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'Ariana Grande'.

Well I never did! Here we go again. All the familiar features.

Familiar look?

Event foretold?

The following has just been posted on my FB feed. It saves me typing similar but not necessarily identical observations so I will republish it here for what it is worth. 

Of course such is the overwhelming public sentiment evoked by even the suggestion of targeting children with an explosive device, that it is almost impossible to remain calm and objective about what went on. But as now seems to be common-place with these events, only the official narrative is pushed by the media, and this comes direct from 'official' sources, in which we are encouraged to have complete and unquestioning confidence. This is despite a mountain of evidence from past incidents that this may not be justified. 

As usual "an on-going investigation" is used to obscure any fact that needs to be hidden or uninvestigated; the "lone wolf" and "we can't be expected to predict or stop every determined suicide bomber" as the reason it could not be intercepted; inconvenient facts and details are never explained; the inquest process is manipulated to hide possibly incriminating detail on the back of "no need" or "too disturbing for the jury to witness" (we shall have to see if this happens); no criticism is allowed of the agencies that are charged with prevention, despite being at least fully aware of the individuals involved, if not implicated in the events themselves; it all happens amazingly timed to influence international gatherings - in this case not only a NATO summit in Brussels three days later but one at which the USA President Trump attended at the end of his 'Middle East tour', followed by a meeting of the 'G7' on Saturday! 

Unmistakable 'pink' and child theme to event and incident whilst being a "Dangerous Woman" tour.

Yet again (cite France where a State of Emergency still persists) the event is conveniently used to support standing policy objectives: the return of Mrs May in the strangely U-turn General Election; the highest state of terror emergency; troops on the streets, on trains and at public events; the arming (and centralising?) of the police; increased government control of press and Internet; limitations on individual protections; support for more military intervention in Syria.

So whilst fully empathising with the people of Manchester and any and all who have been killed, injured or traumatised by the events there, it is vital that we keep a level and dispassionate approach, for we can be sure that is the distinguishing feature of the psychopaths behind these incidents, whoever they are and wherever they come from. 

That is how "Gayle Fawkes" observations below, should be read. 

Mass expressions of grief and support may be understandable and positive but we should also be very conscious as to how they can be manipulated by those in control to deflect from criticism where it is deserved; to distract from objective analysis; to support otherwise unobtainable policy objectives at home and abroad. 

It was, I believe, a lesson that was not missed in Britain following the outpouring of emotion when Princess Diana was killed in suspicious circumstances. 

'Hard Cop' / 'Soft Cop'?

The very formulaic combination of mass gatherings, marches, prepared slogans, political leader's comments and appearances, to a common script, beds of flowers, services of hope and remembrance, foreign buildings lit in 'solidarity', minutes of silence, the use of pretty girls and iconic images, are far too resonant of the advertising industry for me to be comfortable with it.

Where is the old fashioned British approach, that treated tragedy with a respectful but genuine reserve? And then there is the very obvious contrast between the response to these events and those far more horrific in foreign lands, often caused by western military action, or indeed the daily list of routine deaths on the roads and elsewhere that are not sensationalised by the media.

Leaving aside all these considerations, and ignoring all the numerological (22?) and sociological ("Dangerous Woman" Tour?) features, I have a number of questions that never appear to be addressed let alone answered. And has anyone else noticed the strange coincidence that the attacker carries the same surname as Huma Abedin at the very centre of the Hilary Clinton revelations that effectively cost her the Presidency?

1. How was it possible, given the high state of alert nationally, particularly following Westminster, that anyone, let alone a well-know threat, was able to enter an obvious target? So what specifically was the police presence prior to the event and how was it organised?

2. The alleged suicide bomber Salman Abedi it is alleged, is the son of a MI5/6 Libyan asset, given sanctuary by the UK for his anti-Qaddafi stance, so was well known by the security services. Could this explain why numerous complaints and suspicions regarding Salman were ignored? Worse was MI5 or 6 in the know about the intended attack or even implicated in it? 

