend on food, water, and air.
    I further propose that neglecting or ignoring another human being as being as entitled as you and worthy and deserving of the same consideration from you, as you would give to yourself, is vital and its neglect inexcusable. Our conscience, were it not disturbed, would confirm that.
    I lean upon psychology for the last part. If an infant is reasonably cared for, empathy will be natural. Were most of us not disturbed in the womb, in infancy, and early years, selfishness would not be a big problem. If our needs are well attended to in our earliest days, we would not be carrying around urgent selfish longings. Longings come from neglect unrecognized.
    So I say that to ignore empathy and compassion toward others is the basis of evil. I say that in many people, maybe most people, they can ignore others that they maybe get more at others’ expense. And I say that they do not make this choice without causing great anguish and suffering inside themselves. It takes great amounts of brain energy to suppress the empathetic observations of suffering.
    Denial expends far more energy output than as does empathy and kindness. But that does not stop them from expending that energy and getting what they want at the expense of a majority.
    That is the essence of evil, says I! It is not an action of innocence or ignorance as some might suggest, The mind knows full well what it is doing on some level. We keep it well buried so that we can avoid feeling bad about it. We could being to change it tomorrow if we wanted. We do not want it.
    God gave birth to the human race, so to speak. Now He watches us to see if some and how many, will choose the more sensible path of empathy as opposed to selfishness. Now all that waits if for each to clear show in their actions what they are and what they are made of and if they merit God’s sparing them from the mess that is now all around us. I do hope you will all be moved to do the right thing rather than the selfish easy effortless thing.
    I got a challenge for one and all. If you disagree in anyway, say so and say why and even offer something better. To remain silent if you know better, would be to slight us all. Iron sharpens Iron. We sharpen one another or should!
  2. I feel very uncomfortable with idea that evil is a “thing” in the same sense as a glass of water is, or that invisible evil spirits blow about the world as leaves on an autumn breeze. Humans believe in a lot of things. I have an acquaintance who treats football as a religion and players as gods. This does not mean that they are. We have to distinguish between subjective and objective opinions and often they may be confused. Similarly between the ‘internal’ emotional environment of perception, memory and feelings, with the ‘external’ physical reality in all forms and complexity. Even the rational scientist is not devoid of emotion and it is this that contrasts him with the most advanced computer. Evil is qualitative, it must be assessed against some objective standard. Historically this is where history and religion has played its part. Whether this emanated from god or a man such as Moses, can never really be determined. Our belief that its origins were divine and ethereal, does not make it so, although believing such, may help many to lead a ‘good’ life. When a lion gives chase to an antelope, we do not assume it is an evil act, even if we judge it to be a cruel one. We might apply the same criteria to the native tribesman killing it to feed his tribe. But what of the highly paid American dentist who shoots a well known lion? The act may be less cruel but surely less defensible, morally? Less good, in fact possibly positively evil? So we see how circumstances alter cases and what we consider to be good or evil. So to regard evil as just one ‘thing’, flowing from a formless inchoate being, can surely not be at all helpful. Rather we should subject the beliefs and the people that hold them to a rational and objective examination, when we will probably discover alternative explanations for them and the actions they support. The scriptures contain many wonderful stories and sayings that can help to transform a person’s life and make it more useful and fulfilled. It may even make a better person. But quoting from it selectively to support a particular view is very risky. The god of the Old Testament, and perhaps even of the New, is clearly not averse to torture, capital punishment and even mass genocide! This rather puts a question mark to the simplistic ‘good = god’ and ‘evil = devil’ hypothesis, doesn’t it? No, it is important that humans develop standards based on more objective criteria, that may or not accord with a biblical one. This was the revolutionary power of the teachings of Jesus and which Christians imperfectly seek to emulate. They may be boiled down to this one simple precept: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’, later interpreted by thinkers in the injunction to endeavour to ‘do good and avoid doing harm’. Once applied it would of course cure all the ‘evils’ of the world. Conversely, that such hatred, selfishness and violence continues, indicates how little, and presumably how difficult, it is to fulfill and be fulfilled. All I know and feel is that cruelty, whether to humans or animals, is a personification of evil when it is carried out by those with, or who should have, a moral compass of right and wrong. Sadly there is much cruelty in the world and much of it is carried out by agents of Government at its instigation. If cruelty is evil, what does that say about much of government?
  3. The Russell Brand take on spirituality:

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