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News from Israel as it is not reported!

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It has come to our attention that the vast majority of articles about violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories have failed to include the names of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces. 
A partial list, that will be updated in the next issue, of those killed since October includes: Mohannad Halabi, 19, al-Bireh – Ramallah; Fadi Alloun, 19, Jerusalem; Amjad Hatem al-Jundi, 17, Hebron; Thaer Abu Ghazala, 19, Jerusalem; Abdul-Rahma Obeidallah, 11, Bethlehem; Hotheifa Suleiman, 18, Tulkarem; Wisam Jamal Faraj, 20, Jerusalem; Mohammad al-Ja’bari, 19, Hebron; Ahmad Jamal Salah, 20, Jerusalem; Ishaq Badran, 19, Jerusalem; Mohammad Said Ali, 19, Jerusalem; Ibrahim Ahmad Mustafa Awad, 28, Hebron; Ahmad Abdullah Sharaka, 13, Al Jalazoun Refugee camp – Ramallah; Mostafa Al Khateeb, 18, Sur-Baher, Jerusalem; Hassan Khalid Manassra, 15, Jerusalem; Mohammad Nathmie Shamasna, 22, Qotna – Jerusalem; Baha’ Elian, 22, Jabal Al Mokaber – Jerusalem; Mutaz Ibrahim Zawahra, 27, Bethlehem; Ala’ Abu Jammal, 33, Jerusalem; Bassem Bassam Sidr, 17, Hebron; Ahmad Abu Sh’aban, 23, Jerusalem; Riyadh Ibraheem Dar-Yousif, 46, Al Janyia village Ramallah; Fadi Al-Darbi , 30, Jenin; Eyad Khalil Al Awawdah, Hebron; Ihab Hannani, 19, Nablus; Fadel al-Qawasmi, 18, Hebron; Mo’taz Ahmad ‘Oweisat, 16, Jerusalem; Bayan Abdul-Wahab al-‘Oseyli, 16, Hebron; Tariq Ziad an-Natsha, 22, Hebron; Omar Mohammad al-Faqeeh, 22, Qalandia; Mohannad al-‘Oqabi, 21, Negev; Hoda Mohammad Darweesh, 65, Jerusalem; Hamza Mousa Al Amllah, 25, Hebron; Odai Hashem al-Masalma, 24, Beit ‘Awwa; Hussam Isma’el Al Ja’bari, 18, Hebron; Bashaar Nidal Al Ja’bari, 15, Hebron; Hashem al-‘Azza, 54, Hebron; Moa’taz Attalah Qassem, 22, Eezariyya town near Jerusalem;  Mahmoud Khalid Eghneimat, 20, Hebron; Ahmad Mohammad Said Kamil, Jenin; Dania Jihad Irshied, 17, Hebron; Sa’id Mohamed Yousif Al-Atrash, 20, Hebron; Raed Sakit Abed Al Raheem Thalji Jaradat, 22, Sa’er – Hebron; Eyad Rouhi Ihjazi Jaradat, 19, Sa’er – Hebron; Ezzeddin Nadi Sha’ban Abu Shakhdam, 17, Hebron; Shadi Nabil Dweik, 22, Hebron; Homam Adnan Sa’id, 23, Tal Romeida, 48, Hebron; Islam Rafiq Obeid, 23, Tal Romeida – Hebron;  Nadim Eshqeirat, 52, Jerusalem; Mahdi Mohammad Ramadan al-Mohtasib, 23, Hebron; Farouq Abdul-Qader Seder, 19, Hebron; Qassem Saba’na, 20; Ahmad Hamada Qneibi, 23, Jerusalem; Ramadan Mohammad Faisal Thawabta, 8-month-old baby, Bethlehem; Mahmoud Talal Abdul-Karim Nazzal, 18, al-Jalama checkpoint near Jenin; Fadi Hassan al-Froukh, 27, Beit Einoun, east of Hebron; Ahmad Awad Abu ar-Rob, 16, Jenin; Samir Ibrahim Skafi, 23, Hebron; Malek Talal Sharif, 25, Hebron;  Tharwat Ibrahim Salman Sha’rawi, 73, Hebron; Salman Aqel Mohammad Shahin, 22, Nablus; Rasha Ahmad Hamed ‘Oweissi, 24, Qalqilia; Mohammad Abed Nimir, 37, Jerusalem; Sadeq Ziyad Gharbiyya, 16, Jenin; Abdullah Azzam Shalalda, 26, Hebron; Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Shalalda, 22, Sa’ir – Hebron; Hasan Jihad al-Baw, 22, Halhoul – Hebron; Lafi Yousef Awad, 22, Budrus – Ramallah;  Shadi Hussam Doula, 20, Gaza; Ahmad Abdul-Rahman al-Harbawi, 20, Gaza; Abed al-Wahidi, 20, Gaza; Mohammad Hisham al-Roqab, 15, Gaza; Adnan Mousa Abu ‘Oleyyan, 22, Gaza; Ziad Nabil Sharaf, 20, Gaza; Jihad al-‘Obeid, 22, Gaza; Marwan Hisham Barbakh, 13, Gaza; Khalil Omar Othman, 15, Gaza; Nour Rasmie Hassan, 30, Gaza; Rahaf Yahya Hassan, 2, Gaza; Yahya Abdel-Qader Farahat, 23, Gaza; Shawqie Jamal Jaber Obeid, 37, Gaza; Mahmoud Hatem Hameeda, 22, Northern Gaza; Ahmad al-Sarhi, 27, al-Boreij, Gaza; Yihya Hashem Kreira, Gaza; Khalil Hassan Abu Obeid, 25, Khan Younis; Salama Mousa Abu Jame’, 23, Khan Younis. Source: Palestinian Health Ministry.
An article on Friday was misleadingly titled “Deadly Clashes near West Bank town of Deheishe.” It has been corrected to read: “Israeli forces kill 2 Palestinians in Deheishe refugee camp in the Occupied West Bank.”
An article on Monday regarding United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power’s visit to Israel incorrectly stated that the purpose of the ambassador’s trip was to discuss the peace process. According to a close aide, the purpose of Ambassador Power’s meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister was to warn him that the United States would consider sanctions against Israel if it continued to build settlements in violation of international law.
We welcome your comments and suggestions, including corrections of any errors, about this special parody issue of The New York Times.

