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Mary Maxwell on how death and/or trumped-up charges come to those who 'blow the whistle'.

Some Accused of Pedophiia Are Really Only Guilty of Whistle Blowing — Richard Taus, For Example.

A son’s book about his father. (R) Richard and David Taus.
by Mary W Maxwell, LLB
The law is a powerful weapon that can be used to help the weak against the strong. It is also wondrously suited for helping the strong against the weak. Law can do this in a strictly financial way by imposing taxes unfairly, but can also use its prosecutorial power to persecute an innocent person.
At we have often shown how unfair and indeed ludicrous were the convictions of Martin Bryant for the 1996 Port Arthur massacre and Jahar Tsarnaev for the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.
In those cases, the real perps needed a patsy and chose a guy they thought they could get away with blaming. (In both cases they intended the patsy to die and it is a damn nuisance for the perps that the patsy escaped death. Quel botch-up!)
Certain Men Must Go
But here the plan is to look at whistle blowers rather than patsies. A government “needing” to put a whistle blower out of action can have him killed. Gary Webb (1955-2004) was revealing that the CIA was sending cocaine to the street gangs of New York, so he had to be dispatched to God.
It is probably especially true that a whistle blower needs to be removed if he hasn’t finished telling the facts. Danny Casalaro (1947-1991) boasted that he had more to say about the Promis software issue and then he was found dead in a bathtub in a motel. (The medical examiner ruled it a suicide.)
As I will show below, however, the whistle blower may be allowed to live if he can be imprisoned. The best example is Bill Windsor, a wonderful “activist for law” in the tradition of Sherman Skolnick. Windsor started the Youtube series “Lawless America.”  The “justice system” could not very well jail Bill for starting a Youtube series, so they trumped up a charge against him. They said he was threatening, by e-mail, a man who shot at him on the highway. (“Anything will do.”) Bill has been in prison in Texas over this, but is now out and seems to be in hiding. The last entry on his Facebook page is dated 2015.
Pedophilia Is the Worst False Accusation
I want now to talk about using the law against someone by claiming that he is a pedophile. This is a very bad thing as it is the one crime that you can never get fully cleared of. People will continue to think a man charged with pedophilia “might be guilty” even if he is ultimately acquitted.
The accusation sticks. So it must be doubly cruel for a person to be prosecuted unjustly, knowing that the community is gossiping about him – and the same goes for his relatives, as I will argue below in the case of Richard Taus’ adopted son David, who has had to put up with Dad’s jailing for 30 years.
Granted, it’s now well-known that many of the real child-traffickers and persons who run pedophile rings do not get prosecuted. You could hardly find a better example of this than “entertainer” Jimmy Saville. Thomas Mueller wrote, in an article entitled “Pedophilia Is a Requirement for UK Ruling Elite,” that:
Jimmy Savile (now dead) proved to be a very prolific pedophile. Savile was knighted by the Queen, knighted by the Vatican [!], was a top BBC figure (a household name), spent time with Margaret Thatcher at Chequers on several occasions (Thatcher lobbied heavily to have him knighted by the Queen), was close friends with Prince Charles (was even described as his “mentor” by Princess Diana). He also boasted that he had police pals who would protect him from child abuse claims.” [Emphasis added]
I think the new publicity that all this is getting will make the plight of the false-accused pedophile even more worse.
Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff
It worries me that I may be adding to the problem. I have written a lot on behalf of the victims of pedophiles. My recent play at the Adelaide Fringe was very much geared toward showing that there are pedophile maniacs out there, some of them in the CIA, who also torture children.
So let me say loudly that I do realize that a child’s report of having been abused can be true and it also can be false. A kid may be pressured into making a false allegation. He or she may even be given the “script” of what to say.
A good police interviewer or lawyer should be able to know which is which, but a jury might be fooled. And all the weight of government (FBI tricks?) may be brought into play to lower the boom on someone – such as a whistle blower.
I will now demonstrate how this was done in a case where the charge of pedophilia (generally speaking, a crime of having sex with children) was made against a whistle blower who was blowing the whistle on drugs – Richard Taus – and then on another case where the whistle blower was blowing the whistle on .. wait for it… pedophilia.
Richard Taus and Iran/Contra