Neither in the case of Westminster or Manchester is this far-fetched or irrational. We know for certain they did similar in the case of Northern Ireland and it is heavily suggested in regard to the 7/7 tube and bus bombings, but this is a truth that cannot be told or admitted by the political elite, as they take us ever further down the slippery slope to dictatorial disaster.

3. How was it that an American journal (the New York Times and reprinted in the London Times) the very next day, could confidently publish a plan showing where the bomber and his 22 victims died? If accurate as it purported, as it drew circumstantial conclusions on the basis of it, how was it possible to reconcile it with the video images of people escaping, apparently in panic, through that concourse? Or was that a different one? (See Sky report below.)

4. Why yet again, is there only distant video of emergency vehicles and a hint of an explosion when there must have been actual footage of the bomber in the lobby?

5. Who made the announcements on the public tannoy - he appears to have an American accent - saying there was nothing to worry about and no need to bunch up? Was he informed of the circumstances or not, given the possibility of other attacker and/or devices? And what were the exit routes for the many hundreds evacuated, if the lobby became a disaster area and crime scene?

6. How was it that despite a huge row of ambulances immediately on scene (where did they come from and when were they summoned?) and despite the deployment of an explosive device with all the risks of fire or other devices that this must have entailed, were the Fire Brigade not even activated? 

Apparently it was only after an hour and half had elapsed were any units dispatched to the scene despite being only minutes away. 

This is VERY strange, and the only logical explanation I can come up with is that they were not called because it was known in advance that they would not be needed. It was not part of the plan. 

Of course even if 'ISIS' carried out the attack, it did not and could not control the response. The failure to dispatch fire units to an explosion is so contrary to standard operating procedures, it defies logic and explanation other than that suggested above.

The Sky report is here:

One year before in Manchester - the 'drill'!

I've just read that someone's step son has confirmed on fb the death of his stepmother.
Ive just read that someone's step son has confirmed on fb the death of his stepmother.
What I find strange about the story is this
I've been to the MEN countless times. If the blast was right outside the event arena, how did the mothers die from the blast? Unless you have a wrist band, you can't go beyond a certain point.
Certainly can't go where they say the mother was with out a wrist band. It would mean you can try slip into a show if you're that far. You just couldn't with out that band on.
The #Manchester event follows the exact same patterns as all other false flag attacks, and to illustrate that here's a point-by-point assessment of some of the usual symptoms...
- The perp had a recognizable ID on him (despite supposedly being blown to pieces... just like the magic passports on 9/11, Bataclan, etc...)
- There is no CCTV footage of the blast (pretty odd given how many camera's are at a venue like this)
- Lone wolf perp
- Massive reduction in civil liberties after the event with 5,000 soldiers deployed domestically the day after (a move that was officially planned in July 2015 "Operation Temperer")
- Crisis actors on scene
- A big shout of allegiance against all "terrorists" (thereby gaining national support for continued war in Syria)
- Perp was previously known ("According to NBC News, citing a US intelligence official, members of the bomber's family warned security officials about him in the past, saying that he was “dangerous”.…/everything-know-salman-abedi-…/
- Many conflicting eye witness accounts about the number of explosions (1 or 2), the sound being more like a balloon/gunshot/speaker breaking rather than a bomb. The interviews on BBC have also been conflicting (eg. one person talks about the bomb being in the same room as her despite the fact that she describes being in another part of the arena at the time)
- Killer is dead (nobody to interogate = case closed)
- No videos or photos of bodies from smartphones/camera's/etc, whether at the scene or hospitals etc (feel free to provide photos if I'm mistaken here, as I will humbly admit that I am wrong if there is undeniable evidence to support that).
- Masonic symbolism and numerology ALL OVER the news stories, as I've shown in many posts on my wall in the last 48 hours.
- Symbolic place & time = may 22nd which has 223 days remaining, which is 322 backwards (Skull and Bones). The explosion was allegedly at 10:33pm... masonic 13 and 33.
The key point to note here is this: WHO BENEFITS?
The answer to that is obvious when you consider the fact that the government had officially PLANNED to roll out military personnel in the UK as early July 2015 - see Operation Temperer, and this event gave them the perfect opportunity to do so, thereby stepping up the implementation of the totalitarian state even further.
For those who want to criticize and condemn me, you are free to do so, but please PROVIDE EVIDENCE to support your counter-arguments.
I welcome opposing views, but please keep in mind that I base my analysis only in ABSOLUTE FACTS and not hearsay.
If you can provide SPECIFIC and UNDENIABLE evidence and examples to prove that anything I say is wrong then I will very humbly accept that I am wrong. Just show me the evidence, THAT'S ALL I ASK!"


