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Autism, Vaccination and Robert de Nero


"How did they threaten Robert De Niro?"

“On July 26, 2000, the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association V published a review by Dr. Barbara Starfield, a revered public-health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Dr. Starfield’s review, ‘Is US health really the best in the world?’, concluded that, every year in the US, the medical system kills 225,000 people. That’s 2.25 million killings per decade.” (Jon Rappoport, The Starfield Revelation)
This is explosive.
This is about a film no one can see, because it exposes lunatics and destroyers in the vaccine industry.
Here is a quote from the Vaxxed producer and director, after their film was just axed from Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Festival (as reported by Jeremy Gerard, see: “‘Vaxxed’ Filmmakers Accuse De Niro, Tribeca Film Fest Of ‘Censorship’ In Wake Of Cancelation,”3/26/2016):
“’To our dismay, we learned today about the Tribeca Film Festival’s decision to reverse the official selection of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe,’ said Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree (the director and producer, respectively). Robert De Niro’s original defense of the film happened Friday after a one-hour conversation between De Niro and Bill Posey, the congressman who has interacted directly and at length with the CDC Whistleblower (William Thompson) and whose team has scrutinized the documents that prove fraud at the CDC. …” (emphasis added)
Okay. So here is the sequence…
  1. De Niro, who has an autistic child, decides to screen Vaxxed at his Tribeca Festival. It’s a film that reveals lies and crimes, and shows there is a causative connection between vaccines and autism.
  2. Pressure is applied to De Niro, so he meets with Florida Congressman Bill Posey, who lets him know the film is right on target. Posey knows, because he and his team have many pages of documents from CDC researcher, William Thompson, who blew the whistle on vaccine-autism fraud in 2014.
  3. De Niro decides he’ll not only screen the film, he’ll introduce it himself, live, onstage.
  4. Out of the shadows emerge people who put the screws to De Niro. What do they tell him? His career in film will end? His annual Tribeca Film Festival will go down the toilet? The medical treatment his autistic child is receiving will be cut off? He and family are now “not safe?”
  5. De Niro backs away and cancels the showing of Vaxxed.
He’s been taught a lesson. Don’t go up against the medical cartel. Keep your mouth shut. Suffer in silence.
Think about this. You can see a film about US drone strikes killing innocent civilians. You can see a film about criminal surveillance of the entire population. You can see a film about the CIA overthrowing foreign governments. You can see a film about mega-corporations spewing chemicals into towns, where children are born with defects and adults are dying of cancer.
But you can’t see a film that suggests a vaccine could be causing autism.
That’s too hot. That strikes at a secret too big to tell. That torpedoes a monopoly that must be protected, no matter what. Censored. Blacked out.
To boil down the background: In 2014, long-time respected CDC researcher, William Thompson, made a statement asserting that he and several esteemed colleagues had lied about a key study they authored 10 years earlier. The study actually revealed a connection between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and the onset of autism in young black boys—but that part of the study was censored. In fact, Thompson said, he and his colleagues sat in a room at the CDC, brought in a garbage can, and threw out those pages of research. That’s right.
But Thompson kept copies of the pages. Congressman Bill Posey and a few other people have those pages. Thompson says, through his lawyer, that he will not speak to reporters. He’ll work with Congress, if an investigation is mounted. But there is no indication Congressional hearings will ever be laid on. Because this story is too big.
This is the subject of the film, Vaxxed. The betrayal of the people by the Centers for Disease Control.
You can bet your bottom dollar that the prospect of Vaxxed being shown at Robert De Niro’s own festival—with him on stage introducing it—raised alarms at the CDC. Loud ones.
There is a very good chance that the CDC reached out to someone, who in turn reached out to De Niro and whispered in his ear and caused the actor to pause for thought.
He paused, and decided to turn around. He decided the risk was too great. He laid down his sword, such as it was, and went dark.
First Amendment? Never heard of it.
We now live in a country where the government decides, when it needs to, how to “protect the population” from “dangerous information.” . In this case, the Hippocratic Oath is turned inside out. It becomes: “First, do harm.”
Vaccines can cause autism? Well, sure, but don’t tell people that. Lie and keep lying, and keep calling it science.
Who cares how many children are destroyed?
Protect the medical monopoly. Protect the vaccinators. Don’t let a film see the light of day.
But it will. One way or another, it will be shown and people will see it and then they will know.
Source: Jon Rappoport

From the following web site:

Petition update

"The only people who don't want to disclose the truth, are the people with something to hide."-Obama

"Mar 28, 2016 — Recently, this film has been criticized as being "anti-vaccine." 
This is not an anti-vaccine film. It is a film exposing the fraud within the CDC. It is a film bringing to light the VERY REAL side effects that vaccination comes with, and the need for change. Why would anyone want to suppress crucial information that involves the health and well being of our nation, and the world? Because they have something to hide.

"If anyone thinks that vaccines are "safe" and without risk, we encourage you to download any/all of the currently licensed vaccine inserts (directly from the manufacturers). Vaccine inserts can be found in the links below. 

"When you read a vaccine insert that lists the following:
"Asthenia, chills, death, fatigue, malaise, Autoimmune diseases, hypersensitivity reactions including 
anaphylactic/anaphylactoid reactions, bronchospasm, and urticaria, Arthralgia, myalgia, Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, dizziness, Guillain-BarrĂ© 
syndrome, headache, motor neuron disease, paralysis
, seizures, syncope (including syncope associated 
with tonic-clonic movements and other seizure-like acti
vity) sometimes resulting in falling with injury, transverse myelitis. Infections and infestations: cellulitis. 
Vascular disorders: Deep venous thrombosis"....AND MORE (from a single vaccine insert) you don't associate those with being "safe." ESPECIALLY when it lists 40 deaths in studies.
Package insert for above reference found here: Section 6.2:

"Please do your research into vaccines and the risk they come with. Educate those around you to do the same. This is not anti-vaccine, but vaccine education. If you do not know that these vaccines come with these risks, and that you and you alone are responsible for the outcome of a vaccine injury, then you are not truly "informed."

All currently licensed vaccine inserts can be found here:

"We continue our unwavering support for Tribeca, Robert DeNiro and everyone involved in the decision making process, and encourage them to do the right thing by uncovering the truth. Its been a long time coming, and a long fight at that. The world deserves this truth, and we eagerly await your reply. 
We have created a movement to change the world, and we're doing it! We will be heard! Keep the signatures coming and never give up hope that the truth will prevail, because it ABSOLUTELY will." 

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