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Melbourne: to tell or not?

Very strangely in the following video clip, a man in dark glasses (always a secret service indicator) appears briefly to whisper in the ear of Pauline Hanson, that a "terrorist attack" had occurred in Melbourne. Strange because this was denied by Government/Police sources at the time. Another example of a scheme not going quite according to plan?


Now a question: Is the woman produced as an "eye witness" at 1.20 mins. here: the same one who is filmed screaming on the ground at 2.30 mins. here: If not they are remarkably similar and I for one cannot tell them apart. Of course if they are the same person, not only it is strongly suggestive of a "crisis actor" at play, but her credibility as a witness would be trashed, as would the credibility of the whole event.

See video here:

In the following video, taken it appears by a "13 Cabs" taxi driver parked adjacent to the route of the offending car, the scene depicted is of four prostrate victims before the emergency services arrive. Significantly, although a deserted push chair is shown, there is no evidence of a small child, a ten year old girl, or a twenty two year old woman. The only explanation must be these victims were injured elsewhere. Some might find the number of the cab - 9393 - interesting, as here we have the makings of three sixes and two threes.  The Chief Operating Officer of  '13 Cabs', is ex army officer, Stuart Overall,

"13 Cabs", Head Office, Oakleigh, 35 Downing Street, Melbourne. 

Stuart Overell

Chief Operating Officer (Taxi Services) at Cabcharge Australia Limited

Army Officer

Australian Army
 –  (8 years)
Posted to Officer Training, Infantry and Artillery units during my Military career.
Cab Number - "M 9393" at 7.25 mins.  
Who was the person who did the filming? Wikipedia has this on '13 Cabs': "In June 2012 13CABS came under public scrutiny for releasing what was dubbed as a scare campaign targeting young women.[6] The campaign was a response to the Taxi Industry Inquiry recommendation that unmarked mini-cabs, similar to those in London, be released in Melbourne.The campaign was stopped due to public feedback, including a petition against it."

There is a rather questionable incident at 5.30 mins on this video where an apparent female victim starts screaming wildly only when she notices the camera man, and seems to stop when he leaves? Nor does she show any obvious sign of injury. Of course both these observations could have genuine cause but it might also indicate unreliability. The camera man also seems intent on focusing on the ground and not revealing any faces or the horizontal plane as might be expected.

"Damned if you do. Damned if you don't." 

In legal jurisdictions based on English Common Law, individuals are apparently under the legal obligation to report felonies (or their renamed descendants) and subject to criminal sanctions if they do not; yet at the same time are prevented by doing so by the strictures of the Official Secrets Act, or whatever approximates to it. 

We are all aware of which of these two, power brokers are more concerned to enforce, with such as Snowden, Manning and Assange - the most notable of many more - as living proof.

Those that seek to fulfil their duties under 'misprision' generally do not fare well (See:  

(As an aside, "misprison" features in one of my favourite Shakespeare sonnets, here:

We may conclude that government is frequently responsible for illegal activity and persecutes anyone with the audacity to reveal it, even when legally obliged to do so. 

What caused the damage to the roof of the car in addition to the front?

Yet the public is generally under a spell, refusing to doubt anything emanating from official sources, or believing that Government itself could institute criminal acts itself to achieve perverse (or even laudable!) objectives. Perhaps slowly the spell is being broken to the advantage of us all.

Matthew Si, 33, was killed in a car rampage through the Melbourne CBD on Friday.Source:Supplied
Matthew Si, 33, was killed in a car rampage through the Melbourne CBD on Friday.

The Melbourne Incident

As to the most recent Melbourne - Melbourne note yet again - incident, it certainly has a strong whiff of fish about it, not least that to a certain extent it mimics the tactics employed at Nice and Berlin, both highly suspect with extraordinary Jewish/Israeli connections. Sadly even in this event, a young Jewish girl was one of the victims, not specifically targeted yet unfortunate enough to be killed. Does anyone remember the notorious case of the Israeli spy Ben Zygier who came from Melbourne and died in mysterious circumstances in a Tel Aviv gaol?