The scandal known as Iran/Contra, during the presidency of Ronald Reagan in the 1980s  had partly to do with  Executive wanting to override the Legislative branch. In its “Boland Amendment,”  Congress had forbidden Reagan to do “regime change” of the Sandanistas in Nicaragua. So, allegedly to circumvent Congress’s restrictions (to get funding) the CIA sold weapons to Iran.  They also imported cocaine into US.
Thus harming the domestic population, they excused themselves on the basis of fighting Commies in Nicaragua.
Richard Taus noted a lot of the action and reported it when he was a pilot and CIA agent. Can’t have that! He had served in Vietnam and adopted an a boy, age 4, named David. He was convicted of child sexual abuse. I quote Sanders Hicks:
“Taus’s investigation of the K-team climaxed the fourth time he flew to Fort Lauderdale in April, 1985. Taus there identified Oliver North standing alongside Contra leader Adolf Calero, accepting delivery of some mysterious air cargo. Taus flashed a badge, poked around on the tarmac, and asked questions. Back in New York, he was reamed out for being there.
Earlier, the FBI had helped Taus develop a “cover” as a soccer coach and founder of the Freeport Sports League, in order to get close to the K-Team. As a soccer coach, Taus was looked up to. Kids from broken homes saw him as a surrogate father. But Taus’s days as a soccer coach, a dad, and a free man were numbered.
When Taus arrived at FBI headquarters, on the Nov. 4, 1988, he was detained and questioned until 2:30 a.m. His FBI superiors, including Special Agent Carson Dunbar, and Lin DeVecchio, put him under interrogation. The FBI later claimed that a feverish Taus confessed to a sexual relationship with four boys in his Freeport Sports League. Taus’ attorney, Anthony Lombardino, would later attempt (unsuccessfully) to strike that confession from evidence. Taus was not advised of his legal rights, and did not have counsel present. Taus claims the confession is a fabrication.”
The FBI does not record interviews. Rather, the agent is allowed to write up, on a Form 302, what he claims to have heard. The media can, and does, report this as confession.
We saw in the Tsarnaev case that the ABC News said Jahar had confessed that he bombed the Marathon while he was being interrogated, in between surgeries, at the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. The public fell for it.
I’ve just glanced at Google for material on Taus and found this 1988 entry in the New York Times:
F.B.I. Agent Held in Sex Case – The New York Times Nov 6, 1988 – The agent, 44-year-old Richard M. Taus, was arrested at his office at 26 Federal Plaza yesterday after admitting he had had sex with at least five boys, including one member of the soccer team whom he took to Walt Disney World in Florida for a sexual liaison, Joseph Valiquette, a spokesman for the Federal ….”
My friend Rodney Stich knows Taus well and assured me years ago that Taus’s crime was whistle-blowing Iran/Contra. I’ll say no more. David Taus has written a book To Be a Hero, praising his Dad – who is STILL IN JAIL since 1991.
Cathy Fox’s Blog and Whistle Blower Steven George
There are two superb websites about what is happening in the UK on matters related to child abuse and mind control. One is by Cathi Morgan, and mainly carries her Youtube interviews. She is a survivor. Please see her work, part of which covers elite pedo rings in Bath, England. The other blogger, Cathy Fox was never a victim. She is a researcher, like me.
This week Ms Fox published a story on behalf of Steven George. He is the example that I promised, of a person blowing the whistle on pedophiles and then being accused of being a pedophile. I cannot research it myself so won’t try to cover the story here. But I see that he ran for Parliament in order to oppose an MP he calls “sex pest Mike Hancock.”
The story involves all the judicial chicanery that I know about only too well. Please check it out at
Long story short: the big elite pedos never get charged (as of April 2018 we are waiting for the US Attorney General to deal with Pizzagate), but small fry do. Also: whistle blowers are regularly killed, smeared, and imprisoned — and society does nothing to stop this. You can write to this prisoner: Richard Taus, 91A 1040, PO Box 2001, Dannemora NY, 12929. USA.


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  2. From a media point of view, killings and deaths are on a sliding scale of importance the world over. It's a class thing, a race thing, a local thing, a drama thing, a glamour thing, a gory thing, a mystery thing, a tragedy thing, a youth thing, a number thing. I suppose there are so many deaths of people both natural and otherwise that the media has to be chosey, influenced by what they believe the public want to read about. But in addition the whole subject is vulnerable to manipulation by those in charge of media and government either to 'big-up' or 'play-down' instances. Could we have a better example than the Skripal case on the one hand, and all the dead Palestinian protestors on the other?


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