  1. I failed to refer to the Bilderberg meeting on the 1st June 2017!


  2. Leave those grieving families alone, Veater, you lowlife fucking scum.

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  4. What did I say?

  5. "Make deals with the Devil. I know it's going to get me trouble." This video has had nearly a BILLION views on You Tube! The singer's videos are explicitly sexual and dark and aimed specifically at a teen and pre-teen audience. It should also be noted that "Spiny Norman" is the pseudonym of the father of the Hampstead children, who alleged very serious occult sexual and other abuse by him and others.

    1. Yes, we are all Ricky, right? LMAO!

  6. Here she "explains" some of the sexual language. As usual, what within the domestic context might be regarded as unacceptible, is promoted to a largely susceptible child audience, for whom she is a model. It is hard to view this as other than powerful economic interests engaged in not very subtle mind control.

    Ariana Grande Hilariously Explains "Side To Side" To Ellen

    Note the word "hilariously" and the plug for those "face masks".

  7. "20 Shocking (Not really!) Facts About Ariana Grande

    When only 10 (apparently) she founded the charity "Kids Who Care"aimed at very young children.

    It is here:

    "Mini Camp" is designed for kids from age 4 - 7.


    What is Kids Who Care?

    "Our desire at Kids Who Care is to create a place where the child is cherished. To find kids who love the process of creating musical theatre, to find adults who adore kids and the process, to invite the most talented artists, accountants, community volunteers, and business partners to join us, and when the lights go up, we all find delight!" -- Deborah Jung, Founding Executive Director"

  8. Getting in on the act?

  9. If you notice the central issue of Britain's foreign policy and military action as a factor in so called Muslim terror is NEVER properly addressed in the public arena. All of Thursday's Question Time as a sample was directed towards those crazy fanatics and how to prevent them getting to that place rather than why they might want to get there. Nor with distinguishing between real anger and activism, and the much more serious job of violent terrorism. The unsavoury reality is that most REAL terrorism is linked to and provided by STATE organs connected to the MILITARY. I don't buy this suggestion that its all done by untrained amateurs that show no sign of real Muslim faith (drinkers, smokers, night-clubbers, drug addicts etc) without there being MILITARY training, control and direction at some level or other. Either patsies or assets are chosen for their leanings and then manipulated either to do the act or to unjustly take the blame. This is the reality of this phenomenom and all else is smoke and mirrors.

  10. Indeed. And another: what is the point of being on a national state of emergency akin to war, if as appears in both the case of london and manchester, even the dumbest counter intelligence officer could predict these were CERTAIN targets (if we accept the rationale - which I don't) yet not provide even the merest modicum of security? Professionals - doctors, architechs etc - are judged not by layman standards but by that of their peers, and kicked out if no good. Why is there never a resignation or sacking in the intelligence industry after at least these TWO major fails? Contrary to all logic, instead they are excused, praised and rewarded with gongs and ever more money and powers.

  11. A little fact I haven't seen noted anywhere: the bomber's name was reported as "Ramadan". This later changed to his father's name. When did it happen? Ramadan of course. One of those little internal jokes they are so fond of playing I believe.

    Tim Veater

    Ramadan 2017 began in the evening of
    Friday, 26 May

    I have a gut feeling the event was originally planned for the O2 Ariana Grande concert actually on the 26 May!

