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"Bad Santa"!

Santa Claus has lost his innocent image. It would appear there has been an intentional campaign - dating perhaps from the middle of the last decade but becoming more intense and sinister in this - to link the character with child abuse and terrorism of one sort or another. Who would do such a thing and why is an open question but it is clear that the famous image has been adopted by the fraudulent 'ISIS' fraternity. Was it to make terror acceptable or make the warm and cuddly terrifying. That an iconic symbol was targeted when the West was so deeply implicated in the terror campaign with the propaganda surrounding it, cannot be coincidental. It does not seem to me to bear any indication of a Muslim progeny, although subtly used against that group and faith. 

1. Bad Santa: Captured Elves Tell of Sordid Affairs

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2. A FAKE story that was widely circulated: "66 year-old Nicholas Cooper was taken into custody for assaulting Kris Kane, 38, after an unnamed young girl confided in him. She said that she ‘wanted to tell Santa a secret’ and that ‘all she wanted was for her step-dad to stop touching her at night’.”
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3. In recent days photos of fighters clad in Santa costumes posted on social media underscore Syrian Christians’ determination to fight back Takfiri and al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in the Arab country.  Mon Dec 23, 2013 20:30:44

4. Istanbul New Year's Eve Attack - Santa Claus Plot Shown On Turkish TV Show in 2015 - YouTube

5.  "Kill them all terrorists"! Santa Claus Terrorist Hostage (By GHA Games Developers) Android Gameplay HD

6.  "Merry Christmas 2016!
In this game you play as a Christmas Hero to save and help Santa and Mr. Claus team those hostages by one of the dangerous terrorists group. During combat war, you can see hostages in Santa Clause dress." 

 Santa Claus Terrorist Hostage- screenshot thumbnail

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8. Santa Claus fights terrorists in Syria. Tuesday, December 24, 2013. "In recent days photos of fighters clad in Santa costumes posted on social media underscore Syrian Christians’ determination to fight back Takfiri and al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in the Arab country. Syrian Christian citizens, along with other ethnic Syrians, have mobilized forces and taken up arms to fight back foreign-backed terrorists who stormed the Arab country three years ago.

9.  Sunday, 18 November 2012 "Is that what it is going to take for you people to wake up? Another terrorist attack? Maybe Santa can fly his reindeer and sleigh into the Seattle Space Needle and then we can find Rudolph's passport miraculously under a torched Sea Hawks jersey."

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10.  Istanbul nightclub terror attack leaves 39 dead and 69 injured as 'Santa gunman' massacres dozens and flees in Turkey The gunman, who is still at large, screamed in Arabic as he blasted innocent people in Reina - one of Turkey's most famous clubs.

11. ISTANBUL, TURKEY — A gunman believed to be dressed as Santa Claus opened fired on a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey, killing at least 39 New Year’s revellers and wounding dozens more. The city’s governor described the mass shooting as a terror attack. At this time, it’s not clear how many gunmen participated in the attack. 2 Jan 2017 - The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the Istanbul nightclub attack. 

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12.  Police talk to a Santa Claus the day after the terrorist attack on Christmas Market in Berlin, Germany, on the 19th of December 2016.

13.  "Reclaim your life December 2010 destroying a supermarket causing the death of no more than 23 people, twelve gnomes and ten dwarfs. Terrible and you see this Santa terrorist ..."

Published on 3 Feb 2015


Lets spread some more terror.This time PSYCHO SANTA Claus will spread the terror in the town.This is the most scary prank i have ever done.Took 25 days to shoot just because to got the right victim and location.Watch Psycho Santa Claus scary prank.



Submitted on December 1, 2006."

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17. NOV 26, 2012

An Israeli soldier tackles a Palestinian protester dressed as Santa Claus West Bank town of Bethlehem, 21 December 2007

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