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Another Suspicious Aircrash! (MS804)

An file image of an EgyptAir plane

At 2.30 am local time (00.30 GMT) on Thursday 19th May, 2016, contact was lost with an EgyptAir (flight MS804) Airbus A320 south of Greek island of Karpathos 16km/10 miles inside Egyptian airspace. It was en route from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Cairo.

 Last received ADS-B position from MS804

All 66 people on board - consisting of five crew and three security personnel plus 56 passengers - are feared dead. The nationalities of the passengers were as follows: 30 Egyptians, 15 French, two Iraqis, and one each from the UK, Belgium, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Chad, Portugal, Algeria and Canada. No names or identities have been issued as yet. 

No Emergency Call

No emergency call was made by captain or crew suggesting a sudden and catastrophic disabling event. Rather curiously EgyptAir reported that two hours after the planes disappearance from radio and radar contact (4.25 local time) the planes emergency beacon signal was received, presumably because it was still afloat?

Of course this is but the latest of a series of disastrous aircraft losses in 'terrorist' or otherwise suspiciously unexplained circumstances over recent years. There appears to have been a spate of them with recurring features that raise serious questions of air security, safety and what actually is the true cause and motivating factors.

Impact of 9/11 'Hi-Jackings'

No consideration of this important subject can ignore the events of 9/11 in America that set the scene for misrepresentation of events involving aircraft and their use by 'terrorists'. The 19 'terrorists', mainly of Saudi nationality, blamed for hi-jacking and flying the four 'planes' (at least one (at the Pentagon) was clearly NOT a plane but a missile!) could NOT have done the job, as they could scarcely fly a Cessna. This means that there must be some other explanation for the aircraft and that in fact they were different - probably unpiloted military - aircraft entirely. This is supported by what photographic evidence there is of the second aircraft to strike the North Tower. 

All this of course is very old ground with much else besides, but it serves to prove that America was prepared, and technically able, to sabotage aircraft, indifferent to the consequences to life and property, in order to pursue aggressive warfare abroad. We, the people of the world should never forget this most fundamental lesson. There is clear circumstantial evidence that the scurrilous technique has been repeated in other 'terrorist events' on the ground or in the air, either by the same caucus or by subsidiary or aligned parties working in concert. 

International Problem

This is a profoundly serious situation that the international community needs to address, but appears singularly unwilling to do so. Instead it prefers to support the untenable fabrications put out by government. This particularly applies to 9/11 but also to later events that all appear to support a narrative intended to exacerbate relations between western powers and essentially Muslim countries and Russia, although China is not far behind.

So what events that demonstrate disinformation that undermine credibility in the stated explanations and may point to dark causes by date and topic in receding order do I have in mind? Many of these have been previously discussed on this blog site and elsewhere. (The search box in the top left corner will turn them up if anyone wishes to pursue them) In the meantime here is my list.

A Few Recent Suspicious/Disastrous Events

DATE.                     EVENT.

18.5.16                   EgyptAir (flight MS804) Airbus A320 south of Greek island of Karpathos. Cause undetermined.

17.5.16                    A Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Italian-made training aircraft crash in a paddy field in Nenasi, near here this afternoon. Unspecified technical difficulties.

29.4.16                    CHC Helikopter Service Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma helicopter. Mechanical failure.

24.4.16                   Germanwings Airbus A320 4U 9525 over the Alps. Pilot blamed (suicide)

                   Two suicide bombers, carrying explosives in large suitcases, attacked a
departure hall at Brussels Airport in Zaventem.Location‎: ‎Brussels Airport in
Zaventem plus bomb on tube. ISIS terrorists blamed.

9.2.16                      Two Meridian-branded passenger trains were involved in a head-on collision at Bad Aibling in southeastern Germany. Human error blamed.

13.11.15                   Paris suicide bombing/shooting. ISIS terrorists.

31.10.15                  Russian Airbus A321, KGL9628 flying from Sharm el-Sheikh to               Moscow crashes over Sinai. ISIS bomb blamed.

17.8.15                     Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) Indonesian Trigana's ATR 42-300 turboprop aircraft before it lost contact Sunday down in a mountainous area. The loss Sunday of the Trigana plane is Indonesia's third air disaster in less than eight months.
In December, AirAsia Flight QZ8501 went down in the Java Sea while headed from Surabaya, Indonesia, to Singapore. All 162 people on board were killed. And in June, an Indonesian military transport plane crashed soon after taking off from the city of Medan, killing at least 135 people.
14.1.15                    Charlie Hebdo shooting, Paris. ISIS gunmen.

