Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Israel using ‘strange gases’ 

against protesters in Gaza

A drone photo shows smoke rising as Palestinian protestors burn tyres during confrontations with Israeli forces during a demonstration, organised within the "Great March of Return" despite Israel's threats, with tear gas near the Gaza/Israel border in Khan Yunis, Gaza on April 06, 2018 [Stringer / Anadolu Agency]

Israeli occupation forces used “strange” and “unknown” gases against unarmed, peaceful protesters in Gaza, Quds Press reported the central commission for documentation and pursuit of Israeli war criminals –Tawtheeq saying.
Head of the commission Imad Al-Baz told Quds Press that Israel used strange gases against the protesters for the first time last Friday as Palestinians continued their peaceful activities as part of the Great March of Return.
The gases caused protesters’ bodies to convulse and tremble, he explained. Many lost consciousness as a result for several hours, he added.
“We do not know the kind of gases which were used for the first time,” he said, “but we took cultures from the blood and urine of those affected and we expect the results will be shocking.”
Israeli occupation forces used unmanned drones to drop the gas on the demonstrators, Al-Baz said.
Protesters were being targeted in their lower body, Al-Baz said, with 55 shot with live ammunition in their genitals, likely in an effort to cause infertility.
Some 32 Palestinians have been killed since 30 March when the Right of Return March was launch. A further 2,850 were injured.

So where is Mrs May's outrage about this? Where the threats of bombing Tel Aviv by Britain, France and the US? The hypocrisy is breath-taking.

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  1. Doctors in Syria's Douma refute reports of patients suffering from chemical poisoning
    World April 09, 14:38 UTC+3
    Earlier Syrian Red Crescent Society doctors told the media all rumors about patients with chemical poisoning were not true



    EASTERN GHOUTA, April 9. /TASS/. Syrian doctors in Douma have dismissed rumors they are treating patients that had been brought to them with symptoms of chemical poisoning, the Russian center for the reconciliation of conflicting parties told the media on Monday.


    No toxic agents found by Red Crescent specialists in Syria’s Douma
    "Syrian doctors in Douma have dismissed the rumors they had received patients suffering from chemical poisoning. In an interview to the media doctor Yaser Abdel Majid, of the city hospital, said that they had never received patients with chemical poisoning either last weekend or since the beginning of hostilities in Syria," the reconciliation center said.

    Earlier, staffers of the Russian center for reconciliation had questioned doctors and other personnel of Douma’s hospital. The medics said that "all those who had received their medical aid had ordinary injuries, fractures and fragmentation and gunshot wounds."

    Eye witness accounts
    There has been confirmation of this from ambulance driver Ahmed Saur, who has worked in one of Douma’s districts for the past several years and by virtue of his profession sees the patients doctors go to.

    "On April 6-8 we had not a single patient suffering from chemical poisoning. Only ordinary war wounds," he said.

    Earlier Syrian Red Crescent Society doctors told the media all rumors about patients with chemical poisoning were not true.

    Also, the reconciliation center said "militants leaving the city have been questioned and none of them knew anything about chemical weapons allegedly used against them.".



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