Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Comment on Pilger Article – Tim Veater

The Pilger article can be found here:

'Hood-winked'? Absolutely! Largely as a result of a neocon/zionist/tea party agenda, the
 world situation is deteriorating rapidly and potentially disastrously. This happens within an
 environment of ignorance, distraction and deception, all of which are practised by
 government and its media outlets. To counter the possibility, at least in this country, by
 whatever means possible, awareness needs to be raised and the web is one way of doing so.
 It explains why, under a pretext of counter terrorism, governments all across the world are
 so anxious to monitor and control it. This cannot be allowed to happen whatever the
 provocation - real or fabricated. 

 Unfortunately none of the mainstream parties are prepared as yet to tell the truth
 particularly about 9/11 and 7/7 because of the incalculable dangers
of distancing America and world financiers. As a result Britain tags along like the
desultory schoolboy on the cross-country run or the grandfather that no-one in the
family listens to any longer. We have the situation that mainstream public
opinion is no longer represented by the political parties, which explains why fringe parties
and individuals are winning in the polls. 

Almost anything is better than nothing, but also very dangerous. “Nature abhors a vacuum”
 and the political vacuum will be filled by the extreme, intolerant and irrational if things
 don’t change. 

The latest “hot-spot” for major violent confrontation is obviously Ukraine, Syria and Iran 
for the moment having been forced onto the back burner – but only temporarily. As Pilger 
and others have pointed out, America has fanned the flames with petrol rather than water, 
prepared to even support fascists and  unconstitutional coups, rather than work through 
existing systems of constitutional reform.

The reaction of Russia was never in doubt, in which case we can only conclude
this was the intended outcome. The people of Britain and Europe, rather
encouraging confrontation, need to emphasise common dangers and common interests
between east and west. Russia, with some justification is feeling threatened and needs to be 
reassured. Geneva didn’t work because there is an absence of trust and both sides are being 
encouraged to fear the other based on a lasting memory of historic events. As we know from
Serbia, this can only lead to disaster. What is required now more than ever, is GENUINE
rapprochement and calming measures, principally by the three signatories of the Budapest
Memorandum that underwrites the security and sovereignty of the Ukraine.

De-escalation, de-militarisation and calming measures followed by referendum on
the Ukraine remaining one unified country and elections should be the objective.
If Czechoslovakia with a painful communist past could manage a peaceful
separation, so should the Ukraine, if that is the wish of the people. What is
needed is for Russia and America to stop their drunken stand-off and for Britain to
adopt a far more neutral stance to allow tempers and macho instincts to cool. 

Unfortunately yet again it appears Britain is prepared to lie and deceive in order to maintain
 the confidence of the super-power and super-financiers that ultimately hold most of the
 strings. Cameron’s Britain yet again appears behind a hedge (fund?) shouting “Go for it
 America. We are with you.” Quite disgraceful and highly dangerous into the bargain.

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