17.7.15                 Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 Flight MH17 crashed after being hit by a Russian-made Buk missile over eastern Ukraine. Russian-backed separatists blamed

8.3.14                        Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370) disappears over S China sea. Cause remains unknown. Blamed on pilots initially.

In virtually every one of these the official explanations do not add up in one form or another.

For a world-wide list of allegedly ISIS attacks or those claimed by them see:



Distinguishing Between the Genuine and Fake

We have become somewhat used to catastrophic aeroplane accidents in recent years, circumstances that range through relatively straightforward mechanical or human errors, through 'terrorist' events, to those that rather bizarrely, defy all reasonable explanation.

Where a logical or truthful explanation is not forthcoming, it provides the opportunity for more 'exotic' ones, including intentional acts by governments in pursuit of some political or military objective. 

Despite all the 'fog and mirrors' that surround such events, one thing you can be sure of, the culprits are unlikely to admit responsibility and where they do, no one can be sure if it can be relied upon or that it reflects the true perpetrator. Since 9/11 at least we have all learned to be highly sceptical and suspicious of official explanations of tragic events. That may be the only good thing to come out of it.

The problem is distinguishing between the 'genuine' terrorist event, organised and perpetrated by disaffected individuals or groups independent of government and those carried out by government agencies to be blamed on the named terrorist group - currently most commonly 'ISIS'. The fact that in large measure ISIS is a front organisation for western interests, set up, financed, encouraged and controlled by the west and its allies in the Middle East, of course takes us full circle in a very murky, discreditable business. By and large, it is nation states with the technical expertise, the trained men, the munitions, to carry out these sophisticated operations, including the propaganda to sell the approved version, rather than disorganised and virtually illiterate individuals and groups.

An unusual feature in several of these aircraft incidents, is the erratic or hard to explain events that happen immediately before the crash. First gaining altitude before precipitous loss of same. Also the common loss of communication and lack of emergency procedures. In the case of MH370 a sudden increase in altitude followed by a very untypical maneuver. In the case of MH17 a very unconvincing explanation for the crash. In the GermanWings case an increase in altitude before setting the autopilot (why autopilot?) to a crash trajectory. Then even more strangely ineffective attempts to pull up using the joystick? Questions as to cause in the Russian Airbus A321 crash suspiciously close to an Israeli communications base. Now with the EgyptAir crash reports of erratic flight-path movements before falling from 38,000 ft.

Remote Control of Aircraft Systems

Those investigating the causes of crashes or incidents have a difficult job especially when wreckage has to be retrieved (if it can be located) from the oceans. But since the beginning of the 21st Century, and particularly the events of 9/11, the potential for remote control of aircraft systems can never be ruled out, nor covert action by those with the technical capability, to be blamed on those not responsible, or acting covertly for the very agencies that blame them! We shall have to wait and see whether this latest example fits the mould. Egypt and its economy, largely dependant on tourism, and playing into the hands of an Israeli/Saudi connection, certainly appears to be a target at the moment. Nor can Paris, target of two major terrorist incidents, be forgotten. If the cause of the crash was an explosive device, the question of airport security and who is/was responsible for it (a major issue in the Brussels Airport incident) when Paris was on a heightened terrorist security alert, must be a big issue.

The Environmental and Social Implications of Air Travel

The world is now, for the first time in human history, subject to continuous aircraft activity, allowing people to travel from one place to another as never before, but not without some very serious consequences to the atmosphere, land and sea. Atmospheric pollution, noise and development all result. Some of the issues have been brought into sharp focus in the matter of the controversial third runway at London's Heathrow airport, held up by excessive NOX (oxides of nitrogen) and other pollutants but replicated in cities around the world where planes land and take off.

The contamination of the atmosphere in the form of 'chemtrails', either from the products of fuel combustion or active 'seeding' with chemicals to affect weather patterns, not to mention the matter of fuel dumping or even the part aircraft play in the delivery of explosives in warfare, are all hot topics with which we cannot afford to be complacent. All talk is about CO2 which conveniently detracts and distracts from these issues, that see no sign of anything but getting worse before they get better.

