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Reprinted here (for what it's worth!) Robert Bennet's article on the deeply corrupt and intentionally misleading actions of the United States Government, colluding with others, to conceal the true participants and purpose of the 9/11 and other earlier deceptions.

It really is more than time that the evil facts were revealed and the forces responsible for them made to account for their egregious sins. 

For all his faults, and he no doubt has many, at least Trump offers the chance that the conspiracy that runs wide and deep may be busted. 

It also provides light on why these same forces are desperate to undermine him on the hypocritical pretext of contacts with Russia - common to every administration from the Second World War onwards whilst ignoring all the dark and potentially criminal acts of the Democratic leadership.

Robert Bennet 9/11 catalyst for waking up . . . TAKE TWO (defiance): Most all world Media, especially the disingenuous American Media, CNN, etc., persist in brain-washing the ‘official version’ of 9/11 and the BinLaden death. What if all you knew, was a lie?

• N
o brain-searing Media will state that ‘FOUR’ alleged crash sites, had no passenger plane wreckage, turbine engines, wings, tail sections, bodies, luggage, etc. The FBI did not bother digging the alleged crash site at Shanksville, the official version being; “Everything vaporized”. I conclude, we each live under the influence and power of morally degenerate western governments.

• All 9/11 wrongful death litigation was assigned by Congress, to a single federal court, the Southern District of New York, and a single judge, Alvin K. Hellerstein. When a criminal case is resolved ‘without trial’, records obtained through search warrant, remains confidential, away from the public’s eye. All cases involving 9/11 were settled out of court. Hellerstein’s son Joseph was a lawyer in Israel.

• The video evidence of 9/11 has been modified, modus operandi, similar to the fraudulent JFK Zapruder video evidence, in order to subvert the American people and way of life. It is my conjecture since JFK, Americans have been under attack by insidious, subversive, elements, and the American government comprehensively hijacked. Since JFK, the USA should have been renamed USZA, the United States of Zionist America, with motto ‘Subversion by Deception’.

• 9/11 is outrageously, the largest, most far reaching, ‘false flag’ crime in American history, the effects continue relentlessly, today.

It is outrageous that Obama, in his last months in office, gave $38 billion to Israel, a country with population similar to that of London, England. Trump has also pledged support, and passed billions to Israel, while simultaneously, Russia faces thousands of NATO troops, tanks, and missiles on its borders.

Americans must ask penetrating questions of its government, and purge relentlessly.

• A nuclear Middle East is exactly what JFK desperately wished to avoid. This is exactly why JFK was assassinated. The Israeli prime minister, David Ben-Gurion resigned from office just prior to the assassination. Some of JFK's communications with Ben-Gurion, are still classified.

• Ben-Gurion, Yitzhak Rabin (Mossad assassination chief), and Nixon were all in Dallas on 22nd Nov 1963. 

• LBJ's mother, grandmother and great grandmother were Jewish. LBJ reversed JFK’s policies regarding Vietnam and Israel’s ‘nuclear reactor’ at Dimona.

• US Aid law: If any foreign government who receives US assistance is not transparent, on how they spend that money, then that government will not receive further assistance, 'unless the US Secretary of State grants a waiver'.

• It is illegal to give aid to a nation that has nukes, and which has not signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Agreement.

• USZA governments are despised worldwide? They invade countries on false pretexts, drone strike innocent people, steal oil and gold, create puppet dictators and Zionist Central Banks, label resistance fighters as terrorists. Why is increasing violence being visited upon American and British cities? Why is the Bush/Blair genocide, the false flag ‘war on terror’, morphing globally, with millions killed and displaced, by design?

• Mossad Motto: ‘By way of deception thou shalt do war.’

It is not wise for the governments of Commonwealth countries; Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada (4/5th of Five Eyes) to be associated with the pariah, the government of USZA.

• …… Snapshot of American Foreign Policy: USS Maine lie, Lusitania stand down, Pearl Harbour stand down, Korean 38th parallel lie, JFK assassination lie, USS Liberty Israeli attack, Gulf of Tonkin Lie, Saddam and WMD lie, Kuwait lie, Al Qaeda/CIA lie, etc. 
• …… The Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump regimes have increased global tensions beyond Cold War levels. 
• …… Operation Orchard: Israel strikes Syrian reactor:

• …… Operation Opera - Israel strikes Iraq reactor:

• …… Iraq War, Tony Blair and the Truth - Part 1:

• …… Tony Blair's Iraq War lies:

• …… BBC expose of Israel's Secret Illegal Nukes

• …… Kennedy Speech - Conspiracy Secret Societies:

• …… The Mother Of All Smoke Screens:
• …… Operation Mockingbird:

• …… America fully controlled:

• …… The ‘Private’ Federal Reserve Bank, and American Debt Ceiling of $20 Trillion:

However, the tide is turning in Europe, regarding BREXIT and the collapsing European Union. The brave British, the ‘little people’, the ‘common people’ established a redoubt against the ‘European Union juggernaut’, a brazen dictatorship, with developing central army, a United States of (Zionist) Europe and Central Bank.

