Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Recent revelations indicate, post Second World War, nuclear bombing of the Soviet Union for ensuring American/British hegemony was actively considered and planned for. (Research 'Operation Unthinkable').

This and the huge suffering previously experienced from German aggression and subsequent Cold War stand off goes a long way to explaining current Russian sensitivities over Ukraine in the face of NATO and EC advances under the camouflage of 'freedom' and 'democracy'.

All political leaders like to portray themselves as peace-lovers and peace-makers but in fact appear to suffer from a psychological disconnect between the decisions they make and the reality of the violence and destruction thus caused. Were all leaders, as Kings of old, required to lead their troops into battle, they might take a slightly less sanguine view. (On reflection, I suppose if it didn't stop the Kings, it might not stop them either). The MAD policies so familiar to us based on fear, suspicion and greed, are evidence of insecurity not the reverse.

How long does it take for a world population of about seven billion people, all facing essentially the same global and personal issues and problems, to realise that wasting so much in time and resources killing one another is indeed the height of stupidity and folly?

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