Saturday, 28 November 2015

Israel Calling the Shots?

The population of the UK (and I include myself in that generalisation) has absolutely no concept of the intricacies of the military and social situation in Syria or how this pretty pass was reached. Only the political class it would appear appreciate it less. 

Opinions, and there are as many as there are people, tend to coalesce into the simplistic and hackneyed in relation to the parties that most deserve condemnation and blame. 

Is it Muslims, or Jews, or Alawites, or Israel, or Iran, or Iraq, or Syria, or Turkey, or America, or Jihadists or Saudis, or Turkey, or Russia, or the Kurds, or France, or Britain, or the Illuminati-controlled military/industrial/media complex? 

It is this very lack of clarity and complexity that gives the lie to Cameron's superficial analysis and attempt at apologetics for killing more people - and be quite clear about this, they won't be just blood-thirsty Jihadists but will include quite innocent fathers, mothers and children, either blown to pieces or indescribably maimed by our arm's-length action. 

And be sure of this also, we won't be treated with the same hysterical blanket press coverage and Andrew Neil condemnatory rhetoric on the effects of that new terror either. 

The irony as always is that irrational and brutal acts, are wrapped up in suave, perfumed, besuited logical argument that bears no relationship to the acts they permit or the ends they envision. The two worlds of a Commons speech and a Raqqa bombing raid are so far apart, as to make the former a fantasy and the latter a hell of our making. 

The hypocrisy of our position is there for all to see. The fraudulent nature of the anti-Muslim campaign from 9/11, through 7/7, through downed planes, Charlie Hebdo and now Paris (to name but a few) must be transparent to anyone with the slightest powers of observation and intelligence. The fact that politicians and media conspire to perpetuate the lie tells us all we need to know about the Alicean rabbit hole, which as a society we have entered.  

The reasons for engagement in another foreign war are disingenuous to say the least. Neither enemy, nor ally, nor objective is other than unclear. In such circumstances bombing is as stupid as it is pointless and the very antithesis of Cameron's ostensibly 'reasonable' approach.

As regards the recent meeting between Netanyahu and Kerry and the former's remark, "Israel is fighting these terrorist forces" - Oh really? That I would suggest is not only a blatant lie but the complete OPPOSITE of the truth. 

Why if true would it be treating Al Nusra terrorists in its hospitals and supplying arms to them? Why is there no evidence of a single action against ISIS nor incredibly any attempt by ISIS to attack Israel? 

And why do all the signs point to deep involvement by Mossad in all the iconic western terrorist events from 9/11 onwards? Your country's attitude and barbaric action against Palestinians under the guise and protective lie of 'fighting terrorism' is clear for all to see. 

Israel has become an uncivilized bully, a terrorist apartheid, pariah in the world, kept afloat only by the support of the USA and European countries, including our own. 

We are all paying the price, which must surely rise, for the arrogant intransigence and scheming that Israel and its international banking fraternity is responsible for. A thousand curses on all its evil works.

Lots of meetings before and after Paris. What could this mean? Watch out for hidden (body) language. Only Germany challenges?

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As to the "sophisticated art of deception" by government and press see: Published on 24 Nov 2014
The War You Don't See by John Pilger. The media's role in war. He traces the history of 'embedded' and independent reporting from the carnage of WWI to the current wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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