Aircraft Crashes Recorded

The complex nature of the subject is best illustrated by reference to visual representation and facts here: You will see that in May so far this year, no less than fifty four crash or emergency landing incidents are recorded, most of which get cursory or no mention on global news channels. Only the incidents involving a large loss of life or notable personages, tend to get wide publicity. Of course the whole issue of how 'news stories' are covered or not covered, is a subject in itself. Nor should we be naive enough to rule out the possibility that government may have had a big hand in manipulating it. Indeed I believe this should be the first question to be posed when blanket coverage is given to an incident and its stated cause.

So we should first establish the fact that there are indeed thousands of potentially dangerous incidents happening all the time and that these seldom get high profile attention from the media. Even the stories of large scale tragedies quickly become 'old news' and pass into history. Government through its accident investigation agencies tend to control the narrative and few challenge it. In this way false information can be promulgated and perpetuated. The incidents listed above and below may be exceptional and unrepresentative of a much bigger topic of air accidents but they have been chosen precisely for this reason and to illustrate the way they have been used for a particular political purpose.
Germanwings Flight 9525 crash 

Killer pilot Andreas Lubitz, who crashed the Germanwings plane in the French Alps in March, may have tried to save the aircraft at the last minute

The Mail has this:

"A new twist in the tragic saga of the doomed Germanwings plane - which crashed with the loss of 150 lives in the French Alps in March - indicates killer pilot Andreas Lubitz may have tried to save the aircraft at the last minute.

Just 93 seconds before the Airbus jetliner slammed into the mountainside the black box flight recorders showed Lubitz, 27, apparently trying to override the automatic descent mechanism which he triggered when captain Patrick Sondenheimer left the cockpit to use the toilet.

Lubitz, plagued by depression and suicidal thoughts, locked the captain out of the flight deck so he could put his suicide plan into play.

But, according to French air safety investigators who released a 29-page interim report on Wednesday about the crash based on black box data of the doomed Germanwings Flight 4U9525, there is evidence that he tried to manually take charge of the aircraft again shortly before the crash."

This data shows that there was a movement of the sidestick of the Airbus A-320. In the log it says 'between 10:39:33 and 10:40:07 there was a recorded sidestick input (manual movement) with low amplitude (vibrations) on the co-pilot side.'

In the 'conclusions' of the report this is summed up: 'One minute and 33 seconds before impact the FDR (flight data recorder) recorded a control input of 30 seconds on the right side stick controller, who was not strong enough to turn off the autopilot.'

Prof. Elmar Giemulla, a lawyer for victims and an expert on air travel law, told German newspaper Bild that 'we will never know what moved him in these seconds'. She added that a 'stronger pressure on the side stick' would have automatically disabled the autopilot."
Read more:

A map of the Mediterranean Sea, off the cost of Spain and France, with a red line connecting Barcelona on the left to a crash mark in the upper right, just north of the French coastline

31st October, 2015.  Russian Airbus A321, KGL9628 flying from Sharm el-Sheikh to Moscow crashes over Sinai.
Operated by the Russian airline Kogalymavia. Owned and leased from Irish company. Assembled Germany 1997.  Took off from Sharm el-Sheikh airport at 05:58 (03:58 GMT) on 31 October, 2015. At 06:14 Egyptian time (04:14 GMT), the plane failed to make scheduled contact with air traffic control based in Larnaca, Cyprus. The plane disappeared from radar screens six minutes later while flying over central Sinai. Egyptian authorities said no SOS calls were received by air traffic controllers. All on board (224) killed. 
Islamic State (IS) affiliate, known as 'Sinai Province' take responsibility for bringing down plane. In this article ( BBC portrays the group as a terrorist group with parallel aims and philosophy to ISIS, including the creation of sophisticated propaganda film, having carried out more than 31 attacks in 2016 alone. It does not answer the question who funds and controls it, or why in this arid vast space the alleged 'training camps', cannot be located and 'neutralised' by either Israel or Egyptian military if so desired. 

Without any substantiation of any link, Egyptian efforts to isolate Gaza are highlighted, as if Gaza didn't have enough problems already!  The suspicion must lurk that just like ISIS, Sinai Province it is a front for and construct of, American/Israeli/Saudi policy. At a most basic level, what advantage could there be for Arab 'freedom fighters' to further inflame a major power like Russia, that could only add to its woes?

The following is taken from Christopher Bollyn's web page here:

The Russian aircraft went down south of Al Arish, near the border of Israel, very close to Israel's main cyber warfare and computer hacking facility, Unit 8200, located on Kibbutz Urim. Cyber warfare is defined as "actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation's computers or networks for the purposes of causing damage or disruption." Graphic: The Telegraph.

