Thursday, 5 November 2015

Critical Thinking: The awakening
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Rumblings of dissent are rising as more people awake to the reality of our existence - we are manipulated and controlled through education and media.

Challenges to "official" narratives emerge daily not just from those characterised (to discredit) as "conspiracy theorists" but from insiders who defy the system to expose it; those such as German journalist, Udo Ulfkatte, who has written a book describing how he came to work for the CIA, spreading its propaganda.

Today's Million Mask March will reveal how much anger there is across the world. The US, ostensibly the beacon of free market capitalism, is crumbling socially and economically with 47 million people in poverty; facts are increasingly difficult to hide.

#1 The U.S. Census Bureau says that nearly 47 million Americans are living in poverty right now.

The diamond bedecked British monarch, in a recent speech to parliament, lays out plans to tighten austerity without a flicker of sympathy or regret; while the authors of this austerity plan wine and dine with bankers in golden palaces. Peeling back the layers of pomp and luxury reveals the grasping, criminal, tawdry nature of the British establishment which is desperately trying to hide its nefarious activities.

With the elite paedophile ring now being exposed in the UK, all roads are leading to the British Royal Family. This law was passed to keep this connection hidden, but as we now know Prince Charles‘ best friend was Jimmy Savile who is the biggest paedophile and necrophiliac in all of human history.

To prevent exposure of criminal, corrupt institutions, measures are rolled out to further tighten the grip of the police state.

In particular, the bill that has been brought forward by the British Interior Minister Theresa May on the fight against terrorism, according to the joint human rights committee, may seriously limit the rights of citizens along with the academic freedom of speech in the UK. Theresa May announced that a new anti-terrorism law will require the introduction of certain steps that are aimed at preventing the spread of radicalism in state institutions, such as universities, schools, public institutions, all while forcing Internet companies to get involved in monitoring the communication of the population on the Internet.

US dissent is similarly targeted under the Patriot Act, Homeland security etc.

Unarmed citizens are being shot, stripped, searched, choked, beaten and tasered by police for little more than daring to frown, smile, question, challenge an order, or just breathe. 
The architects of the American police state must think we’re idiots.

It is time to stand against tyranny and protect the freedom of internet; it represents unprecedented power to learn and co-create and is the primary threat to Structural Elite domination.

Speaking before the Web We Want Festival in London’s Southbank Centre, which starts on Saturday, Berners-Lee expressed concern about the UK government’s decision to reintroduce a beefed-up version of the “snooper’s charter”.

Our strongest weapon is unity which means sharing information not just on the web and social media but also with our family, friends and beyond. We're victims (and beneficiaries) of a system which has evolved to enrich and empower the few at our expense. We pay with our labour and our lives - once we understand this, we can withdraw consent. "I will not be subjected to criminal abuse" - Cloud Atlas.

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