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French Govt. Arrest Journalist for Revealing Israeli Link to Bataclan 'Massacre'.

Isn't it strange how there always appear to be Jewish/Israeli links to major terrorist outrages but they never appear to be publicised or identified by the media? Instead Muslim groups are blamed, even if the evidence points to doubt, or proof, they were responsible. This was undoubtedly true of 9/11 when for multiple reasons, the 19 accused could not possibly have carried out the actions ascribed to them. Similarly with regard to those accused of the 7/7 tube bombings, unable to board the trains in question, because their connecting Luton service did not run. In both cases there are very clear indications of Israeli foreknowledge, if not complicity, in the events involving multiple fatalities, yet government refuses to acknowledge them. This can only mean that our own governments are deeply implicated.

Similar multiple doubts hang over both 2015 terrorist events in Paris, again very conveniently blamed on the Muslim 'ISIS' organisation, itself an instrument of western policy. Yet no mention of the multiple falsehoods propagated in respect of the official account of the attacks, nor of the many inexplicable Jewish/Israeli links! This can only be explained in terms of intentional misinformation. In fact a sophisticated cover-up of the truth, with the full knowledge and support of virtually all western powers. Of course this is nothing new. Lies are still knowingly told regarding the despicable acts of 9/11, fifteen years after the event. No government will admit the truth. As a result we all live a lie which continues to be perpetuated time and again.

So it comes as no surprise that when just one brave independent journalist was brave enough to highlight not only the many and highly coincidental Jewish connections to the Bataclan but also significantly, that the publication of the dramatic photograph that claimed to depict the scene immediately following the carnage, emanated from an Israeli-based web-site (how the hell could that happen unless an Israeli asset took it?) not only did this information not become front page news but said journalist was arrested for interfering with an investigation.

Again, we have become familiar with this approach to those that seek to uncover and publicise inconvenient facts. It is they not the criminals, that feel the full weight of the law, purporting to be just and impartial, yet revealing it is quite the opposite. It confirms that there is indeed something 'very rotten in the State of Denmark' and that all generally accepted notions about government need to be revised. If we cannot trust our governments over the question of whom it is that is implicated in serious terrorist acts, what can we trust them with? There could not be a more serious allegation that could be laid, than that they should intentionally deceive the public about such matters, or even conspire with others to kill and maim innocent people or pretend to do so.

Kevin Barratt claims on his 'Veterans Today' website here - - that "Hicham Hamza is virtually the only investigative journalist in France with the courage to question the official stories of the Charlie Hebdo and 11/13 attacks." There follows his own personal account of his treatment at the hands of the French State, founded of course on the principles of 'Liberté, égalité, fraternité'.

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French Journalist Arrested After Exposing Israeli Link To Paris Attacks

