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‘Mopping-up in Libya' – Tim Veater

A meddling finger by America, France and Britain (to mention just three western countries) has destroyed and reduced Libya, yet another relatively stable and prosperous north African country to violent chaos. A recent Robert Fisk article in the Independent, relates the continuing Libyan debacle as it relates to the trial and death sentence imposed on a number of the Gaddafi regime officials and family associates - what we may assume, in general parlance, is regarded as 'Mopping Up' exercise. For whom it is being done and in whose interest is left to our imagination. Fisk is in no doubt. He suggests it is a 'perversion of justice' carried out to a western agenda to 'conveniently' remove the people who could implicate their security services in the whole unholy mess and the previous close working relationship to the Libyan Government. 'Gaddafi’s spymaster Abdullah al-Senussi, his son Saif and a bunch of other regime cohorts were sentenced to death last week without defence counsel or testimony or documents or witnesses.'
The full article can be found here: 
There has been no semblance of justice in the proceedings. What is clear, is that the British government fixated on ‘illegal immigrants’ at Calais  (largely as a consequence of western foreign policy and involvement) – the so-called ‘swarm’ – and imaginary threat from ‘Muslim terrorists’ from here and abroad, has not publicised or expressed concern about events in Libya. Indeed having reduced the place to rubble, it has, in the best traditions of Pilate, washed its hands of the whole dirty business. However, like Pilate, no doubt the Western powers could have intervened to stop the trial if it had wished. Clearly it didn't wish.

There is no doubt that the whole Libyan uprising and subsequent intervention by principally Britain and France to protect the civilian population from Gaddafi threats, was a deeply disingenuous operation with deep roots and deceitful objectives. James and Joanne Moriarty, who had been in the oil business in Libya since 2007 and two of the last Americans to escape the country, are convinced that Gaddafi was faced with a fait accompli prior to the start of violence and that it was actually planned and initiated by western agencies. Their convincing account which contradicts the Western government narrative can be found here: 

Their version of events is supported what has been revealed since regarding the impact of Libya insurgents providing with western assistance, the emergence of so-called 'ISIS' that has has dominated both domestic and foreign policy since. The connection is direct and immediate. Indeed the assassination of the American Ambassador is undoubtedly linked with the whole murky business, though never fully elucidated. Maybe yet another reason to get rid of Senussi who might have been able to throw some light on it.

The Moriartys attest to the stable, affluent, civilized nature of the country prior to the war. The parallels with Iraq are all too clear.  In both, the west appears to have promoted instability and an excuse for war which it prosecuted with a vengeance, the only consequence of which could be death, destruction and long-term internal conflict. This of course has come to pass and the countries in question have ceased to pose any geo-political threat, principally to Israel. Some would claim this lies at the root of the whole exercise.

In both cases the countries have been ravaged and plundered by the west. The scandalous way in which Iraqi assets were stolen and squandered is still not generally or widely appreciated. It was perhaps the biggest official heist in history since the events of 9/11! A veteran's view about what was 'achieved' and the continuing suffering is here: Martin Luther King quote: "We need to redistribute the wealth. We also need to redistribute the pain."

Some may think that events in Malaysia and Tunisia (not to mention Syria of course) are all covert Western confederate acts, essentially to warn that the same Iraqi/Libyan fate awaits if they do not ‘tow the (Western) line’. Was this the hidden agenda behind Mr Cameron’s recent (26.7.2015) ‘trade visit’ to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and
Singapore? Incidentally the new Indonesian President is the unlikely named ‘Joko Widodo’.  (Say it slowly and phonetically and you might get my point!). (see: In the Government press release here ( he is referred to as ‘President Jokowi‘. Strange but true! In the following it reverts to ‘Widodo’ leading us to pose the question, ‘What’s in a name, anyway?’ He has had a meteoric rise to power on what appears to be genuine concern for the welfare and prosperity of his compatriots whilst not afraid of upsetting neighbours and foreign countries by executing drug traffickers and sinking illegal fishing boats in Indonesian waters! (see:

From this British Government source we have this:

“In bilateral talks with President Widodo in Indonesia and later in the week with Prime Minister Najib in Malaysia, the Prime Minister is expected to raise the threat from Islamist extremism and discuss what more the UK can do with countries in south-east Asia to defeat terrorism.
There are growing concerns that the next ISIL affiliation or branch could emerge in south-east Asia, where ISIL and other extremist groups are pumping out propaganda in local languages and where a number of extremists such as Abu Bakar Bashir have pledged allegiance to the Islamist terrorist group. Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population – around 220 million and Malaysia face the same threat of foreign fighters as the UK and other European countries. Around 500 Indonesians are thought to have joined ISIL in Iraq and Syria as well as 200 from Malaysia.
The Prime Minister is keen to explore whether the UK can offer more practical counter-terrorism co-operation to both countries, for example on disrupting foreign fighters and aviation security. He also wants to hear from politicians, religious leaders, and young people how they are tackling the extremist narrative and to look at how the UK can learn from their approach and encourage them to share their experience with others. Indonesia is home to the world’s largest Muslim population – 220 million – and people there working to better understand the drivers of extremism in Indonesia and to design more effective institutions. While Malaysia – also a Muslim majority country – has a tradition of tolerance and religious moderation, it is also experiencing a rise in extremism and local civil society groups are working to boost vibrant and inclusive religious debate to address the local root causes of radicalisation.”
Now the Fisk article on the latest developments in Libya:

ROBERT FISK The Independent. Sunday 2 August 2015

Abdullah al-Senussi execution: This perversion of justice suits Western security services just fine

The secret agreements between our intelligence and Gaddafi’s torturers will now remain safe for good 

Shutting them up. That’s what it’s about. The hangman’s drop, the crackle of the firing squad, and their secrets go to the grave.”
“Saddam Hussein didn’t get the chance to tell us about his dealings with the US and German companies who provided the gas he used on the Kurds. And now Gaddafi’s spymaster Abdullah al-Senussi will be shot in Libya before he has a chance to tell us about the cosy relationship he had with our Western security services when he liaised between his boss, the CIA and MI6.”
“Not surprising, is it – despite Amnesty’s outrage at the charade of a trial and the UN human rights office being “deeply disturbed” by the sentences – that the Brits and Americans have not batted an eyelid since Senussi, Gaddafi’s son Saif and a bunch of other regime cohorts were sentenced to death last week without defence counsel or testimony or documents or witnesses? All those secret nudge-nudge agreements between Gaddafi’s odious torturers and our intelligence services will remain safe for ever. So everything is hunky-dory. Thank God for Libyan “justice”.”
On the ‘Veterans for Peace’ website here: I added the the following observation which I doubt is an exaggeration:
“The role Britain has played in the Middle East in the last twenty years (at least) is totally worthy of
the description ‘Perfidious Albion’ and shameful. It has yapped around the heels of a
US/Israeli/Saudi policy, pretending to be dangerous, but actually as forbidding as a Pekingese,
nipping here and nipping there. (Leaving aside the small matter of the Suez Canal) from the
shooting of PC Fletcher in 1984 onwards, our relationship with that region has been steeped
in disinformation and deceit. Virtually nothing has been what the British public was told, and no
deception was too great or consequences too horrid, to perpetuate the lie. Where do we start? Pan
Am 103? Targeted failed assassination of Gaddafi? The Libyan IRA connection? Abdel Hakim
Belhaj rendition? 9/11? 7/7? MH370? MH17?The Western inspired Libyan ‘uprising’? Blairite hugs
and kisses for oil, followed by bombs and chaos? A frustrated Iraq ‘inquiry’? The engineered killing
of an American Ambassador? Using Libya as training ground and staging post for creation of so-
called ISIS? And now a callous ‘mopping-up’ exercise to ensure all the dirty deeds are buried with
the actors of a West End show? This is just part of the rottenness that lies at the heart of the British
State, the stench of which no amount of cheap perfume or gold leaf, will mask.”

Sadly we must conclude that nothing our own government says or wants us 
to believe can be taken at face value or trusted, without independent
investigation and validation. Indeed we can almost expect it to be a
misrepresentation or dissimulation. END.

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