Israel terrorising children

The detestable tactics of the Israeli government terrorising children and even preventing them fro attending school. Turn off the tele. and get righteously indignant that Britain actively supports these bastards!

"Israel getting away with murder (literally).
Published on 23 Feb 2016
By the Brother Nathanael Foundation!


  1. Israel: definitive rogue state
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    Hi Tim,

    There is more than one contender for the title of top "rogue state": the US empire has killed millions in its illegal wars; the UK empire did the same and has been subsequently complicit in fabricating pretexts for war and added arms, subterfuge, propaganda to the mix; but Israel's role in manipulating the US, UK and many other nations into acts of evil is without parallel. The Zionist project was conceived in the corridors of power in the US, UK and Europe and executed with merciless aggression; its fingerprints are all over wars and acts of terror, throughout the world, in the 21st century.

    Remember, this is not the people of Israel or Jews but the Israeli state acting under the control of Structural Elite within a flawed, global political and economic system. It is this system which creates obscene policies in the US, Europe and the UK: the UK government is proposing to criminalise the boycott of Israeli goods by UK public bodies irrespective of the will of the democratic process.

    Israel boycott ban: Shunning Israeli goods to become criminal offence for public bodies and student unions by Oliver Wright
    Critics say move amounts to a 'gross attack on democratic freedoms'

    Israel's insidious influence on UK, US and European governments is bad enough but it also acts with impunity within its own borders in persecuting and killing the indigenous Palestinian population, stealing their land and denying them access to water.

  2. (Part 2)
    WHAT'S YOURS IS MINE by Thomas L. Are
    Israel’s history of addressing its water needs is, as long as we have a weaker neighbor with a water source, we will never run out; “What’s mine is mine and I will keep it, and what’s yours is mine, and I will take it.” Mr. Katz-Oz, Israel’s negotiator on water issues, said, “There is no reason for Palestinians to claim that just because they sit on lands, they have the rights to that water”

    Claims of piety and purity of the aspirant Jewish state obscure the seedy underbelly of the reality of the Zionist project in Israel.