• It is now time for the ‘little people’, the ‘common people’ of the United States to make a stand against every form, every detail, of corruption and lobbying from big business and secret societies to lobbying groups, and Congress. 
• It is time to ‘critically monitor Media drama’. It’s time to disseminate truth rather than disinformation. The future might then experience fewer ‘false flag’ Media deceptions, as we begin to understand the techniques of POLITICS OF FEAR, and LATEST OUTRAGE. The oligarch’s end game is Israel’s ‘Samson Option’. So be it. 
• It is now time to heed JFK’s warning.

• Facebook’s new head of policy is Jordana Cutler, a Netanyahu adviser and former chief of staff at the Israeli embassy in Washington.
• Those of power, in Bush’s Federal government at 9/11, were dual-citizen Israeli nationals.
• According to General Colon Powel, Israel has well over 200 atomic weapons; Israel has Neutron bombs (that kill only people leaving infrastructure) and thermonuclear weapons, enough to destroy the entire Middle East. 
• Proliferation experts say Israel has the world's sixth largest nuclear arsenal, including small tactical nuclear weapons, nuclear land mines, and medium range nuclear weapons capable of being launched from land, sea or air.
• Israel has satellite capabilities (eyes in the sky), with assistance from the USZA.
• Israel has three nuclear submarines based at Haifa. Angela Merkel supplied Israel with a fleet of Dolphin-class subs. The defence forces of France, Britain and Germany are now out-classed, leaving Europe vulnerable.
• Israel is the only undeclared nuclear weapon state. It is not a party to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to which Europe, America and even Iran are all subject, by the IAEA.
• Israel’s biological and chemical laboratories are at Nes Ziona.
• The USZA helped Israel develop the Hydrogen bomb, in violation of International law.
• Israel is credited with development of the Stuxnet computer virus, attacking Iran’s nuclear processing plant.

Be aware, the simple act of watching television, expresses complicity and status quo corruption. Hollywood’s fraudulent, dramatic, videos of 9/11 and news media commentaries, demanded we submit to the official version, that 'four' planes were ‘ABSORBED’, by two massive steel towers, the Pentagon and ‘Soil of Shanksville’, without corroborated crime scene evidence.


As of 28.7.2017 the following take on 9/11 by:

It was mafia connected companies that got the contracts with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to clean up the debris after 9/11. Anthony Fontanetta and Mark Jakubek were executives at the Port Authority and found guilty of racketeering and bribery involving millions in stolen cash from federal aid for ground zero clean up. About 19 others plead guilty as well in this racketeering. The port authority has a history with organized crime however on 9/11 the Port Authority's records were destroyed because they were located in Tower 7.

Owners of the construction company Peter Scalamandre & Sons were convicted of paying off members of the Lucchese crime family for labor racketeering prior to 9/11. Peter Scalamandre & Sons was later shut down working as sub contractors during the ground zero clean up. The major clean up companies used smaller contractors to carry out much of the work. Many of the smaller contractors like Peter Scalamandre & Sons were connected with the Italian Mafia.
The major companies for the 9/11 clean up were the London AMEC subsidiary AMEC Construction, Bovis Lend Lease, Tully Construction and Turner Construction being funded with over 450 million for clean up.
These larger companies used smaller sub contractors and many of these companies were tied with the Five Families and their associates. The subcontractors payments were in the range of 60 million of that 450 million in clean up aid.
It is believed that about 63 million went to mafia connected construction and clean up companies.
Salvatore Carucci is believed to be a Lucchese associate and is the owner of Seasons Contracting which received over 26 million for his company's clean up work.
Allen Monchik who has been convicted of fraud worked as a consultant making calls hours after 9/11 to the port authority, asbetos companies and to mafia associates like former Lucchese boss Louis Daidone and mafia associate Noel Modica.
The District Attorney's investigators tracked these calls while investigating corruption involved with these asbestos companies. The Italian Mafia are known for having deep involvement at the Jersey ports and associates in the New York and New Jersey Port Authority.
On September 11, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld who was Jesuit educated from Georgetown ran the Department of Defense as Secretary of Defense, George Tenet who was also Jesuit educated from Georgetown ran the Central Intelligence Agency, and Michael Copps who was a Jesuit professor at Loyola University of New Orleans ran the Federal Communications Commission which regulates all broadcasting inside of the United States.
The US armed forces, CIA, and FCC were all under the supervision of Jesuit alumni and professors. The real theft on 9/11 goes back to Franklin D Roosevelt and his Executive Order 6102 which criminalized the ownership of gold in the United States and demanded all gold to be handed in under the threat of fines and imprisonment.
This gold was covertly held underneath the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. On 9/11 William Joseph McDonough was President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and was Jesuit educated from Georgetown and he oversaw this theft. 

