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Syrian Chaos: Latest.

1st March, 2016 - Can You Trust Western Media on Syria?

Hi Tim,
Few journalists stand against the tide of lies spewing forth from the main media outlets such as the BBC - Daily Pickings has cited evidence of the BBC's repeated distortionsfabrications and barefaced lies when reporting on events in Syria.

One journalist who's been on the ground in Syria is Eva Bartlett; in this podcast she reports on how many Syrians view their president, Bashar al Assad, and reveals what has been happening on the ground. She also exposes examples of blatant lies emerging from the BBC and other mainstream media relying on "armchair warriors" located outside the country and funded by the US/NATO.

Further information on the war in Syria and beyond is available on Eva's website.
Canadian activist/freelance journalist. I've lived cumulative ~3 years in Gaza, spent time in Lebanon and visited Syria 3 times since April 2014. Anti-zionist, anti-imperialist, pro-justice.

Luke Rudkowski at breaks down the latest developments and news surrounding the ceasefire between Russia and the U.S. We go over violations of the cease fire, propaganda from the west and east and how the situation is getting out of hand. Sources are listed on the YouTube page of the video.

Wars are never fought for the "noble causes" claimed but invariably to enrich and empower bankers, arms dealers and the Structural Elite. Even the elevated cattle, such as Turkey's President Erdogan in Turkey, are deluded and risk being discarded when they become an embarrassment. In the meantime, they are useful in acting as a lightning rod for the anger of the uninformed. Look at the history of "strongmen" who cross the west or come to obstruct the Structural Elite's master plan, Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak, etc. Everyone is dispensable because, as Joe Plummer, explained in yesterday's Daily Pickings, there is no moral dimension - "whatever it takes to get things done". This why we have to dismantle hierarchybecause the worst always rise to the top.

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Hi Tim,
What started as another US/NATO/Israel/Saudi plan to conduct regime change (in Syria) has turned into a quagmire for this unsavoury coalition. Competing agendas within the coalition have created chaos, confusing alliances and conflicts; for example, Kurdish forces have been the most effective force in resisting and beating ISIS (Islamic State, IS, ISIL, Daesh), yet Turkey has been bombing the Kurds whom they've been persecuting and marginalising for years. Furthermore, while NATO and its allies have claimed to be fighting ISIS (as the biggest threat to "our values"), the coalition has been secretly supporting the "terrorist group"; Turkey facilitated the chemical attacks in Syria, has been been buying oil from, and supplying weapons to, ISIS while Israel is recovering ISIS fighters from the theatre of war to treat them in their own hospitals - then sending them out to fight again. You couldn't make this up.

Now Turkey and Saudi Arabia are sending ground troops into Syria in an attempt to keep the regime change train on the rails but they are putting the coalition on a collision course with Russia whose intervention has dramatically altered the balance of power in the region.

In Ankara and Riyadh a decent night’s sleep must be hard to come by  nowadays, what with the prospects of the Sunni state they’d envisaged being established across a huge swathe of Syria slipping away in the face of an offensive by Syrian government forces that is sweeping all before it north of Aleppo, threatening to completely sever supply lines from Turkey to opposition forces in and around the city, and all but ensuring that its liberation is now a question of when not if.

Meanwhile, the mendacious BBC and other western media are accusing Russia of indiscriminate bombing, with no evidence to substantiate these claims - given that the US and its acolytes have form and motive, who is the most likely party to have been bombing hospitals and civilians? There has been a constant propaganda war against Russia and Syria to justify unfettered aggression by the US, UK, France, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, other Gulf states and NATO countries including Germany which is doing its share of bombing in the region. There are no so many players looking for a piece of the action in Syria that the only certainty is confusion.

Nearly 50 people were killed in airstrikes that hit several hospitals and schools in northern Syria on Monday, though multiple conflicting reports added to confusion over who was responsible. “This appears to be a deliberate attack on a health structure, and we condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms,” said MSF Head of Mission Massimiliano Rebaudengo.

Russia's intervention on behalf of Syria in September appears to have been prompted when it became clear the US was proposing a "no fly zone" which on past form (eg. Libya) means,"we're going to bomb infrastructure and civilians to bring the regime down to create yet another failed state".

In an article in a British newspaper Russia's ambassador to the UK reveals the Russians were told by the Western powers that after the US proclaimed a no-fly zone ISIS would capture Damascus

Meanwhile, in the puppet theatre of the US election, fantasy reigns as Hilary Clinton claims to have been attempting to bring peace to the Syrian conflict in 2012, in complete contradiction of what was actually happening and la Clinton's constant warmongering across the region - her supporters just lap up the lies and deceit. It would seem she is the Structural Elite's favoured puppet for the post but whoever wins will be in their pocket.

In the Milwaukee debate, Hillary Clinton took pride in her role in a recent UN Security Council resolution on a Syrian ceasefire:
    "But I would add this. You know, the Security Council finally got around to adopting a resolution. At the core of that resolution is an agreement I negotiated in June of 2012 in Geneva, which set forth a cease-fire and moving toward a political resolution, trying to bring the parties at stake in Syria together."
This is the kind of compulsive misrepresentation that makes Clinton unfit to be President. Clinton's role in Syria has been to help instigate and prolong the Syrian bloodbath, not to bring it to a close.

It is time for more people to awake to the reality and take the levers of power away from thelunatics running the asylum.

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