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Geo-political background to the Florida Shooting

Parents wait for news after a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday, February 14. <a href="" target="_blank">At least 17 people were killed</a> at the school, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said. The suspect, 19-year-old former student Nikolas Cruz, is in custody, the sheriff said. The sheriff said Cruz had been expelled for unspecified disciplinary reasons.

As I have suggested here and in many previous articles on this blog, I believe we are living through a time of violent incidents that are contrived by 'Deep State' organs, for a combination of psychological, social and political purposes - most notably 9/11 but compounded by many more since then.

These must always be blamed on movements, ideas, groups or individuals unconnected to the true perpetrators, a phenomenon commonly referred to as 'False Flag'. 

It is not long ago that few would have recognised the term. I doubt if the same could be said today, arguably as a result of the comparatively new medium of the Internet, which has championed a new form of expression and exchange of ideas, untrammelled by Government control. 

It has undoubtedly given Government and their associated elites a problem and has had the effect of undermining the inherent trust in the mainstream media (MSM) that has become Government's willing and uncritical mouthpiece. 

The events of 9/11 proved this assertion conclusively, and still it refuses to question the ludicrous official version of events, dismissing anyone who has the temerity to do so, with the derogatory term "Conspiracy Theorist". Freedom of expression on the Internet is currently under threat from Government but of course using other justifications, such as protecting children and vulnerable adults from radical content, sexual and other abuse and 'fake news'. 

A student holds a sign saying "prayers and condolences aren't enough! Our government officials need to take action or step down"
The students from Parkland have demanded "never again" in response to the shooting  REUTERS

No doubt 'Conspiracy Theorists' do exist. It has its parallels with paranoia that some individuals exhibit but the humorous aphorism, "Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you!" may be relevant. The accusation of "Conspiracy Theorist" has been very effective in preventing rational examination of very incriminating evidence.

I think any rational person by now must accept the principle of 'False Flags' and that even nations that claim to be democratic and honest have engaged themselves in them. It goes without saying that when they take place deception and cover-up are essential corollaries. 

This presents any independently-minded analyst or observer with some major obstacles and challenges: first to distinguish between the true 'terrorist' event and those that have been contrived by deep state agencies; and in revealing the inconsistencies and tell-tale signs that might indicate the former.

In a sense I believe that paradoxically, although the MSM uncritically replicates government narrative, it may also assist in the process of distinguishing the 'organic' event and the 'orchestrated' one, by virtue of the way it treats subject and material.

As we know the world is bursting with what we might regard as tragic events, either natural or man-made. As far as the media is concerned their value as 'news events' seems to be determined by a range of factors, dependent on location, drama, personality, scandal, number of fatalities or injuries, and last but not least whether it fits any prevailing narrative.

Geo-politics provide the template, the slant, on any particular event. Historically speaking we may say the Western and Democratic outlook in the first half of the 20th Century was dominated by the ascendancy and threat posed by Germany; the second half by the assumed nuclear and political threat from the USSR. 

Since 2000 we have been presented with the twin threats of ISIS (and its variants) and a resurgent Russia. It is impossible not to see terrorist and other events in this context, of the claim of Russian interference in the Trump election and terror events - most recently in Parklands, Florida - where invariably some Muslim connection is also invoked.

We may note that the Florida shooting fits in the context of current American public opinion concerns as mediated by the MSM. Clearly the Trump Presidency and how he beat Clinton, was major set-back for entrenched power centres that has informed the meme of Russian interference and threat.

Anything that can damage Trump seems fair game, one of the biggest being gun control. Despite the statement that ISIS is defeated as a military and terrorist force, that particular fear must be maintained out of all proportion to its reality. Other Deep State objectives relating to the control of people and the Internet exist.

Miraculously all these and a few more find resonance in the Florida attack: a mentally unbalanced young man; anti-Jewish hatred within a context of racism; apparent support of Muslim extremism with the obligatory 'Allah Ackbar' referred to; irrational gun ownership and violence against young people of unblemished character, and so on. 

Note how Trump's refusal to back calls for more gun control is used against him on the back of the event, that could certainly be predicted but is it an indicator of pre-planning by elements other than the individual who has apparently accepted responsibility?  

To many the outrage was proof of the need for more guns not less; of greater powers to detain potential killers on the basis of their comments, not less; for more killing, not less. 

AR-15 "Sport" rifles on sale at deep discounts in an Arizona store.
AR-15 "Sport" rifles on sale at deep discounts in an Arizona store.

America is and always has been a violent place, but equally true is the fact that it has been predominantly restricted to lower social and ethnic groups and areas. Of course a school shooting in a relatively safe and affluent neighbourhood resonates with a different cohort, and it is these that the recent mass murders appear to be designed to target.

So I would argue that the initial process of sorting 'banal' violent or 'disaster' events from those with a propaganda purpose, is done by the MSM itself in the way the event is treated or not, as the case may be. Is it played up or played down? Does it appear to go 'international'? Do all the outlets effectively and uncritically  replicate the same (government?) 'script'? 

Nor should we overlook the opposite phenomenon of ignoring events in part or whole if they run counter to the prevailing meme. The weight of scientific evidence is firmly against the official account of 9/11, yet it is uniformly ignored. The Police and MSM resolutely refused to acknowledge there was more than one shooter in Las Vegas to take a recent example. 

pray for America. text pray for las vegas on America flag. gun control campaign;postID=7092695122253502939

Of course there are many more examples of playing down news of events both home and abroad if they don't fit. Very frequently this involves America's relationship with Israel in the context of the Middle East, notoriously with the attack on the USS Liberty, still not properly acknowledged. Recently American forces illegally located in Syria, killed over a hundred Syrian troops, yet it was virtually ignored by MSM worldwide!

So it is not only the above criteria that should act as warning signs, but the 'design' of the event and the way it is treated that gives the game away. Glaring examples of failed prevention. Strange inconsistencies of accounts. Stylised, questionable images and video that go viral. Orchestrated post event emoting. And so on. 

We witness many of these in the Parkland, Florida school shooting and the timing of a new terror attack by Israel on Gaza, whilst America is distracted by it, is of course purely coincidental.

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