Monday, 27 July 2015


HIGH ALERT: See how the cards are being stacked around the world to clamp down on free and honest debate on issues that affect us all. Always an innocuous, even laudable objective to obscure a much more sinister objective. It is not only the wording of the law that is important, it is when, against whom and by whom it is to be applied. Discretion in enforcement and implementation is all important. If anyone thinks these laws are applied dispassionately and without discrimination, think again. It is an intentional and calculated scheme to shut down dissent and control an ever widening dissemination of the truth. Only if the public is aware will it be able to resist this global tide before it is too late to reverse it. Mr Cameron has already made clear his objective to criminalise thought and expression and thus subject the population to ever heavier chains and restrictions. Because everyone will be affected, everyone must say no to the minimal protections of FREE SPEECH. 
In the second hour of today's show we speak to Brendon O'Connell who spent three years in prison for violations of recently enacted racial vilification laws in Western...

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  1. From the programme notes: "It seems clear from talking with him that Brendon O'Connell is neither an anti-semite nor a while supremecist. He is rather, a pro-Palestinian activist who condemns what he sees as the racism and cultural genocide being perpetrated against the Palestinian people. Sometimes he gets a little carried away but he never threatens or incites violence. His conviction and prison sentence was based on statements such as calling Keyser a "racist, homicidal maniac". Hence his accusation of racism is itself redefined as racism in action. George Orwell should be turning in his grave about now.

    Today's interview focuses of the central question of the state of free speech in our society and the way in which powerful lobby groups are able to subvert the justice system and indeed democracy itself.

    This radio program upholds universal principals of religious tolerance and we strongly condemn racial vilification and hate speech of any kind. On the other hand we also uphold the universal right of free speech in a democracy. These two principals need not be in conflict if the spirit of the law is applied correctly."


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