Investigative journalist Hicham Hamza was detained by French police last month after exposing Israel’s role in orchestrating the Paris Attacks on November 13, 2015.
Police charged Hamza with “violating judicial secrecy,” and have threatened him with potential prison time for a photo Hamza published online.
Below is a translation of Hicham Hamza’s article describing his arrest:
Detained by police for investigating the attacks in Paris
An independent journalist and founder of the investigative website Panamza, I was detained for seven hours by police about an article in which I revealed the Israeli origin of the shocking photo of the Bataclan.
On Monday, February 22nd, I went of my own accord to the police station in response to a summons from the Crimes Against Persons Brigade, located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.
The day before, I had received an “urgent” voice message from an official of the Directorate of the Judicial Police asking me to call him immediately. The reason: my  December 15th article entitled “Bataclan Carnage: The shocking photo was disseminated from Jerusalem.”
I was familiar with the Judicial Police premises, having been summoned twice to respond to “defamation” complaints brought against me by Caroline Fourest and Pierre Bergé.
Surprise! This time, upon arrival I was “placed in custody” following a preliminary investigation by the Paris prosecutor. The officer informed me that I was now suspected of having committed – by publishing my article – the following offenses: “violation of the secrecy of an investigation”, “publication of an image that seriously undermines human dignity,” and “premeditated voluntary violence without ITT.”*
Yes, you read that correctly.
So what happened next?
I was led to cell to await the arrival of my lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre so that she could be present, as the law allows, during my interrogation.
After the interrogation, I was made to read and sign the minutes of my statements. I was then returned to detention pending the police response. Five hours later I left the musty old double-locked room to learn that no decision had been taken by the prosecutor of the Republic.
I was finally allowed to collect my things and go.
The merits of the case?
While following the torturous trail of the shocking, anonymous Bataclan massacre photo, I had done my work as an investigative journalist. My objective was to fully document my sources. So in my article, I inserted the URL of the first web page containing the non-blurred Bataclan picture (which I had chosen to truncate on my site).
The original source of the photo turned out, oddly enough, to be a tweet published by an Israeli organization headed by the U.S. neoconservative Mark Gerson.
My practice – which is increasingly costly and risky – of ultra-sourced web journalism is my guarantee of reliability for my readers: I give them my sources to check so they can judge for themselves the veracity of my information.
Today, the Paris prosecutor – who reports directly to the Ministry of Justice – claimed that I had supposedly “violated the secrecy of the investigation” and committed “premeditated voluntary violence” by “disseminating” the photo necessarily included in this tweet.
Duly noted.
I had already said in my hearing that I contested with the greatest force the validity of such accusations.
The Paris prosecutor’s office, directed by François Molins, now has six months to decide whether to indict me.
In the crosshairs
Keep in mind that on December 1st, the Valls government had announced – via its inter-ministerial delegate Gilles Clavreul – its hostility against me, confessing awkwardly that it would seek “legal loopholes to get (Hamza) prosecuted.”
Meanwhile, the arrival of Jean-Jacques Urvoas to head the Department of Justice was accompanied, more discreetly, by another little-noticed change. Thomas Andrieu, the director of the Civil Liberties and Legal Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Interior (and former right arm of Manuel Valls) became on February 5th the chief of staff of the new Minister of Justice.
On December 2nd I had published an article about this close associate of the pro-Israel network. The chief architect of the state of emergency, Thomas Andrieu had been previously charged with carrying out the government’s promise (which was in the end never kept) of dissolving the Jewish Defense League. (Editor’s note: Responsible for dozens if not hundreds of terrorist attacks, and untold thousands of threats of violence, the JDL has been officially declared a terrorist organization by the FBI; yet due to the power of the Zionist lobby it remains legal in France, Canada, and other countries.)
A detail that speaks volumes: In my article “Bataclan Carnage: The shocking photo was disseminated from Jerusalem,” I also raised questions about the JDL, stressing that this Zionist and racist militia, which is tolerated in France (but considered a terrorist group the United States and Israel) had directly published the gruesome Bataclan photograph on the homepage of its website.
We still do not know all the details about provenance and chain of custody of the photograph in question, which was designed to elicit terror, and whose authenticity is has been much discussed in the foreign alternative media. What we do know is that it first appeared on the website of a webmaster based in Jerusalem.
But it should come as no surprise that the Jewish Defense League – a small group linked to similar networks of the Israeli extreme right – could publish the photo without attracting the wrath of Bernard Cazeneuve, the Minister of the Interior who is extremely obliging to the Zionist movement and its operational relay in France: the MOSSAD.
Surprise, surprise: Along with the explicit title “Bataclan photo of the victims,” the shocking picture, whose publication by the JDL was exposed a month later on Panamza, has since been replaced by an off-topic illustration showing  … the seats in the house.
Someone in high places must have protected the JDL from any police summons by quietly asking them to remove the photograph.
As for me: For revealing the Israeli source of the image, which was manipulated through social media to instil fear and acceptance of draconian security measures, I was detained by police, at the request of prosecutors, for seven hours.
Now I am under threat of new prosecutions likely to bring, this time, a prison sentence.

Latest development: Abdeslam arrested.

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