Tuesday, 13 February 2018

A reprehensible CURRENT case of  British Justice failure to protect an abuse victim.


Robert Green Exposing Cruelty Against Child Abuse Survivor Melanie Shaw

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqRzJw8v2xY

Just this one case illustrates that the Government's claim that it treats the subject of child abuse seriously, is a sham. It appears ONLY interested in protecting its own reputation.

Nor would it seem, do human rights protections, count for anything in the REAL British 'justice' system. It seems to merely validate injustice rather than protect the citizen.

This has happened on Mrs May's watch both as Home Secretary and as Prime Minister. She has been informed of the circumstances but has chosen to do little or nothing to protect Melanie Shaw from injustice and inhuman treatment in the British prison system. The case and her handling of it is a matter of disgrace that impinges on her competence generally and should be widely known.

A vulnerable woman has been incarcerated for over two years without serious charge or conviction, breaking every rule of justice and law and she should be unconditionally released immediately.


Robert Green has himself been subject to Government persecution in both Scotland (which has its own justice and policing system) and England for bravely representing Holly Greig in another notorious case. As a result of Court Injunction, he is currently not able to involve himself in it, or even refer to it publicly.

So much for the claimed right to 'free speech' in the UK when the Government decides it doesn't want to hear the truth.

For an outline of the Holly Greig case see:



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  1. "Speak the truth and shame the devil."

    Jordon Peterson, "Speak the truth and be prepared to pay the price."



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