    And as predicted: "Manchester bombing: Ariana Grande song soars up UK charts in tribute to terror victims" See:

  12. A dry run only a month before! Sixty ambulances but not a single fire engine? These are tell tale signs of an UNCONVENTIONAL 'unpredictable' event. See:

  13. [Veater Ecosan: "The World About Us"] New comment on 'Ariana Grande'. Well I never did! Here we go aga....
    From Spiny Norman noreply-comment@blogger.comhide details
    Spiny Norman has left a new comment on your post "'Ariana Grande'. Well I never did! Here we go aga...":

    Yes, we are all Ricky, right? LMAO!

    Posted by Spiny Norman to Veater Ecosan: "The World About Us" at 28 May 2017 at 12:25

    The above link was immediately shut down by McKafee as a risk with this:
    It was a quote from Wikipedia, specially framed entitled "Fregoli Delusion" It tells me quite a lot about the sender who thinks themself(ves) very clever. It is in support of the brief message above. Its nature, though more sophisticated, is still typically abusive and vaguely threatening. It is an insight into the psychology of those behind it which is wholly consistent with what has gone before.

    For those who care to know, the term is explained here: as follows:

    "The Fregoli delusion, or the delusion of doubles, is a rare disorder in which a person holds a delusional belief that different people are in fact a single person who changes appearance or is in disguise. The syndrome may be related to a brain lesion[1][2] and is often of a paranoid nature, with the delusional person believing themselves persecuted by the person they believe is in disguise."

    "A person with the Fregoli delusion can also inaccurately recall places, objects, and events. This disorder can be explained by "associative nodes". The associative nodes serve as a biological link of information about other people with a particular familiar face (to the patient). This means that for any face that is similar to a recognizable face to the patient, the patient will recall that face as the person they know.[3]"

    "The Fregoli delusion is classed both as a monothematic delusion, since it only encompasses one delusional topic, and as a delusional misidentification syndrome (DMS), a class of delusional beliefs that involves misidentifying people, places, or objects.[4] Like Capgras delusion, psychiatrists believe it is related to a breakdown in normal face perception."

    Nothing is new under the sun and I am reminded of the story in Mark 5:9.

  14. Drivel is it Frants? You would hardly expect any deep state organisation to leave a message, "Fair cop mate. We bin banged to rights for sure," would you? So hard evidence no, but how about the circumstantial? The attacker's family a long history of association with MI5. Multiple warnings ignored. Travel arrangements from known terrorist centre. Recent very suspicious attack on Parliament and high state of terrorist alert, but complete absence of security at an obvious target, particularly after the Bataclan. A replica event staged only a year before for 'training purposes'. The local hospital staged a mock terrorist event only a month before. Sixty(!) ambulances on scene IMMEDIATELY yet not a single fire appliance for 90 minutes despite explosion and possible fire risk or other devices. The adjacent station closed for repairs. Yet again no video of him entering or the actual explosion despite multiple CCTV cameras. Somehow next day New York Times knows where he and all the dead (22!) lay. Plus all that highly secret information that got to them somehow. No evidence of all the stated seriously injured in hospital. Inconsistences and lack of credibilty in televised statements. Repeat themes and memes. Timing with pre-planned top level meetings of NATO, G7 and Bilderburg immediately following subject to the prepared message of "Standing Together". A predictable part played both by entertainment and sport (I'll let you work out what and why) And all this without going into the finer points of detail none of which would be remotely under the control of ISIS. Still think that whilst a finger is pointed at ISIS, three don't point back at ourselves, and that any suggestion of deep state involvement for domestic and foreign propaganda purposes is "Drivel"?

  15. The miraculous surviving terrorist identity document:

  16. Ariana Grande will ‘earn a staggering £250,000’ for headlining Manchester Pride after she was forced to defend herself against backlash for coveted gig

    PUBLISHED: 00:26, 1 March 2019 | UPDATED: 07:49, 1 March 2019


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