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Stupid Intelligence. - A failure of intelligence!

From Facebook: John Green: "Could it be that the intelligence services are actually funding these attacks to justify their existence in periods of extreme austerity?"

Reply: Well if so, its certainly worked! Total "intelligence" bill for UK 13/14: £2,481,607,000; 14/15: £2,632,722,000; 15/16: £2,925,965,000. That's currently nearly three BILLIONS and an increase in two years of about 25% when inflation accounted for perhaps three percent. 

Most of this spending by its very nature is secret. The public is not allowed to know how it is spent and on what apart from generic headings. This leaves lots of room for all sorts of dark dealings I assume. 

That's an awful lot of money to which must be added all the other European countries' spending on doing similar things. All of which dwarfed by what the USA spends. And this of course does not include what is spent on armed services, weapons and police. 

Yet we cannot afford to provide even basic shelter for the refugees driven out by our activities in foreign parts. When mad is the norm, sensible people are considered mad.

Ironically despite the GIGANTIC international spend and the sharing of information between the constituent countries (the "five eyes" has long since increased to many more) they very notably appear to fail when most needed. ((9/11, 7/7, Boston, Paris x2, Brussels, Berlin are just a few notable examples)

When this happens it is blamed on all sorts of factors - the diverse nature of threat; the cleverness of the enemy; the lone wolf and "how could we be expected to imagine such a dastardly thing?" and so on - and invariably the people responsible for the failures, contrary to all usual norms, remain in post, are promoted and/or have their budgets and powers increased - usually to the detriment of the public. 

Some may be comforted by this set of circumstances and be persuaded that the public money is being well spent. Others might fear that it has actually contributed, if not caused, the problem.…/attac…/file/540815/56308_HC_363_WEB.pdf

And now the politically explosive "Russian leaks" are said to come from an ex-MI6 Officer. 

Christopher Steele, 52, fled from his home in Surrey on Wednesday morning after realising it was only a matter of time until his name became public knowledge. He left MI6 ten years ago and set up his own security firm. 

The BBC reported he was asked to research Trump and gave the evidence to FBI in 2015. Frank Gardiner suggested on air that it might be like the 'Dodgy Dossier' where "the caveats were stripped out and there was less to it than it appeared."

The Telegraph reported: "Christopher Steele, 52, fled from his home in Surrey on Wednesday morning after realising it was only a matter of time until his name became public knowledge. 

Mr Steele, the co-founder of London-based Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd, prepared a 35-page document that alleges the Kremlin colluded with Mr Trump’s presidential campaign and that the Russian security services have material that could be used to blackmail him, including an allegation that he paid prostitutes to defile a bed that had been slept in by Barack and Michelle Obama."

"Steele was initially hired by FusionGPS, a Washington, DC-based political research firm, to investigate Trump on behalf of unidentified Republicans who wanted to stop Trump's bid for the GOP nomination. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that Steele was initially hired by Jeb Bush, one of Trump’s 16 opponents in the 2016 Republican primary. It was not immediately possible to verify the BBC’s report.
He was kept on assignment by FusionGPS after Trump won the nomination and his information was circulated to Democratic Party figures and members of the media.

Steele’s dealings with the FBI on Trump, initially with the senior agent who had started the FIFA probe and then moved to a post in Europe, began in July. However, Steele cut off contact with the FBI about a month before the Nov. 8 election because he was frustrated by the bureau’s slow progress."

Steele was apparently an MI6 spy in Russia in the mid-90's. His file of information on Trump was gained during this time from FSB sources and paid for by anti-Trump Republicans and Democrats it is claimed. The fact he has gone into hiding suggests he realises that this is inflammatory stuff that carries its own health risks as proved by a number of highly suspicious deaths of other American alleged "leakers".

"Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. was founded in 2009 by former British intelligence professionals. The team now draws on extensive experience at boardroom level in government, multilateral diplomacy and international business to develop bespoke solutions for clients.
"Our tailored approach means the Directors are closely involved in the execution and detail of every project, supported by an in–house team of experienced investigators and professional intelligence analysts.
"Our global network of senior associates is made up of regional, industry and academic experts, as well as prominent business figures. We call upon their expertise and closed network of contacts to help our clients frame business decisions, protect our clients’ reputations, and problem–solve for companies facing complex issues worldwide.
"Ethical business practice is a fundamental value for the Orbis Business Intelligence team. Our documented procedures, developed in conjunction with external legal counsel, ensure compliance with relevant UK, US and EU legislation."


Of course many questions are thrown up by these revelations. The first is how reliable are they. Are they true or are they "fake"? 

Another relates to how the alleged information was gained? Was it provided freely by the FBS for some shrouded purpose, or was it gained illegitimately and covertly as a spy? 

So who passed the information to Steele and if he received it as a British Government employee, was it transferred to the Americans with Government approval or not? If not there would surely be a breach of  etiquette if not the Official Secrets Act? 

Then there are questions surrounding "dirty tricks" on the American side and its ethical considerations. 

Did the Bush family use its well known intelligence connections to obtain privileged information from state sources to undermine a political opponent in the Primaries? Was this then transferred and taken up by some route by the Democratic Party within the context of other damaging-to- Clinton leaks, blamed on the Russians? 

However the more that is revealed about them, the more it appears the sources are internal to domestic state organs (with a little help from our intelligence friends across the 'Pond'!) Clearly there are many more rabbits to emerge from this particular warren.

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  1. As to the "Boston Bombing", it is difficult to come up with something more FAKE. A Bostonian's analysis here:


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