Ten-year-old Thalia Hakin (12) was one of the victims of the Bourke St massacre.Source:Supplied
Ten-year-old Thalia Hakin was one of the victims of the Bourke St massacre.

"Thalia Hakin, whose scout troupe were also there to pay respects, should have been returning to Beth Rivkah Ladies College in a few weeks, the MPs said. “I think all Victorians can identify ... with a girl who was going into grade five, her life all in front of her, robbed by some crazed person,” Mr Danby said." (Source:

Youth, beauty and innocence appear to be the dominant subliminal message from the images published.

Jessica Mudie aka Jess Davis (22) died as a result of being run down by accused Dimitrious “Jimmy” Gargasoulas who allegedly went on a rampage in his car at Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, killing five people. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram
Jessica Mudie aka Jess Davis died as a result of being run down by accused Dimitrious “Jimmy” Gargasoulas who allegedly went on a rampage in his car at Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, killing five people. Picture: Instagram

Given that five fatalities have been reported including a five month old child, two individuals await to be named for some reason it seems.

Suspicious Features?

I have not studied Melbourne as closely as I have others, so am reticent to make firm judgements, but the fact that the driver was able to insinuate himself into the background of a live news transmission is itself suspicious, as is the flamboyant way in which he was caught on camera doing 'wheelies' and shouting slogans apparently in support of Muslim terrorism. These have  invariably featured in reports of events in America and Europe, whether accurate or not. 

The treatment and portrayal of the event and its timing are other indicative features of planned deception at some level or other. For example, an official TV reporter (Stephanie Anderson) attending a Mayoral Press Conference was immediately on scene and able to describe the unfolding events to TV viewers.

This event took place on 20 January 2017, around 1:30 pm local time.  On the same date Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States at 5 pm on January 20, 2017. That is almost precisely twenty hours later. It also occurred bang in the middle of the Australian Open Tennis Championships scheduled on16 - 29 Jan 2017in... Melbourne of course. 

Three possibilities present themselves as to timing: it was co-incidental; the assailant chose the time for maximum impact; or someone else behind the event chose it for maximum impact, and particularly with Trump's inauguration in mind.

Dimitrious ‘Jimmy’ Gargasoulas. Picture: AAP Image/SuppliedSource:AAP
Dimitrious ‘Jimmy’ Gargasoulas. Picture: AAP Image/Supplied

And the name of the attacker: Dimitrious Gargasoulas. "Soulless" for goodness sake? Maybe just a coincidence but if you are not convinced just check out the names of other alleged terrorists, a feature I and others have drawn attention to elsewhere. Rather conveniently an image of him conveys all we need to know, or think we know, about such a brazen and ruthless individual. Interestingly it is set against a black and white tiled background that may have significance to some.

In this image, why is the alleged perpatrator left uncovered?

The Hero Figure

There is always a "hero figure" that seems to appear in such incidents. Is this may just be a reflection of human need or journalistic practice but we cannot exclude manipulation. In this case it was reported as follows: 

"Stuffed toys and flowers adorned the stage at the square, with law student Henry Dow telling the crowd how a taxi driver named Lou jumped into action alongside him after the attack. "I am Lou, you are going to be okay," was how the cabbie reassured the female victim, Mr Dow said.""We are looking after you." The pair commenced CPR on the woman, with Lou taking command. He was a "genuine hero", Mr Dow said." (Source:

Yet again a crucial individual goes by only his Christian name.

Now we are told the suspect 'refuses' to appear in court to face the charges! "He was en route to Melbourne’s Magistrates Court on Monday afternoon after being questioned be police.But Nine News reported his lawyer requested the accused be excused from appearing in court due to health concerns. The Herald Sun reports Dimitrious Gargasoulas isn’t expected to return to court until August. Even then he will only appear via video link and will not step inside a courtroom until next year." (Source:

Yet again an alleged assailant is either "neutralised" on the spot, or disappears into some official hibernation, "whilst the case is prepared against him." 

Even this exceptionalism acts as a red flag that this event is not all it makes out to be.

The familiar emotional treatment by the media:

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