MILITARY INTELLIGENCE UNIT 8200 - Israel's main satellite signal intelligence facility is located on Kibbutz Urim, less than 60 miles NNE of the location where the Russian plane went down. Unit 8200, an institution of computer hackers, is the largest branch of the IDF and is responsible for the military’s offensive cyber capabilities. The Telegraph reported in 2010, "The Negev desert based Unit 8200 has evolved from the signal intelligence arm of the Israeli military into a respected leader in high technology warfare."
- See more at:

Legal moves to seek 9/11 compensation from Iraq!!!! Quotes from other sources for information:

"Kreindler & Kreindler represented many of the 9/11 victims, both in the victim's compensation fund and in litigation against the security companies and airlines. The firm took a leading role in challenging, unsuccessfully, what it claimed was a de facto cap on payments in the VCF, based on the regulations and comments made by VCF Special Master Kenneth Feinberg. The firm also brought litigation against the terrorists and individuals and entities it claimed were terrorist sponsors. This included a lawsuit for several billion dollars against Iraq, based on an allegation that Iraqi officials were aware of plans to attack America." From:

 "Kreindler & Kreindler Law Firm is a Cynical CIA Psyop Tool" - I originally posted this data in 2006. My motto: "The cover-up proves the crime." K&K is on intimate terms with the CIA, and has been central to covering up a score of covert ops/mass murders. K&K was also, as documented, instrumental in selling the American public on the Iraq War with a psychological operation falsely linking Saddam Hussein to 9/11 and the A-Bomb. Fox News: " ... Kreindler & Kreindler, a Park Ave. law firm that has been working overtime to establish a money trail leading from Saddam Inc.’s amassed loot to al-Qaeda’s coffers. ... " Yes, it's that kind of law firm ... Jim Kreindler on 9/11: "Immediately I suspected a terrorist attack and I found myself thinking about another terrorist event that dominated the attention of our law firm since 1988 – the bombing of Pan Am 103 by operatives
of the Libyan government. ... " Sure-sure ... From:

"For example, while representing 9/11 victims, New York’s Kreindler & Kreindler law firm filed a Freedom of Information request for a copy of a May 2000 memo about a meeting OFAC officials had with two of Osama bin Laden’s half-brothers, as well as a subsequent letter about the meeting from the Saudi Binladin Group, the large construction conglomerate founded by Osama bin Laden’s father. Both documents are cited in the 9/11 Commission’s report."
OFAC denied the 2009 request saying, among other things, that the release of those records would constitute “a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy,” presumably of the bin Ladens.
OFAC also asserted personal privacy and national security considerations in 2006 when refusing to release nearly 700 pages of records about the International Islamic Relief Organization, a Saudi charity whose branches in Indonesia and the Philippines were specially designated by OFAC as terrorist entities for funding al Qaeda." From:

"One June 28, 2013, WMR reported on another CIA base, the Pinal Air Park/Marana Airfield outside of Tucson, Arizona. It was this facility that drew the interest of retired Boeing 757 and 767 pilot, Iran-contra CIA contractor pilot, and 9/11 author Phil Marshall. In January 2013, the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department concluded, after a botched investigation, that Marshall shot himself to death after having shot and killed his two teen-age children and the family dog. Pinal is the home to America’s “boneyard” of retired civilian aircraft, including Boeing passenger aircraft. Nearby Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is the home to the boneyard of retired military aircraft. In addition, the CIA and U.S. Special Forces maintain operations at Pinal, the CIA through its contractor, Evergreen International. A former CIA official who was involved in the CIA’s planning of the Iran-contra “arms-for-hostages; Iranian profits for the contras” operation confirmed that Evergreen had a close working relationship with the firm PTech, a firm with connections to the Saudi royal family and Israel’s Mossad and which had contracts to provide computer software support to the Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Justice, FBI, and the Secret Service from 1997 until 9/11. The firm continues to provide software support for classified U.S. military projects." From:
"WMR has learned from a number of sources who are familiar with the operations of Moyock, Harvey Point, and Pinal that the three secret installations played a part in the planning and carrying out of the 9/11 attacks. Pinal provided the Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft that were retrofitted to be flown remotely into the World Trade Center’s North and South Towers. WMR has not confirmed whether the Boeing 757 that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, was remotely-flown but there were no bodies spotted or recovered by the Somerset County coroner after the crash."  From:

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