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The prosecution/persecution of 74 year old Sabine McNeil by the British State continues.



Sabine McNeill attended Westminster Magistrates Court yesterday to answer to the 10 charges laid against her on 10 November. Readers will recall that she was charged with four counts of stalking causing fear of violence or serious alarm or distress, as well as six counts of breaching her restraining order.
At yesterday’s hearing she was re-arrested and charged with a further nine counts of breaching her restraining order. She pleaded not guilty to all 19 charges.
The stalking charges fall under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.
The restraining order in question is the lifetime order which was issued to Sabine and her co-defendant Neelu Berry on 19 July 2016. That order states that she is
  1. …prohibited from contacting directly or indirectly by herself or by any person acting as her agent, or by any means whatsoever:
3. Not to make public in any way, including on the internet by any blog or otherwise including by re-publication of material already made public before the making of this order;
A) Anything relating to any persons set out in Paragraph 1 above;
B) Any allegations of cannibalism, sexual child abuse or satanism, at any time at or in relation to Christchurch or Christchurch Primary School.
At yesterday’s hearing, Sabine was remanded to custody. According to an email from Belinda, Sabine is currently being held at Holborne Police Station. It seems likely that she will be transferred shortly to a women’s prison to await trial.
Her bail is set at £20,000; unless she pays this, she will remain in prison until her trial date. Indications are that the trial will take place at Southwark Crown Court in spring 2018.
We will keep you updated as this story unfolds. END 'HOAXSTEAD' ARTICLE.
Another 'up to date' article from the 'Hoaxstead Stable" is here: Despite all the attentions to the few, this source of scurilous and vindictive invective appears to have escaped any attention of the police or courts. It would appear that its invariably anonymous authors, hiding behind various dubious pseudonyms, lead a charmed life as far as the authorities are concerned.

And here is another example of the scathing, sarcastastic rubbish that oozes from their pens. Nothing they have ever written has done other than validate the weird world and practices claimed by the Hampstead children. Yet amazingly none of this seems to have motivated the police to intervene or investigate the people behind the slander and inuendo.

Following from:

2017 Christmas Message from the Queen of Hoaxtead

Oh dearie, dearie, dear. We were so busy feasting and frolicking and opening gifts on Christmas Day that we somehow managed to miss the Message from the Queen.
No, no, not Her actual Majesty. We mean, of course, the Queen of Hoaxtead, Belinda McKenzie:It seems that Belinda is less than delighted with the way this year progressed: poor dear paedophile Brian Pead’s trial went tits upSabine’s arrest count continued to climb and she put Belinda to the trouble of raising bail security on her behalf; and then of course there was Rupert, though he doesn’t seem to warrant a mention in this year’s broadcast. Oh, and Maurice “The Menace” Kirk is in the slammer for the next two years…not to mention Belinda’s own arrest earlier in the year.
Come to think of it, we’re a bit shocked that she did not refer to 2017 as her annis horribilis.
A pity, really. Would have given her the chance to show off both her superior education and her posh accent. But never mind. Opportunities lost and all that.
We admit to being a bit offended at her constant references to “shadow people” in this year’s speech, as we strongly suspect she’s referring to us. It’s a bit rich, really, as we’ve met and even conversed with her on several occasions; but perhaps she thinks it best that her remaining loyalists not know that. [Oh dear, have we let the cat out of the bag?—Ed.]
Still, what are we, chopped liver? We’re hurt, Belinda. Very hurt.
In any case, if Belinda thinks 2017 was a barrel of laughs, wait till she sees 2018. Laissez les bons temps rouler!



The way Sabine McNeil has been persecuted by the police and DPP is an outrage and a utter disgrace. It proves where the Government stands in relation to valid allegations of ritualised child abuse: on the side of the accused and against anyone who has the temerity to represent the children and mother.

The case in general and the treatment of McNeil in particular, prove the lengths the government is prepared to go, our money being no object, not only to silence one elderly lady (that has long since been achieved) but to cruelly and extortionately harass her to the n'th degree, time after time, inflating alleged misdemeanour to that of major crime; whilst at the same time ignoring the many crimes and threats against her and others by those linked to the incident.

Setting a trial date so far ahead, whilst maintaining such disproportionate and repressive bail conditions smacks more of the Stalinist show trials than it does of 'British Justice'. What CAN the Government be afraid of? Would it have responded in the way it has throughout, was there not truth - as we were all convinced - by the children's allegations?

Can there be any doubt we are now being governed by a totally corrupt government that has jetisoned any pretence of a fair and balanced 'Justice System'? If there are any who still believe the initial police investigation was more 'balls-up than cover-up'; they need only view the subsequent reaction of the government to decide the issue.

They say the "Devil is in the Detail". This case proves it.

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  1. How significant is it that for more than 50 years, Ted Heath avoided any meaningful investigation of his activity, yet the Chief Constable of Wiltshire has effectively been dismissed and is now apparently facing a criminal investigation for damaging a mobile phone? (Source: The Times 26.1.18) The 'Establishment' has not only done its damnedest to hide the gory truth but is determined to punish, notwithstanding how trivial the pretext, anyone who dares to uncover it. There is now little doubt that the Government, specifically MI5, was fully aware of what was going on, indeed part of it, for both personal and political reasons. Knowledge of sexual misconduct of both foreign and domestic influential individuals is of course a powerful tool of control by those who truly hold the reins. That is why the secret must be protected at all cost, because it goes to the very heart of government and statecraft. The state has not confronted sexual misconduct (other than notoiously targetting gay men and female prostitutes) but rather fostered it, in particular situations, for its own ends. Whether this was nefarious or for the ultimate good of the nation, is yet to be unravelled and decided.


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