    Sex Slavery in Israel By Dr. Martin Brass
    Half-Billion-Dollar "Industry" Largely Staffed By Sex Slaves
    Israel prides itself as a "beacon of light," paving an enlightened path for democracy and human rights in a region of dictators, theocracies, tyrants and human rights abusers.
    In July 2001, the U.S. State Department placed Israel on a "third tier" list of countries, or worst offenders, of Traffickers in Persons. In the shadows of the "beacon of light" lurks a brutal and inhumane abuse - trafficking of women and children for the sex-slave trade. Israel was on the same list as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Sudan, Yugoslavia, Bahrain, Greece, Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and 12 others.

    Israel came into existence through violence and bloodshed which is by no means unusual or unique; most states came into being in the same way but ever since its foundation, it has sought not just to exist (in peace with its neighbours) but to dominate the Middle East and extend its pernicious influence around the world while riding roughshod over or eliminating all people who stand in its way. It is truly the pre-eminent rogue state. Its power cannot be removed through military might but by cutting of the source of its power and that of the Structural Elite which drives it - the flaws in the political economy. Then the interests of all people including Jews, Muslims and Christians can be accommodated within a harmonious world, rather than one steeped in conflict, oppression and blood.

  3. (Part 3)
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  4. Must watch. This shows you what Palestinian children have to suffer under the IDF jackboot. Of course it is only one tiny instance of a general policy of sadistic repression that Britain's government supports and never protests about. Does that make you proud to be British?

  5. Why I had to leave Israel's Foreign Ministry
    As a former Israeli ambassador, I never expected just how badly the country’s situation would deteriorate.

    By Ilan Baruch

    It has been five years since I breathed a sigh of relief and left Israel’s Foreign Ministry building. No more would I represent the Netanyahu government’s hasbara as a diplomat and attorney. In my farewell letter to the Ministry I wrote: “The government leaders have endorsed policies that outrage me… I have a hard time explaining them honestly.” I did not expect that after five years, over the course of which we faced two wars and two elections, Israel’s situation would deteriorate beyond recognition.

    Ilan Baruch is the chairman of the Peace NGOs Forum and the former Ambassador of Israel to South Africa. This article first appeared in Hebrew on Local Call.


    More violence helps no one but by the same token every free man has the NATURAL RIGHT to protect himself, his family, his property and possessions from thieves or aggressors from whatever quarter. The fact that the Israeli state has not only failed to protect this basic principle of law but actively flouted it, proves it is a pariah state lacking any pretence to democracy or righteousness. Palestinians have an inalienable right to protect themselves with the same level of force if necessary and the international community should not only recognise it but support its implementation.

  7. Published on 15 Feb 2014
    The Israeli military is facing a backlash at home and abroad for its treatment of children in the West Bank, occupied territory.

    Coming up, a joint investigation by Four Corners and an Australian newspaper reveals evidence that shows the army is targeting Palestinian boys for arrest and detention. Reporter John Lyons travels to the West Bank to hear the story of children who claim they have been taken into custody, ruthlessly questioned and then allegedly forced to sign confessions before being taken to court for sentencing.

    He meets Australian lawyer Gerard Horton, who's trying to help the boys who are arrested, and talks to senior Israeli officials to examine what's driving the army's strategy.


    Palestine and the anxiety of existence
    Israel/Palestine Steven Salaita on February 25, 2016 -

    "I delivered the following comments at Israeli Apartheid Week events at the School of Oriental and African Studies and Oxford University during the week of February 22, 2016.

    This evening I’m going to talk about the challenges of talking about Zionism. I begin with a question I often hear in some variation when people discuss Jews and Palestinians: how do we communicate with folks who have deeply emotional responses to criticism of Israel?

    The question is difficult because to even attempt an answer is to validate lethargic impulses. (Note: neither the questioner nor the question is necessarily lethargic; rather, lethargy necessarily exists in any impulse for simple answers to ambiguous questions.)

    Here’s how it works: in conversations about Palestine, somebody weaned on the mythologies of Israel as a site of cultural redemption struggles to accept or assimilate the rendition of Israel as a mere nation-state engaged in the violations of international law that attend any colonial or imperial power. This reluctance assumes multiple forms:

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