Friday, 20 April 2018

Is this the real reason for the  theatrical Syrian bombing display?

Merely to distract from the massacre of Palestinian protesters by Israeli troops?

By remaining silent, western leaders are implicated in this outrage and proved to be moral and legal hypocrites.

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Image result for images israeli shooting boy leg

Image result for images israeli shooting boy leg

If Palestinians don't fight back, they remain under a brutal occupation for life & lose EVERYTHING.
If Palestinians DO fight back, Israel uses it as validation to kill them.
What the fuk are they to do?
Why does the world allow this modern-day holocaust to continue?

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Meanwhile, back in Gouta, NO SIGN of chemical attack. It is all a concoction of lies except the true suffering, which of course is IGNORED!

Pearson SharpFollow
13 hrsRabah, Syria
I'm leaving Syria now, heading back to the US. I have a strong feeling this won't be my last visit. It's such an incredible country. And this isn't just pandering or pro-Assad worship. I'm really just blown away by how simple and honest the people are here. A homeless man would give you the shirt off his back and be glad to do it. I've just never seen such generosity and openness, except maybe in Ukraine. But this is a place that resembles what you see on TV as much as a politician resembles their campaign promises.
Yes, Syria has its problems. It struggles with pollution, and the air has a constant smell of motor fumes and diesel oil. Trash is a problem too, and man, you don't EVER want to have to drive in Syria: God help you if you have a car you actually like, cause driving here is really just a low-stakes game of bumper car.
But these problems are minor when you consider what really matters: the heart of the country. Syrians are tough as nails, and even amid the ruins, and the bomb craters and the simply unimaginable poverty, they are rebuilding! Road crews are slowly repaving, buildings blown up by terrorists and Western missiles are being torn down and reconstructed.. the people here are trying... SO HARD... to have a normal life. They just want a normal life! They just want to live, just like we do. And from what I have seen, they support their president and government because they know what the alternative is like.
What makes me really sad to see are all the old ruined shopping centers, the western stores that are now abandoned. Ford and GM dealerships, Dell and Apple stores... These people gave our way a chance, and we bombed and sanctioned the hell out of them. But even so, they LOVE America! They love it! And our culture is everywhere here. From the clothes to the food to the music even---they love the same kinds of freedoms that we do, and I think if we give them half a chance, we'll find out just how much we have in common.
But maybe that's exactly what our governments are afraid of.

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