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Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and its Practical Implications

An excellent introduction to SRA and its practical implications for child and other victims, in an interview with human rights barrister and expert Wilfred Wong, by Brian Gerrish of 'UK Column', held on the 2nd November, 2015. 


Of course SRA was a central claim in the Hampstead Case that has been ridiculed as coached fantasy by police and High Court Judge. Whether this accurately represents their genuine belief and persuasion, or just a method of avoiding proper consideration of the issue, is open to debate.

Despite the high Court Judgement and the Appeal Court's refusal to review it, many millions of ordinary people remain convinced by the children's testimony that they were subject to SRA in Hampstead and that for one reason or another, public bodies and press have failed them abysmally. It is so irrational, that it is hard to explain it in terms of other than incompetence or corruption.

The Hampstead Case though unique in allowing a world-wide audience to view British (in)justice in action, is not unique in the sense of legal failure to address very reliable claims of child abuse whilst traducing the reputation and persecuting the innocent parties. A case study in fundamental failure as it relates to Scotland, is well summarised here:


With the closure of the Hampstead Research (HR) web site as a result of infiltration, abuse and threats, by members of the gang, other forums will be required to pursue the the subject of SRA in general and the Hampstead case in particular. My final (slightly amended) comment on the site, is reproduced below:

I also thought this poignant song from the lips of Billie Holiday might be an appropriate reminder of the violence and injustice that remains to be opposed even in an advanced and allegedly civilised country such as Britain.


On the close-down of the campaigning 'Hampstead Research' blog.

"Not sure you thanked yourself Jacqui so on behalf of everyone else, I will. Thank you for an outstanding effort. This blog will be missed.

No one I am sure, will forget the ongoing injustice, perpetuated by organs of the state. We should be able to trust them. This case has proved incontrovertibly we cannot. For over a year brave children have been denied access to a loving mother and vice versa, whilst they have been required to entertain a person they claimed did unspeakable things to them and genuinely feared. This whilst being transferred from one abode to another, with a series of strangers taking on a parental role. 
Information on their whereabouts and situation has been a closely guarded secret, withheld even from their mother and grand-parents. The mental anguish this has caused to both sides can only be imagined. It may have caused lasting psychological damage, for which statutory bodies and their staff are wholly responsible.
There is something deeply wrong with a system that allows such an unnatural and abnormal circumstance to take place. There is something deeply wrong with a Government and Parliament that can get worked up about a financial statutory instrument being delayed, but does not turn a hair over injustice (not to say infernal child crime) such as this.
Perhaps it is worth noting that, as yet, I have not had even an acknowledgment to my e-mail to Jeremy Corbyn on the subject. If he (or his office) is so disinterested, what does this say of all the other politicians? We have all noticed how the House empties whenever the topic is raised. Are all the fine words on justice and human rights so vacuous? If so it proves we can no longer have confidence in anything Parliament or the Courts or the Police or the Social Services do. If true, that would be a tragedy for everyone. In this case at least it has been proved to be so.
The people who made the critical decisions in this case appeared to be immune to truth, to logic, to justice, to conscience, to natural affection, to family bonding, to human rights, to legal obligation. In fact we saw all these claims demonstrated to be sham and counterfeit. Adults in positions of power and influence, for whatever despicable, nefarious or sinister reason, have failed two still-innocent, children, compounding the damage already done to them.
Like rotten fruit, still rosy on the outside, the people that have facilitated this outrage, may keep their robes and uniforms, their rank and preferments, their status and financial rewards, but underneath, if they retain a shred of humanity, they must know what they have done is a shabby dishonest deed, that must haunt them until it is corrected. The longer it continues the harder it will be for the children to adjust and come to terms with what they have experienced.
So with the closure of HR we must hope that the circumstances and lessons will not be forgotten, and that something substantial will come of this in the form of an on-going campaign to right the grievous wrongs. Hopefully ‘Cometh the hour, cometh the man or woman’ will prove true, and someone will come forward to continue the HR herculean effort.
We should not be dismayed or discouraged or give up the the fight, as I believe we have right on our side, whatever the opponents might say. Churchill who ‘won the war with words’, after Al Alamein famously said, “I have never promised anything but blood, tears, toil, and sweat. Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
I thought the following poignant track might be appropriate swan song. Hopefully, as they used to say on the BBC in the early days of television: ”Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible."


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  1. "With the closure of the Hampstead Research (HR) web site as a result of infiltration, abuse and threats, by members of the gang"

    I am not sure that is the real cause for closure of HR. As for cult members, I dare say it was only one person suing multiple sock puppets and he never was a threat. Infiltration? don't you mean loss of members? There is nothing to infiltrate. As I see it, a certain person is the cause of her own demise. That is the problem. Maybe some therapy might be in order. Sometimes, karma is like a race track. What comes around goes around. What happened to the Hampstead Community? I don't think anyone has the guts to face and admit what really happened. All too busy being polite and going into denial. It might be better if it died and was reborn elsewhere. I think God will have something to say before its all said and done.


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