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Nuclear Confrontation only Whisker Away?

A "Critical Thinking" article succinctly summarises how the world got into this current highly reactive mess, only a few military steps removed from nuclear armageddan and the end of life as we know it. Western leaders need to start 'fessing up', if we are ever going to extricate ourselves from this morass of deceit, lies and mortal danger.

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The Physics of 9/11

Hi Tim,
The apparent "attacks" in the US on 11th September 2001 are key to understanding everything which has happened subsequently and are ultimately driving us towards confrontation with Russia. It is the pivotal event of the 21st century and may in the future, if people are left to record history, be regarded as the spark which ignited global conflagration - for many people around the world, that conflagration has already started.

Why is it so critical to understand 9/11? Because if 9/11 was an inside job, then the whole war on terror is bogus, the threat of Al Qaeda is bogus, the war on Afghanistan is bogus, we know Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were bogus, the UN sanctioned Responsibility to Protect (R2P) which facilitated the destruction of Libya is bogus and, of course, the story of ISIS and the war on Syria are bogus.

World Trade Centre 7 is the "smoking gun" - it was not hit by a plane, was relatively undamaged and yet, it "collapsed" at freefall speed which is only possible if there is no physical resistance to slow acceleration. The only rational explanation for what is observed is that the building was brought down by controlled demolition.

The Physics of 9/11 (59 minute video)

If that's true, that the building was deliberately demolished, the explosive charges would have to have been placed in advance. For that to occur, those responsible would have had to have been able to access all the areas where the charges were placed. The wiring and explosives to demolish a building half the height of the twin towers and with the footprint of a football pitch would have been difficult to hide. Was "security" complicit?

So how "secure" was this building? Who occupied it? Apart from banks, insurers and securities traders, the building was home to: IRS Regional Council, U.S. Secret Service, C.I.A., Securities & Exchange Commission, Mayor's Office of Emergency Mgmt. Mayor Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management, and its emergency command center on the 23rd floor. This floor received 15 million dollars worth of renovations, including independent and secure air and water supplies, and bullet and bomb resistant windows designed to withstand 200 MPH winds.
How curious that on the day of the attack, Guiliani and his entourage set up shop in a different headquarters, abandoning the special bunker designed precisely for such an event.

The rabbit hole of who had connections to 9/11 and the security of the World Trade Centre is deep and wide and goes beyond the scope of today's Daily Pickings.

The point is quite simple. If 9/11 was an inside job (there is no other plausible explanation for the events of that day), all the homeland security to close down our freedoms and take away our liberties and the war of terror to destroy nations and cultures are based on lies and deception.Cui bono? (who benefits) - Rothschilds and the Structural Elite. The current corrupt political economy is the cause of 9/11 and the only way to stop the madness of today is to take away the levers of power from those who would destroy us.


Once we cease to believe the fairytale of the 'beardy bogeyman' orchestrating one of the most sophisticated, coordinated attacks in human history, we are free to stand up and be human rather than fearful slaves.

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  3. On the edge of Nuclear War

    Published on Wednesday, 19 October 2016 06:14

    As the stakes go up in the confrontation between Russia et al and the US/NATO et al, the danger of nuclear war rises.

    War between US and Russia Could Be Sooner than Later. “The Danger of a Nuclear War” By Joachim Hagopian

    Meanwhile, barely noticed in a virtual media blackout in the West are at least a half dozen high alert, significant international developments this last weekend that all strongly indicate the extreme danger of a nuclear war breaking out at any time against Russia and its Eastern alliance. Again, do not pay attention to the US deceivers behind their Oz-like curtain and their frenzied pushing of Western propaganda machine levers as sleight of hand distraction to willfully withhold the fact that many unreported major world events are simultaneously occurring now that foretell the start of World War III potentially just days away.

  4. The people that have lied through their teeth about this, and refused to respond to public demands for a proper criminal and scientific investigation, are the crooks that are still running America.


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