Friday, 26 February 2016

British Secret Intelligence: an 1988 Insight

Person experience of and attitude to, MI5, MI6 and GCHQ. Dated but of even more importance today. Incompetence and cover-up endemic. "The Hidden Depths of Treachery"?

"Senior officials and senior politicians didn't want to know. I went through every level of department, Foreign Office, Home Office with these allegations to Prime Minister level. Whilst Labour was in office, Conservative parliamentarians were most anxious to get involved in my allegations as a means of embarrassing the Labour administration. When the Conservatives came into office they backed off. Then Labour politicians were very interested to embarrass the Conservatives. I think this is shocking. I hear of politicians saying they are concerned about national security but there was no concern about the allegations I was making". 
Jock Kane Former GCHQ Radio Operator 


Has anything changed? Is it national interests at stake or purely party political and private ones? Is the state apparatus all directed at secrecy per se (to avoid embarrassment) rather than in the investigations of allegations of breaches of security or the commission of serious crime? That would certainly be the implication of recent cases such as Hampstead and Chevaline, not to mention the events surrounding the London Tube Bombings. Britain is hardly unique in such matters as we have seen in New York, Boston and Paris.

"We are getting ever more closely linked to America and in America of course we have the CIA and we have a sort of comparable publication to the Peter Wright book with Philip Agee (See: who blew what was going on in the CIA  and we read an account of what goes on in CIA that makes this dirt pale into insignificance. Now the sovereign rule is that if America does does something nowadays, we will trail along behind like the faithful dog, a pitiful pale imitation and if things go on as they are, it does seem to me that the things that the people round this table know about is going to get worse and the dirtiness of the tricks is going to get dirtier." (1.37)

How prescient was this 1988 prediction of Alastair Mackie Former Cabinet Secretary on the Joint Intelligence Committee - though not allowed to admit to its existence?

"Published on 6 Jun 2013
Broadcast on 16 July 1988 Channel 4
This edition considers british intelligence, spies and traitors. Discussion Participants: Rt Hon Merlyn Rees MP Former Home Secretary and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland H. Montgomery Hyde Writer and former MI6 Officer Robert Harbinson Writer, composer and lecturer Air Commodore Alastair Mackie Former Cabinet Secretary on the Joint Intelligence Committee and Vice President of CND Robin Ramsay Radical Journalist and co-editor of Lobster Magazine Jock Kane Former GCHQ Radio Operator Gary Murray Journalist and former Private Investigator Note: This version includes the discussion between presenter and guests before transmission and throughout the commercial breaks."

Ex-MI5 Annie Machon Cambridge Talk - January 2011



  1. I suspect it is not so much a case of Britain FOLLOWING America, rather using them on the front line as what they still consider to be an outpost despite apparent independence....see Cathi Morgan extensive research on mind control in the UK which is much more under the radar than MKUltra as apologised for by Clinton


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