After 9/11 the gold was removed from the FRBNY under the disguise of ground zero debris. The gold was then shipped out through the Jersey ports and sent to London and Rome. The DeCavalcante crime family of Elizabeth New Jersey are covertly running the ports in Elizabeth New Jersey.
Franklin D Roosevelt was educated at the British Crown established Harvard University and was a Shriner Freemason. Rudy Giuliani was knighted by both the Italian House of Savoy and the British House of Windsor and was completely in on 9/11.

The 9/11 gold heist was a long term premeditated scheme carried out by the Black Nobility of Rome and British Nobility which are covertly working together.
Both of these groups are closely working with the House of Saud which they used as their scapegoat and in return provided the Saudi royal family with a portion of the stolen gold and business dealings in Europe and the United States.
When these imperialists are ready to destroy the empire they take back all the gold. In ancient times they would increase the value of gold so that the coins would become paper thin.
9/11 was a bio-chemical attack on the American people and that is why more than 3000 FEMA members were in New York City two days before 9/11 in preparation which further shows their premeditation.
The Bush family are former German nobility working under the British-German House of Windsor. George W Bush and George HW Bush were educated at the British Crown established Yale University and George HW Bush was knighted by the House of Windsor's Order of the Bath.
On 9/11 Frederick Whitten Peters was Secretary of the United States Air Force and was educated at Harvard University and the London School of Economics.
Rome's Jesuits and Vatican knights along with Freemasons and British Crown knights orchestrated 9/11 and used the Italian Mafia's control over the Port Authority along with the London connected AMEC Construction to ship out the gold and deliver it to London.


  1. Christopher Bollyn with Helje Kaskel and 3 others.
    2 hrs ·
    Bollyn's Forthcoming Book - Coming out in August 2017

    The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East
    by Christopher Bollyn

    Contains fifteen chapters about the fundamental deception of 9/11 and the War on Terror. Explains the common origin of both and reveals the real underlying strategy of the War on Terror, America's longest war.

    Foreword by Alan Sabrosky. Includes an American Muslim perspective written by the Nation of Islam Research Group.

  2. Ha Ha that may be a tall order Geri. I'm guessing you are fairly well informed about the theories, some of which are touched on by Ian above. All I would say is that the visual (digital) and subsequent physical evidence is more than enough to cast doubt on the official explanation, which lacks even basic credibility. A statement of the obvious is at least that the buildings collapsed into their own footprint at virtually freefall acceleration and turned to dust apart from steel remnants, many of which were liquified! None of this can be explained by normal domestic aircraft crashing into the side, with or without fuel. The fact that after the initial fireball, the majority of smoke is black (ie incomplete combustion) proves that temperatures were insufficient to warp or melt the huge steel collums, leaving aside the fact that they were actively protected with non-flammable/heat resistant asbestos. There are so many problems with the official story it is hard to know where to start or how to stop! Take the 'planes': the second at least does not accord with the claimed commercial aircraft; made largely of aluminium it would have disintegrated on impact and wings likely detach rather than incising the hole as shown and certainly NOT emerge on the other side; then there is the evidence of a PRE-explosion before hitting the face on the south tower; then the phenomenom of the 'missing wing' behind the distant building; all pointing to fraud of one sort or another. Visually it is quite clearly evident that there were progressive explosions ahead of the collapsing sections that can only be explained in terms of detonations. There is also indesputable evidence on tape and by numerous witnesses, professional and lay, of huge explosions in the basement of the building that could not possibly be connected to the planes striking above. All this and the other buildings that were destroyed without even being hit by an aircraft proves that the Government and owners lied which must prove they were implicated in a criminal conspiracy that has never been admitted by them (understandably) or properly investigated let alone explained or prosecuted. So as to cause I think there can be no doubt this was a sophisticated (and callous) operation for criminal and geo/political objectives in which untold millions have also suffered and died in countries reduced to rubble and chaos, which used a variety of conventional and unconventional weaponry only available with the active participation of government and military. The microscopic iron spheres point ineluctably to thermite/ate. The 'dustification', great heat and radioactive isotopes are harder to explain, but I do not put a nuclear or other weapon technology out of the question. After all both the coincidence of the 'Manhattan Project' and use of the term 'Ground Zero', not to mention the allusion to Pearl Harbour and subsequent atom bombs, may be very big clues!

  3. LBJ's Mistress Blows Whistle On JFK Assassination


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