Monday, 23 November 2015

Always Money for War

The broke gambler always has enough for one more throw of the dice.

The timing of this announcement (war plane order) cannot be coincidental and must be viewed against the wider aggressive militaristic stance. This is a very dangerous game Britain is playing in both the Ukraine and the Middle East where now at least five nuclear armed forces are waging undeclared WAR.
Since the Falklands, that seems to be the policy: wage war but call it something else so that hopefully people will not notice.
The foreign policy aim has been obvious for a long time: do to Syria what we did to Iraq and Libya. The two main conspirators Britain and France are even following similar military tactics. We had it before with Suez and we are back at it again. This is beyond satire. Cameron is itching to kill more people and is even reusing the Blair tactic of 'he thinks it right' and we know what that achieved. As such, we for some indescribable reason, are following an essentially Israeli script in the region.
Within the context of all this we can say with certainty that Paris was at least 'convenient'. That should be enough to ensure that everyone should be very cautious about what we are being told and should examine those circumstances for fraud, not merely carried along on a wave of gullible but completely understandable sympathy for those that have suffered. Do not say after 9/11 and 7/7 government itself is not prepared to allow or even orchestrate such heinous acts when it is proved they have done it before.
The country should say with one voice, no we will not consent to yet more killing on the back of a hysterical propaganda campaign.
Is it not a fact that western countries all refused to act when they might have done so to prevent the worst of civilian casualties because it was said it was undoable. Now 250,000 deaths later with the country in ruin it has obviously been decided to finish it off with impunity. The jury is out on who are the real 'terrorists' in this world.
See how post-Boston, 'lock-down' - the term and the actuality - is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon in European centres of population? Make no mistake this is co-ordinated planning to test procedures and civilian reaction. If nothing else it gets the public psychologically acclimatised doesn't it? We need to raise urgent questions as to who is organising these things before it is too late, and we all find ourselves under total surveillance and permanent 'lock-down'.
You see how the fatuous and fabricated 'war on terror' is made to tick a number of boxes. Traditional policing is cut (not that it does not have its own problems to address) and the argument advanced that it is wasting time and resources on 'historic' cases of abuse, whilst setting up more para-military units backed up by SAS type army units, so say to address the threat. Is the population going to wear this further step down the slippery slope to a centralised police/army state? It looks quite possible. Meanwhile of course I don't remember Mr Lawson complaining about the huge effort put into investigating phone hacking that I don't recall killed anyone, or indeed making the case for pursuing CURRENT cases of organised child abuse. After a huge scrapping exercise a few years ago, Cameron now about-turns and intends to devote major resources from a bankrupt economy to war-mongering. How could the situation be more depressing?

AND NOW 24.11.2015.
 REF. RUSSIAN PLANE SHOT DOWN BY TURKEY.Oh here we go! Those bastard politicians won't be satisfied until we have a full scale NUCLEAR confrontation that will destroy civilization as we know it. No doubt they will all scuttle down their respective air-conditioned bunkers. When will the PEOPLE wake up to the madness they are trying to deliver? Do you really think Turkey would shoot down a Russian jet without NATO (American) approval? God help us all! See where militarism gets us?

Disingenuous isn't the word for it. Our PM's approach is built on a false prospectus from start to finish. The big lie is that we have been fighting ISIS when quite the opposite is the case - we have been supporting them. The middle east is being run like an advertising campaign other than the fact that 250 000 people (in just Syria) have lost their lives and the future of the world could hang in the balance on the back of it!



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