Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Presented by Brian Gerrish and Barrister Wilfred Wong

"The authorities often do far more to cover up SRA, than to expose it. Unfortunately as so often happens to such people" (in reference to Dianne Core (and Geoffrey Dickens)) "she received a lot of death threats and a charity shop she ran was even fire bombed by Satanists. It shows you the extent people go to, to try to suppress information about SRA. If there is nothing to SRA, as the sceptics claim, why do people go to such lengths, to suppress all public exposure of SRA, including the use of violence and death threats?" Wilfred Wong.

Programme 1.

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  1. I watched the one dated sep 29 015. It was excellent. I took notes. Wong was super at what he did. short and to the point, very focused. Delighted to see the UK Column cover this. Top notch stuff in my book. I coped the other 3 links for viewing later.

    I did note toward the end Wong suggesting what people had to do more of. But honestly, sine the media and government control all aspects of society, I don't see who people can do very much. Tyrants are pretty hard to manage or outwit. They hold all the power. It is like blaming small people for the Hampstead loss. Everyone did what they could. It is not their fault and SRA and its cults are not our fault, either. when power gets abusive, it need checked but it will require a power greater than that of the abuser power. either a stronger nation or God. Those are the only 2 I know of that can fix this at this point. And I don't hear a stronger nation volunteering. That only leaves God or hopelessness. I favor God!

    But I hope to see more of Wong on the UK Column and around. He confirms what I have heard in other sources.

  2. Thanks for this comment Apollo. I am tempted to say, "he can't be wong" but will resist the obvious pun! I agree he was impressive as much for his understatement as for his objectivity. The case is made stronger when made rationally, however much an emotional or abusive response might come naturally. You also I believe win the prize for being the first to ever comment on an item on my blog! I have written hundreds of thousands of words here and elsewhere, never knowing how they are received. Even if your observations relate to the video rather than any of the articles, it is much appreciated as a 'first', so thanks for that. Regards, Tim.


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